5 Things Colt Can’t Kill – All That You Need To Know

This question remains one of the most hotly debated topics when it comes to Supernatural. No one (except the show writers) knows the correct answer, but we can only speculate as viewers and make calculated guesses.

I think the answer to the question “what are the 5 things colt can’t kill?” lies in the word “creation.” As we learn throughout the series, there are over five different things or beings that the Colt cannot kill. 

However, it is essential to note that the only tenable answers have to be things regarded as creations. 

This means that any being that isn’t a creation – no matter how strong – cannot make this list.

“Sam, do not feel too bad. There are only five things in all that were created that that colt gun can’t kill, and I am one of them.” These words were uttered by Lucifer when the gun was used on him was shot with the Colt gun, and it didn’t work. 

The question now is what the other four things in all of creation that the Colt gun wouldn’t work on are, Lucifer being the fifth thing or being.

You probably know this already, but just as a refresher, the Colt is a gun made by a gunmaker named Samuel Colt with 13 bullets, and this gun was supposed to be able to kill anything. 

So it came as a shock when we discovered that the Colt doesn’t have devastating effects on some beings.

This line from Lucifer serves as the catalyst for many of the show’s viewers’ numerous postulations, theories, and debates. 

A lot of people have formed their opinions, and I have mine as well. Different viewers have different lists based on their understanding of the show, and we have ours as well. 

I have my theory on what these five things are. However, I would like to logically eliminate certain things/beings from this list, seeing as they are either not so powerful or are very powerful but existed before the creation.

What Can’t Make The List


Lucifer clearly said, “5 things in all of creation. God isn’t part of the creation and so cannot be part of the


Although we know that the Nephilim with Archangel parents are much stronger than Archangels, Jack cannot make this list because it wasn’t until season 12 that he was born. That means he didn’t even exist at the time Lucifer made the statement.


From the show, we know that it took the effort of all four archangels and God to put her away. However, Amara existed alongside God before the creation, so it’s safe to say Amara can’t make this list despite clear evidence that she is stronger than Lucifer.

The Entity Occupying Big Empty

I am not quite sure if this could be called a thing, but for sure, it is a very powerful cosmic entity believed to have existed pre-creation. 

I am ruling this out from the list because I don’t think it’s part of the creation, and even if it is, there is no indication that Lucifer knew about it when he made that statement. 

Therefore, I am ruling it out of the “5 things that cannot be killed by the Colt” list. 

Another dominant being is the cosmic being that lives in The Big Empty. But just like Amara and God, it was existing before creation, and even if I’m wrong and God created it, then there’s a big chance that Lucifer never knew that it existed.

Death and Darkness

These are not part of the creation and shouldn’t make this list.

What We Are Sure The Colt Can Kill

We know that the Colt can kill:

We know for sure that it can kill Humans, Hellhounds, Princes of Hell, angels, demons, Alpha creatures, and every other creature that can be killed by weaker weapons such as angel blade, so by extension, I’ll add reapers to this list.

I also think the Colt could kill Horsemen considering they are just old demons specializing in a particular thing and have power rings that help them.

Prophets are just humans capable of receiving God’s words, so the Colt should be able to kill them.

Shedim, Knights of Hell, Lilith are also demons created because of Lucifer and as such, are not as powerful, so the Colt should be able to kill them.

5 Things The Colt Gun Cannot kill

1. Lucifer

” Sam, do not feel too bad. There are only five things in all that were created that that colt gun can’t kill, and I am one of them “

Of the five things that can’t be killed, Lucifer is one of them. So there’s no speculation on that one. It’s pretty straightforward.

Archangels (God’s first Warriors)

Since we already know that the Colt cannot kill Lucifer, we can infer that anything stronger or at par with Lucifer cannot be killed by the Colt. Going by this logic, it’s safe to say, Archangel Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael can’t be killed by the Colt

2. Eve, Mother Of All

It was stated that only Phoenix ash could kill Eve. Also, recall that they already had the Colt gun with them when they went and visited the past but still chose to get the ashes rather than just coming back with the Colt. 

If they never considered that the Colt could kill Eve, it means Eve is part of the five things that the Colt can’t kill.

3. Cambion (half-demon, half-human)

Cambions are the children of demons with human mothers. Most people call them the Antichrist or Katako. 

In Season 5, Episode 6, we learn of a hybrid – half demon and half human known as Cambion. We further discover that this Cambion, Jesse, exhibits similar powers to the trickster we would later come to know as the Archangel Gabriel. 

Therefore, if the angels feared his powers, and he exhibited abilities similar to that of archangel Gabriel, it’s safe to say he makes this list as part of the five things that the Colt can’t kill.

At some point in the show, Castiel corrected the impression that the Antichrist is the offspring of satan. 

Castiel went on to stress that the Bible has more wrong information than right ones because, like it is portrayed in the Bible, the Antichrist is the offspring of Lucifer, but in reality, it’s a demon born of a human.

Cambions are very powerful, and with Lucifer on their side, they’ve become even more powerful, so strong that they can kill the host of heaven with a word.

This is the reason Castiel strongly feels Jesse Turner, who is a cambion, should be killed. 

Another mystery about Cambions, according to Castiel, is that no one knows how cambions are conceived. 

Jesse Turner’s mother, Julia Wright, a virgin, was used as the demon’s host, so no one can tell much about how the conception process works.

Castiel further implies that cambions are very difficult to create and that there are many other factors that may be involved in the creation process, asides from the choice of a suitable host.

4. Leviathan, The Primordial Monsters

You have to forge a weapon from the bone of a righteous mortal washed in the blood of a fallen if you want to kill the Leviathans. 

And even at that, you can only use this weapon on the head or the leader if you hope to achieve fatality. Doing this will kill and send all Leviathans to purgatory. 

We don’t know for sure that the Colt wouldn’t work on them, but if you consider that the reason God locked them in purgatory was that they were capable of eating and destroying every other creature. 

This implies that they are very powerful. Powerful enough to not get killed by the Colt? I think so.

I think it’s crucial to mention Crowley as well. He said the gun wouldn’t work on him, but he was most likely bluffing, knowing what we know about his character. At least, that’s what I think.

5. The person who possesses the mark of Cain

The mark of Cain is a seal created by God and given to Lucifer to lock away the darkness. Lucifer, in turn, passed it to Cain, and this served as the source of power for the first blade. 

This accounts for half of the weapon used by Cain against the Knights of Hell. This mark was later copied on to Dean for the purpose of killing Abaddon. 

This mark has sometimes been referred to as the first curse because it dates back to before the Universe was created.

The mark of Cain is a symbol of divine protection from God against premature death. This means that it prevents anyone from killing whoever bears the mark, even if the killer uses the Colt gun.

This is all speculative, and we know nothing for sure. Different people have different theories. I would love for one of the writers of the show can publish the correct list.

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