Why Did Branch Leave Longmire –What You Should Know About Branch TV Series

Branch Connally was the only character to be killed off the Longmire TV series. He was a deputy sheriff on the Longmire show who came from a wealthy family in Wyoming where his ancestors had helped build the state successfully. His family also had a long history of working at the sheriff’s department at the Police office. Branch was believed to have worked hard from high school and dreamed of becoming a sheriff someday. The Connally family are known for their bad temper, a trait that badly affected Branch’s career.

So Why Did Branch Leave Longmire?

Branch Connally left Longmire most likely because there was a breach in their contract agreement.

Branch Connally’s Numerous Controversies

Branch Connally might have had a longstanding issue with his boss, Walt Longmire, who happened to be the sheriff of the police department. The issue came to the fore when Branch contested an election against Walt and lost by 17 votes.

In 2013, Branch was allegedly drugged by David Ridges and was eventually forced to spend several months in prison to recover. Upon his recovery, Branch had conducted a private investigation on his traumatic experience. He developed an obsession for the inquiry, so that he was suspended for stepping beyond his duties during his investigation.

Another controversy involving Branch was the killing of Walt’s wife. He had confronted his father about the $50,000 payment supposedly paid to Jacob Nighthorse. He was particularly angered by the drive-by shooting where Branch was hit by the supposed killer hired to eliminate Walt’s wife. The killer later confessed that the shooting was to distract Branch, and there was no intention to kill him.

Later in 2015, Walt and two other people found Branch Connally’s body down the river. Walt later confronted Ballow- who was hired by Branch, and he confessed to pretending to be drunk only to kill Walt’s son, to keep Walt from knowing the truth about the death of his wife,- Martha. Walter eventually killed Barlow, the hired killer, to avenge the death of his wife and Branch.

The on and off relationship with Cady Longmire was also controversial as the couple often get physical and abusive towards each other.

Longmire- The Series

The Longmire TV series had six seasons, of which there were ten episodes each except season 2 that has 13. The following are the summary of each season;

Season One

In this season, Sherrif Walt’s adult daughter Cady felt that his father had remained stuck since her mother’s death. Also, Walt had delegated most of his duties to his deputies- Branch and Ferg while preparing for the election, of which Branch also took part.

Branch was also dating Cady, Walt’s daughter secretly, and Vic, a homicide detective, had also arrived to be one of Walt’s deputies that time. In some random scenes, Walt attacked someone inside a Meth house, and Cady later learned the truth about her mother’s death after hearing that she was murdered and didn’t die from cancer.

Cady’s mother’s killer was later found buried in a shallow grave, and Walt denied killing him. Detectives later concluded that Walt didn’t commit any murder.

Season Two

Cady, Walt’s daughter, traveled to Denver to speak to some detectives, including Fales, who gave her more information about her mother’s death and reassured her that the murderer had been killed too.

Cady had also told Fales that her father had confided in a friend by the name; Henry and this tip gave Fales and another detective another target for investigation. Henry later told Fales that he killed the murderer because Walt couldn’t handle him.

Vic had also met a retired cop from Philadelphia by the name Ed, and he accused Ed of being responsible for his partner and decided to stalk her. Vic was so frightened by Ed’s behavior and approached Henry for help. Later, Walt visited Ed and beat him up, warning him to stay away from Vic.

Cady was hospitalized after she was hit by a speeding car. The rest of the season witnessed a series of many other confrontations, including where Branch was shot.

Season Three

Branch was recovering in season 3, and he believed that he was shot by agent David Ridges who happened to be a Cheyenne who also was thought to have committed suicide after Branch was shot.

Walt didn’t believe Branch about his shooting and decided to conduct a separate investigation. Another Cheyenne reservation police- Malachi, was seen questioning Henry, and he thought that his relationship with Walt might have been responsible for some killings. Malachi made it difficult for Henry to access an attorney, but Cady decided to represent him.

Henry was eventually released on bail and decided to prove his innocence. Malachi later got a job to work for Nighthorse, a known Cheyenne businessman. Later on, Henry and Branch got clues linking Nighthorse to the murder of Walt’s wife. He also suspended Branch after he believed that Branch is becoming obsessed with the suspected involvement of Ridges in the murder.

Walt and Henry put Branch in care of his father-Barlow and discovered that Ridges was involved in the murder of another associate-Miller Beck. Walter confronted Ridges later and killed him during a confrontation.

Fales was forced to drop charges against Henry later on after he was convinced that Henry was not involved in series of murders. Branch eventually confronted his father, who confessed he hired Nighthorse, who paid Ridges to kill Walt’s wife so that Branch would become the Sherrif. This season ended with some gunshots.

The Final Three Seasons Of Longmire

The final three seasons of Longmire are just as interesting as the first three seasons.

Season Four

Now that it was clear what Branch did, Walt, Ferg, and Vic decided to search for his whereabouts after finding a bizarre written note beside his computer.

Walt later discovers Branch’s body near a river in what seems to be an apparent gunshot-inflicted injury. Walt refused to rule the death of Branch as suicide and believed that Walt might have been responsible for Branch’s death.

Later, Barlow Conolly confessed to killing Branch. Walt decided to hire another deputy- Zach, who replaced Branch. The police department also investigated the rape of a Chayenne girl by oil rig workers, and it happened that the rapist was later found dead- the murder was traced to a new Hector known as Gabriella.

Walt was later seen with a new love of his life-Dr. Donna was kidnapped after an attack on their home.

Season Five

As expected, Walt decided to conduct a thorough search of Donna’s kidnappers and eventually rescue her. Nighthorse also became obsessed with Malachi and believed that he was making money illegally at the casino owned by Nighthorse. Mathias, who also was chief police in Cayenne police department was also aware that Henry was using his job as a vigilante to his advantage.

At this time, Fer had begun a relationship with a local nurse, and an Irish heroin activity was later discovered within Walt’s official jurisdiction and investigations led to Walt arresting the enforcer of the Heroine business- Eddie.

While handing Eddie to the FBI, Archie was held at gunpoint and became terrified. Walt later ended his relationship with Donna and also lost a case involving wrongful death that made him lose almost everything he had.

Walt later travelled to Ireland to confront the leader of the heroine pushing gang, and he received photos later of the dead body of Eddie. Barlow eventually lost his real estate business after going bankrupt.

Season Six

In the first episode of the final season of Longmire, Henry was seen being held by kidnappers that were led by Malachi. He was eventually freed by Walt with the assistance of a Crow woman.

Walt later investigates a bank robbery involving some unusual suspects and Henry later arranged reconciliation with Walt. Jacob eventually presented Malachi’s red pony badge to the FBI who believed he was taking advantage of the badge to steal profits.

Walt eventually learnt about Vic’s pregnancy, and at the same time, he was forced to face trial after which he planned his escape. Vic gets shot and loses her pregnancy and another Hector appeared in the scene who tried to kill Jacob and Henry.

Walt’s trial didn’t go in his favor, but the fatal shooting of the Plaintiff’s lawyer even complicated things for Walt. Vic attempted suicide after losing the baby, and the death of former sheriff Lucian- Walter’s mentor made him upset to the point of contemplating resignation.

Eddie Harp, the enforcer of the Irish drug business, was also found dead while Malachi and his group faced trials for confronting Walt who investigated their illegal deals. He eventually took over Jacob’s Casino while Walt stopped searching for the hidden treasure Lucian told him about.

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