Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin? Here’s All You Need To Know 

Are you an anime fan in general or a fan of the Naruto series? Naruto has brought a lot of intrigue and passion to the anime world.

However, one of the show’s talking points is the death of Rin, who is a fan’s favorite in the Naruto series.

Many people are asking the same question; why did Kakashi kill rin?

In case you’re one of those asking the above question, in this article, we’ll discuss why Rin died and what you should expect from the show after her death.

To understand Rin’s character and to learn more about the Naruto series, ensure that you read this article to the very end.

Who Is Kakashi?

Kakashi Hatake, popularly known as Kakashi, is a ninja from the Konohagakure clan. He’s one of the widely known shinobis the people had ever seen.

Kakashi has amazing leadership abilities and exceptional skills; he is considered a member of the esteemed elites. His job description includes fighting enemies of the clan, tutoring students, and honing the future shinobis.

Kakashi got accustomed to the customs and traditions that guide the Shinobis at an early age, and it became a part of the way he lived his life.

Also, his way of life is probably why he had a fallout with Obito and couldn’t work with him on their missions.

Obito, a mentee and classmate of Minato Namikaze and Kakashi, has a cat and dog relationship with Kakashi; they don’t get along well.

However, something strange happened during Rin’s rescue mission.

During the third Shinobi world war, Rin was kidnapped, and the two rivals (friends of Rin), Kakashi and Obito, were asked to go and rescue her. As the mission got tougher, Obito gave his life so that Rin and Kakashi could live.

Furthermore, before Obito died, he gave Kakashi a parting gift, the Sharingan of his clan, and made Kakashi promise to protect Rin.

A promise Kakashi agreed to keep.

Who Is Rin?

Rin Nohara, popularly known as Rin and Kakashi, were classmates at the academy. Rin is from the Konohagakure clan. She has the rank of chūnin, which means that she passed all her exams in flying colors.

She showed great fighting skills and a fantastic ability to lead in the academy. Furthermore, Rin joined Kakashi and Obito in their ranks as they went on missions to protects their villages and clans.

After Rin was kidnapped and rescued by Kakashi and Obito, she was kidnapped again by Madara Uchiha, disguised as Kirigakure.

Madara wrapped the three-tails demon within Rin, and he intended to unleash the demon in Konoha as soon as Kakashi and Rin got back to the village.

Death Of Rin

Rin’s kidnapping made people see her as a jinchūriki, which stands for someone who has tailed beasts within them.

A Jinchūriki is believed to possess extraordinary powers within that allow them to unleash the beast in them. This often happens when they lack the power to control the powers that they have.

After the townsmen branded Rin a jinchūriki, many ninjas were sent after her and Kakashi to kill them. Even though Rin’s intention all along was for her to save her people and her village.

Rin considered killing herself, but she couldn’t because of her status. She asked Kakashi to take her life and ensure that her people were protected.

However, Kakashi saw the request as a conflict of interest because he promised Obito that nothing would ever happen to Rin under his watch.

Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin?

For many viewers who watched the show, you may believe that Kakashi had nothing to do with Rin’s death.

However, to answer whether Kakashi had a hand in Rin’s death, one will have to answer Yes or No.

It is important to clarify that Kakashi’s Chidori sealed Rin’s fate, which is why we can say Kakashi killed her.

On the other hand, Kakashi had no hand in Rin’s death because she intercepted that Chidori was meant to hit the Kiri-nin by staying in front of the attack.

That was how Rin died.

What Happened After Rin’s Death?

Kakashi was traumatized after witnessing the death of Rin; it was so emotional for him that his Sharingan transformed into a Mangekyō Sharingan.

The Sharingan is so powerful and only reveals itself and transforms into a Mangekyō Sharingan if the bearer has witnessed the death of someone very close to them.

Unknown to Rin and Kakashi, Obito was there when they were fighting the Kiri forces. However, as Rin caught the Chodri meant for the Kiri-nin, she called Kakashi and told him that he was her one true love.

Meanwhile, as she uttered those words, Obito heard them also.

Furthermore, as the battle continued, Kakashi passed out after he was filled with too much emotion, and Obito took over and unleashed his powers to defeat the Kiri forces.

After Rin died, she appeared in the afterlife, waiting for Obito to be with her.

What Is Naruto About?

Naruto is a widely loved anime series that ended many years ago. Many people love the show because they can relate to the many lessons that one could learn.

Naruto teaches us the value of determination and friendship. As the show progresses, fans worldwide are introduced to more characters.

Some characters are talented ninjas who have their unique skillset, and for instance, when you look at Kakashi Gaiden’s side story, you’ll be introduced to Obito Uchiha’s character.

Furthermore, the characters in the show are known to inspire people as they live their daily lives. The show even got so popular that it was added to the Anime manga and television series hall of fame.

The World Of Naruto

It’s an undeniable fact that Naruto is a widely loved character, and it’s not a surprise that the show was named after him. The Naruto series is very popular in Japan and parts of North America and Asia.

Furthermore, the Naruto series lived up to expectations by introducing new adorable characters that made people love the show more and more worldwide.

For starters, Kakashi and Rin managed to endear themselves into the viewers’ hearts worldwide with the understanding and unbreakable bond they have for each other.

Though the series isn’t named after the new characters, producers of the show ensured that the new characters have their origins and storyline, making them unique.

These news characters are so lovely that they can make you love Naruto beyond expectations.

Rin and Kakashi are two characters that people never stop talking about.

They are fictional characters meant to develop the Naruto storyline, but you can’t stop loving them for their values, hilarious antics, and strong personalities.

What next?

The story of Rin and Kakashi shows a sense of loyalty and obligation to their separate villages. Their story teaches us how to love unconditionally and make sacrifices for humanity’s greater good.

If you still feel hurt from the death of Rin, try to watch the Naruto series again, and this time, hopefully, you’ll understand why Kakashi killed Rin.

It can be hard to understand from an emotional point of view, but I believe you now do.

Naruto – Factors That Led To The Downfall Of Obito

Many factors led to the downfall of Obito, but these characters are the ones we should hold responsible.

Madara Setting Up Rin’s Death

One of the popular characters that we all love to hate is Madara; he is the most popular villain in the Naruto series.

Many people feel he was responsible for the downfall of Obito. However, you could also argue that he wasn’t directly responsible because someone was manipulating him, and that alone will absolve him.

Also, when you consider that Zetsu might have been able to trick Madara into believing that the Infinite Tsukuyomi could bring peace to the world.

On the other hand, Madara was the one who planned Rin’s second kidnapping; he’s also the reason why the mist village sealed the Three-Tails within Rin.

Furthermore, Madara timed the event so that Obito will witness Rin’s death.

Obito Himself Is To Blame

You can blame a lot of people or elements for the downfall of Obito, but in the end, you can’t forget to add Obito to the list.

He allowed himself to be manipulated by Zetsu and Madara, and it led to a very painful loss which led him to the point of creating a dream world with Rin in it.

Obito is soft-hearted and can’t control his emotions. For example, Naruto was rejected by his village for something beyond his control, which made him live alone.

Also, he lost Jiraiya, who was the father figure in his life. Due to his pain, Naruto could have transformed into something evil, but he didn’t.

This shows that Obito fell because he wasn’t strong enough to deal with the pain he felt.

Emotional trauma can be difficult to deal with, and it is important to establish that we all react to things differently; which was why Obito reacted the way he did.

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