Why Did Walt Kill Mike? Analyzing The Movie Series-Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is an American crime and drama series. It was created by Vince Gilligan and currently aired on AMC. The show has recorded more than 60 episodes and is also in its fifth season. The drama series was initially released on the 20th of January 2020, and it is one of the shows with some of the highest followings in the United States of America and some other parts of the world. The drama series is quite intriguing as it follows through the stories of inter-related crime cases from one season to another.

So, Why Did Walk Kill Mike?

Walter killed Mike because Mike insulted him and even asked him to leave town. It might also result from Mike being an obstruction to retaliation on those behind Walt’s predicaments.

A Brief About The Show And The Cast

Breaking bad was shot in New Mexico, and it tells a story of a specific high school chemistry teacher- Walter White, who was underpaid despite being over-qualified for his job. He was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer, which could be one reason he turned to crime.

He partnered with a former student- Jesse Pinkman, who helped produce and distribute crystal meth banned drugs. Walt believed that taking to crime was the only way to sustain his family financially if he eventually dies of the cancer infection.

Some of the co-stars in the show are; RJ Mitte, who acted Skyler and Walter’s wife in the series; Marie Schrader, Betsy Brandt, and Dean Norris, who were Skyler’s sisters. Jonathan Banks and Laura Fraser are some other notable actors in the show.

Some Facts About The Movie Series- Breaking Bad

Positive Reviews Since First Season

The breaking Bad movie series received lots of positive reviews, especially after the first season, and it went on to receive universal acclaim for the rest of the seasons. Even the critics lauded the show since its conclusion, who declared that it was one of the greatest shows of all time.

Viewership in the first three seasons can be described as fair, but the fourth to the sixth season saw an incredible increase in viewership when the show was included in Netflix. By the time the finale season aired on TV, the viewership had grown to make the show one of the most-watched on cable TV in the United States of America.

Breaking Bad Won Numerous Awards

Increased viewership was not the only gain of the makers of the movie series; winning numerous awards in and outside of the country was another feat recorded. Winning 16 Primetime Emmy awards was one of the most remarkable feats achieved by the TV series. The show also won eight satellite awards and two Golden Globe awards. Breaking Bad won the Critics’ Choice Awards, Peabody Awards, and four Television Critics Awards. In 2013, the show entered the Guinness Books of World Records as the most critically acclaimed show of all time.

Breaking Bad Actors Won Numerous Awards

Aside from the TV show winning awards, many actors who featured on it won several awards throughout the six seasons it aired on TV. Aaron Paul won the Primetime Emmy Award for being the best supporting actor in a drama series thrice. In contrast, Anna Gunn won the Primetime Emmy award for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series twice.

Breaking Bad: The Seasons

Breaking bad had six seasons that lasted until 2013. The seasons are highlighted below;

Season One

Season One was produced and aired in 2008. It was initially intended to be a nine-episode season but ended up as a seven-episode season due to the strike actions embarked upon by the Guild of America.

The season ran from January to March 2008. The story was based on Walter, the main character who was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. He conspires with a college student named Jesse to cook illegal drugs- Methamphetamine to sell, pay for his treatment and secure his family financially.

Walter used unregulated chemicals and had several run-ins with the Mexican cartels; he had also adopted the nickname “Heisenberg.” Walter’slife took a dramatic turn when the DEA and a detective Mike became aware of his activities.

Season Two

The second season of Breaking Bad was aired in 2009. This season was based on a follow-up to the DEA investigation of Walter. His dealers had become unsafe, but Walter decided to hire a prolific lawyer named Saul Goodman, who happened to be also corrupt. Goodman connected Walter’s dealers to another drug dealer named Gus, who started supplying the dealers with new batches.

Walter started dating his apartment’s manager- Jane, in this season, who took to heroin. It happened that Jesse became unreliable, and Walter paid half of her sale to Gus. This situation made Jane blackmail Walter, who returned to apologize to her later on. Jesse later went to rehab while Walter became content until he witnessed an air disaster that claimed the life of Jane’sfather. Season two had 13 episodes, which is one of the longest runs.

Season Three

Season three of breaking bad was shot and aired in 2010 and also had thirteen episodes on it. The season premiered in March and ended in June, the same year.

The summary of the season revealed Gus, Walter’s attorney offering him a job as a Meth cook in a hidden lab. Walter had also demanded that Jesse become his assistant rather than Gale, who Gus had recommended. Skyler, Walter’s wife, eventually learned about Walter’s job as a meth cook and filed for divorce.

Investigations conducted by Hank led him to the arrest of Jesse, Walter’s assistant, but he found no evidence on him. Hank was later warned about two assassins who planned on attacking him, and he became paralyzed after the attack. Around this time, Jesse had developed some bad habits that forced Gus to replace him with Gale.

Later in the season, Walter feared Gus would eventually kill him once Gale learn the trade of meth trading; hence, he instructed Jesse to kill Gale.

Season Four

Season four of Breaking Bad also had thirteen episodes on it and was aired in 2011. Though there were mini-episodes of about 4 minutes that were meant to be released before the fourth season’s premiere, this never materialized.

The story is a follow-through to season four, where Gale was murdered. Gus decided to threaten security around the lab, and Gus tried to create confusion between Walt and Jesse; he tried hard to get Jesse to be the solitary Cook while he captures Walt. Around this same time, Gus had tried to eliminate the Mexican drug cartel.

Skyler, Walter’s wife, eventually accepts Walter’s job as a Meth cook and even decided to launder profits from the business for him. Gus finally released Walter and tried to kill Hanks, but in the end, Walter successfully detonated a bomb that killed Gus. Hanks recovered from the attack and eventually tracked Gale’s death to Gus and his drug dealings.

Season Five

Season Five was broken into two, and that makes it seems like two-in-one season. The first part had 8 episodes, and the second also had 8 episodes.

The season ran through 2012 and 2013. The first half of the season had premiered on July 2012, while the second season premiered on August 2013.

The story followed the aftermath of Gus’ death. Walter, Jesse and Mike decided to float a new Meth drug business . It was around this time the accomplice of the three murdered a child who witnessed the stealing of meth.

Eventually, Jesse and Mike decided to sell their share for about $80 million to a distributor by the name- Declan who Walter worked with alongside Lydia, an associate of Gus who became their distributor in Europe.

Walter earned more than $80 million from his new deal but decided to bury the money somewhere in the Tohajiilee India Reservation. Walter later killed Mike after Mike realized he was aware he killed Gus, he also hired some gangs to kill Jesse, Mike’s associate. The gang later turned against Walter and successfully kill Hank, kill Jesse and took most of Walter’s money. Walter eventually used the remainder of his money to escape to New Hampshire.

After months in hiding, Walter decided to surrender himself to security operatives but changed his mind and left the rest of his money in a Trust. Walter eventually confessed to his wife Skyler of his involvement in making Meth for his own satisfaction rather than the financial stability of the family. Walter eventually died after killing the gang he used in eliminating most of his enemies.

The intriguing end to the Break Bad series is better watched than relayed through imagination. It was after the death of Walter that security agencies eventually unraveled all the shady dealings he had in his lifetime.

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