Does Anyone Win Car Dealership Prizes? A Must-Read

The car dealership business is like every other business. The major aim of setting up the business is to make a profit. However, the competition in the car dealership business is also high. Customers have tons of dealerships to choose from. 

Car dealerships know these things. That’s why most of them usually come up with diverse marketing strategies to get potential customers to visit and check out their car collections. They believe that by encouraging customers to come around, one or more develop an interest. 

One way car dealerships encourage customers to come around is by creating competitions and offering diverse rewards. But some people don’t believe they would receive the reward even if they win it. 

Now, this brings us back to the question. 

Does anyone win car dealership prizes?

Yes, they do. But you need to know that not every car dealership will let you go home with the price. 

So, it depends on the car dealership you encounter. But that doesn’t mean you should get your hopes high when playing for the prize.

The major reason car dealerships offer giveaways is to attract more customers to the shop. To enter the competition may be as complicated as purchasing a car. Or, it can be as easy as visiting the store’s service department, penning down your name, or test-driving one of their machines.

It’s also crucial to remember that some car dealerships may not offer you the actual reward when you eventually win. Instead, they may decide to offer you a $750 discount if you decide to purchase a vehicle. 

Keep reading for more information relating to this topic.  

7 Ways To Know You’re Dealing With A Terrible Car Dealer

When buying a car, whether it’s your first or second time, you would want everything to go smoothly. Unfortunately, the best way to have a great car-buying experience is to purchase your car from a trustworthy dealership.

A bad dealership is difficult to identify, especially if it’s your first time buying a vehicle there. You may claim that knowledge and adequate preparation will help you to scale through the negotiation process. But that’s not always the case. 

The truth of the matter is car dealerships tend to have a massive influence on car buyers. Thus, if you fall into the hands of a bad car dealership, you may regret buying a car there. But you can change that by taking the right decision. 

Check out tips on how to identify a bad car dealership so that you can move to another store before it’s too late. 

1. Different car salesman keeps showing up: 

Bad car dealerships are always shady in their dealings. They’ll frustrate you to the point where you’ll accept defeat and splash the cash on the car. 

When you visit a car dealership, and midway in the negotiation, the salesman excuses himself, and another takes over, just know that you’re dealing with a bad dealership. This system is what is called the “turnover house.” One salesman leaves, and another takes over. 

The reason car dealerships do this is because they know they can pressure you to purchase a car. So, by changing salesmen, they believe that you’ll eventually get tired at some point and have the contract paper signed. 

A Handy Tip: If a salesperson walks up to you and identifies himself as a salesman, let your negotiation be with that person. Don’t let him transfer you to another salesman. They use this style to pressure car buyers to splash the cash on a car forcefully. 

2. Online price is different from what the salesman is quoting:

A car dealership’s internet department, salespeople, and the other departments are supposed to be on the same page. This means that if you contact a car dealership online, the price quoted online should be the same or a little bit less when you arrive at the shop.

Unfortunately, shady car dealerships are always looking for ways to get more money from their customers. You may arrive at the shop, only to discover that the price the internet department quoted is entirely different from what the salesman is quoting. 

When you arrive at the car dealership, the internet department you earlier contacted may decide to hand you over to a salesperson. Please, when this happens, take to your heels. Now, this is a sign that you’re dealing with a bad car dealership. 

3. You start feeling uncomfortable when you walk into the car dealership:

When you walk into a grocery store, do you feel uncomfortable being in the shop? Most people will say the experience or feeling at a car dealership, and grocery store should be different. But that isn’t true. 

You’re a customer, not a job seeker. Thus, you deserve to be treated well and feel comfortable from the moment you walk into the car dealership. 

So, if you start feeling uncomfortable or even intimidated from the moment you step foot in a car dealership, know that you don’t belong there. 

If you have not trusted your instinct before now, you should this time. The uneasy feeling you’re having is a sign that things might not go well. So, it’s better to leave than to remain and make a mistake that you might regret for the rest of your life. 

4. They don’t show keen interest in test driving:

It’s normal for customers to test drive a car they wish to purchase. In a good and trustworthy car dealership, the salesman may even mention it to you. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with a bad dealership. 

In a bad dealership, you’ll discover that all the salesman will be focusing on is getting you to agree to the car’s price. Even after agreeing to purchase the car, you might not hear them talk about test driving. 

However, some car dealerships will remind you to test drive the car. But watch out; when the salesman starts becoming too controlling, you’re in a bad dealership. 

In this case, the salesman may want you to test drive for only a short while and limit your test to certain areas. But that won’t be the case with a good car dealership. 

A Handy Tip: When test driving a car, don’t limit yourself or let any salesman deceive you. Test the car in diverse situations such as highway, street, varied speed levels, stop, start, etc. You should also test the sound system, radio, air conditioner, heater, and others. 

A good dealership will allow you to test drive your car for 15 to 20 minutes. Besides, that’s enough time to access the car and know if it’s the right one for you. 

5. They may try to influence your decision: 

Salespeople are trained to assist customers in making the right choice. But trying to influence a customer’s decision is the way of a shady car dealership. It’s shameful how some of the salesmen act. 

They’ll talk, persuade and use every trick they can muster to convince you to purchase another car, even when they know you’re an adult and can make a decision for yourself. 

Some of the bad car dealerships are fond of advertising cars they no longer have in stock. And when you inquire, they could even tell you that they sold the last car not quite long. 

Additionally, some salesmen may even try to convince you that the car is no longer on the market or that it won’t fit your personality. But don’t mind them. If you plan to purchase a certain car type, don’t let a salesman influence your decision to pick another. 

A Handy Tip: Don’t break the bank because a salesman wants you to purchase a car instead of the one you had in mind. Remember that the car dealership you’re purchasing your car from is a business set up to make a profit. So, they would want you to spend a huge amount so they can make a reasonable profit too. 

6. The salesman makes several attempts to keep you in the dark:

Another quick and easy way you can identify a bad car dealership is the activities of the salesman you’re dealing with. Watch out carefully! 

The salesman would command you to wait while he checks on his boss. Or, he may ask you to accompany him. But the truth is such a controlling attitude isn’t a healthy sign. Only a salesperson working for a shady car dealership would act in such a manner. 

By commanding you to wait or following him, the salesman is trying to exert control over you. But don’t let that happen. If he succeeds, you won’t know when you start making the wrong decisions.

A Handy Tip: If a salesperson asks you to wait while he goes to see someone, don’t wait for him. Just take whatever you came with and leave. You can continue your search for your dream car or leave the car dealership entirely. The choice is yours to make.

7. Advertised cars no longer exist:

This happens often. In a dealership’s advert, you’ll find a car. But when you walk into the shop to inquire about the car, you’ll be told that it has been sold. More often, in such a situation, the salesman may want to persuade you to check out another brand in the absence of the advertised one. 

So, please don’t fall for their tricks. If a dealership advertises a car it doesn’t have, please don’t let them sweet talk you into choosing another. The fact that the dealership lied is enough reason to move elsewhere to find and purchase your machine.    


Does anyone win a car dealership price? The answer is yes. People do win car dealership prizes. However, not all winners receive their gifts. It all depends on the dealership shop, including how trustworthy the dealerships are. 

In addition to the answer, we also discussed ideas to identify a bad dealership. You can consider this before making a buying decision.  

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