Why Did Ryuk Kill Light? What You Should Know About The Series- Death Note

Death note- the Japanese movie series is one of the most intriguing series to ever air on TV in the entire Asian region. From the storyline to the characters and locations, everything about this movie series is quite fascinating. It started in 2006, and it is essential to follow the series from the start to understand where it leads and how the characters evolved. The first release of this series topped the Japanese Box office for two weeks and generated millions of followers all around the world.

So why did Ryuk Killed Light?

Ryuk killed Light because Light was wounded, and Ryuk didn’t want him to suffer any longer.

Death Note: Key Things You Should Know About the TV Series

The History

The death Note movie series has a long history dating back to 2006, when it premiered in Japan. The series went on to top the Japanese box office for the first two weeks. The series pushed the “Da Vinci” code into the second position when it was released.

The second season, Death Note: The last name, premiered in November 2006, four months after the first season. Like the first season, the second season was widely accepted, and it topped the Japanese box office for four weeks.

By the end of 2006, the second season of Death Note had grossed over 5.5 billion Japanese Yen, which made the movie one of the highest-grossing movies in the history of Japan. This season combined the earlier elements of the storyline with new components, creating an intriguing outcome.

Death Note was written by Japanese writer- Tsugumi Ohba and was illustrated by Takeshi Obha.

Various Adaptations

The story of the death note follows a character by the name of Light Yagami, a young teen genius who discovers a mysterious note; a death note that belongs to another famous character; Shinigami Ryuk. This note gives any user the supernatural ability to kill anyone whose name is written on the note.

The series also told the story of Light Yagami trying to massacre people worldwide with the power of the note. He chose to kill people who are immoral and wanted to create a free-crime society. He decided to use a god-like vigilante name, Kira. There was also the involvement of the Japanese task force led by the prolific detective “L,” who tried to arrest Yagahami Light.

You can find Death Note on the popular Shueisha’s manga magazine published between 2003 and 2006. This magazine long existed before the release of the animated video series. The magazine has 108 chapters that are included in 12 Tankobon volumes.

The movie series was adapted into a 37-episode TV series produced by Madhouse and directed by Tetsuro Araki. The TV show was broadcasted on Nippon Television from October 2006 to 2007. The light novel version of the movie series was written in 2006. A wide range of video games had also been released by Konami, including those for Nintendo DS. The series was later adapter into three live-action movies in July and November 2006 and February 2008, and many people would call it series.

In August 2017, the American adaptation of the movie series was adapter and made exclusive on Netflix, and presently a sequel is believed to be in the making.

The Plot

A high school student in Japan- Light Yagami, discovered a death note, a mysterious black note that allows the user to know the name and face of its targets. Five days upon discovering this book, Light decided to visit Ryuk, who happened to own the death note before, and Ryuk is invisible to anyone who has not touched this book.

Ryuk told Light that he deliberately dropped the book into the human world out of boredom and was greatly amused by Light’s decision to find him.

As Lights continued using the note to kill criminals worldwide through accidents and unexplainable heart attacks, the media had suggested there could be a single mastermind of the dastardly acts. Hoping to unravel the mysterious deaths, Interpol hired a particular agent named “L,” who deduced that Kira was based in Japan.

L had tricked him into killing a decoy based in Japan to confirm that Light was based in the Kanto region to get a light arrest. To make him kill a decoy, Light vowed to deal with L, whom he saw as someone who would disrupt his plans.

When Light graduated from high school and got into college, L decided to hire Kira into the task force. Since his recruitment into the task force, both Kira and L tried hard to find information that could lead to one killing the other.

An actress by the name of Misa Amane eventually appears in the equation. Though she had received a second death note from a Shinigami named Rem, she suddenly fell in love with Light and tried to make him her boyfriend.

L eventually arrested and detained Misa, but Rem threatened to kill Light if he fails to find a way to rescue Misa from L’s detention.

After Light rescued Misa and restored her memory, he recruited him to use the death note to kill her. Rem eventually killed L, but the task force didn’t announce L’s death; instead, they asked Light to operate as the new L. with this plan, investigations were stalled, and crime rates worldwide dropped drastically.

A few years later, Light became wounded and begged Ryuk to write the names of everyone who wanted to kill him. Instead, Ryuk wrote Light’s name on the death note as Light declared himself the god of the new world before his death.

The Legacy And Controversies Of Death Note

Death Note had its share of numerous controversies while it lasted; these are highlighted below;

The Bans and Attempted Bans

Early in 2005, the provincial government in the Shenyang province that happens to be the capital of Liaoning decided to place a ban on death. The reason for this was that students had begun altering their notebooks to resemble Death Note, and they had started writing the names of their enemies, Teachers, and acquaintances inside those books.

According to the regional government, this ban was imposed to preserve students’ mental and physical health and ensure that innocent children were not misled with stories of spirits and magic. Later in the year, the ban was extended to other parts of China, including Beijing. The legalized version of Death Note was published in Hong Kong, but in 2015, published comic books of death note were banned from China altogether.

Some public schools in New Mexico, United States also held a hearing in 2010to ban the death note manga from their district schools. This attempted ban was voted down by the majority. In 2015, copies of death notes were found in the suicide of a 15-year-old Russian girl in Yekaterinburg, and this triggered the parents in the region to start campaigning against Death Notebooks. In 214, roughly a year after the suicide, security agents concluded the death note manga didn’t contribute to the death of the Russian girl.

Imitations and Copyright Issues

There have been several copyright issues around the world that owners of death note had to contend with. In September 2007, for instance, two notes written in Latin characters stating “Watashi Wa Kira Dess” were found close to the remains of a Belgian male in a case involving murder. Four people were arrested in connection to this murder, later in 2010, but the discovered text was also linked to some texts in death note manga.

In March 2008, security agents had intercepted a Death Notebook from middle school student in South Carolina. This note book was eventually linked to the Death Note Manga. The intercepted death note was found with seven names, and authorities had to contact the parents of the children before the culprits were arrested.

Similarly, in April 2008, two sixth-grade students were arrested in Alabama for the possession of a “Death Note” that had a list of several staff and students. The culprits were later suspended from the schools within the district. In Gig Harbor, Washington DC, a middle school student was expelled and three others suspended after 50 names, including that of President George Bush, were found in their “Death Note”.

Other places where there had been arrests for “Death Notes” especially in high schools are; Sydney, Australia, Michigan US; Oklahoma, US; Pittsburg, US.


Death Note has been a huge success. In addition to the manga and the TV series aired in several parts of Asia and on Netflix, it was also adapted into music in Japan and South Korea. The 2015 TV drama announcement for Death note, on NTV was also a huge success. To date, Death Note had generated billions of dollars in revenue and royalties, including those generated from Games, music, and comic books.

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