Why Didn’t The White Walker Kill Sam? The Game Of Throne Season 2 Finale

The white walkers had appeared in the game of thrones season finale, and for some reason, they spared Sam’s life for reasons unknown to most watchers. Sam and his two companions were alone when they suddenly heard a horn and approaching snowstorm. While the other two were able to run as fast as they could, Sam was left behind, and he decided to hide behind a rock, but the white walker leading hundreds of the dead army was able to spot him.

So Why Didn’t the White Walker Kill Sam?

The white walker could have spared Sam to allow him to warn the remaining people alive of the impending doom that was to befall them.

Season 2 Finale- A Summary

Sam, acted by the British actor- John Bradley, featured in all the eight seasons of Game of Thrones and was lucky enough to have survived the final battle with the white walkers. George RR Martin wrote the HBO series itself.

At the beginning of Game of Thrones Season 2, Sam decided to join the Expedition- The Great Ranging and began his exploration alongside members of the Knight’s Watch who traveled beyond the wall to explore the happenings on the other side. Sam came unscathed in his encounter with the white walkers, and nobody knew why.

After traveling for months, Sam and his companions arrived at the Craster’s Keep, where Sam met his wife to be Gilly. With Jon Snow exploring another location, Sam continued his journey to the Fist of the First Men, which happens to be a landmark where the Night Watch uses frequently.

At the Fist, Sam discovered a hoard of dragon glass, a material that can only be used to design weapons that can kill the Nightwalkers. He eventually joined two other men to explore the area more when they heard the sound of a horn signaling the approach of the white walkers.

Sam couldn’t keep up with the allies until the White walkers appeared. Instead of running, Sam was stuck in the blizzard. The other two men could make it to the Fist of the First Men while Sam hid behind a rock as numerous white walkers approached.

A white walker on a horse had looked at Sam before he let out a screech and led his army to the Fist before season two ended. To date, there has been no explanation on why the White walker spared Sam’s life.

Thoughts On Why The White Walker Didn’t Kill Sam

The most popular belief that the White Walkers spared Sam in Season two was that he was made to serve as the messenger to the living.

Since he was the first to see the White Walkers and their army, he might have been spared from spreading the truth to the rest of the people. This, according to the White walkers, will instill even more fear in their minds. This encounter also followed another one that happened earlier in the Game of Throne series.

At the beginning of Game of Thrones, three men traveled beyond the wall and encountered three White walkers who killed two men. The remainder of the three men was a Night Watch deserter, but he was likely to have been spared by the white walkers to spread the news of what existed beyond the walls.

It is also possible that the Nightwalkers in both situations see Sam and the ranger as individuals who had no urge to fight because they were fearful. The Nightwalkers might have felt that the ranger and Sam were not worth their time and pitied them. They were not viewed as a significant threat.

Some people have argued that the nightwalker on the horse, leading the rest of the army, didn’t see Sam. They believed he might have been looking somewhere else and not Sam’s direction. Whichever way you want to see it, sparing Sam in that instance was instrumental to the eventual defeat of the Nightwalkers.

If it weren’t for Sam’s shreds of evidence, Jon Snow, Daenerys, and their armies wouldn’t have had the chance to gather many allies and protect the Westeros from the Night King and his army.

Game Of Thrones Season Two- What You Should Know

The second season of the HBO TV drama series Game of Throne premiered in April 2012 and was concluded in June, the same year. There were ten episodes in all, and each last for between 50 and 60 minutes. Each episode is summarized below;

Episode One: The Night Remembers

One of Lannister’s children, Tyrion, became King’s hand, which angered his sister, Cersei. At Dragonstone, Stannis had pledged allegiance to Melisandre’s god of light and claimed the Iron throne. Rob Stark had also become the King in the North while Arya escaped to Castle Black. The Lannisters exchanged peace deals with the North, and Sansa and Arya returned safely.

Episode Two: The Night Lands

In episode two, Theon returned to Pyke Island after nine years as a Stark ward, and he also reunited with his sister and father. Tyrion had exiled Slynt while Cersei rejects Robb’s terms while Gilly- Sam’s wife was unsure whether she would bear a girl or boy. A horse had returned to Daenarys’ camp with a dead rider. Jon eventually discovered that Craster sacrifices his male children to the White Walkers; he caught Jon spying on him and decided to knock him unconscious.

Episode Three: What is Dead May Never Die

Balon, the ruler of the Iron Islands, had plans to attack the North, governed by the starks. After burning the letter sent to Robb Stark warning him of an impending attack, Theon decided to pledge allegiance to the house- Greyjoy. Tyrion had imprisoned Pycelle after being accused of being an informant to his sister -Cersei. Arya stark and Gendry were taken as prisoners.

Episode Four: The Garden of Bones

Catelyn attempted to reunite the Baratheon brothers against the Lannisters. Joffrey Lannister being the Lannister King, abused Sansa publicly, but Tyrion intervenes. Sir Davos also witnessed Melisandre giving birth to a shadowy monster.

Tyrion had sent two prostitutes to King Joffrey to calm him down, but Joffrey beat one of the harlots and warned Tyrion not to interfere in his affairs again. Tyrion eventually discovered an incestual relationship between Cersei and their cousin- Lancel and blackmailed Lancel to make Cersei believe he was a spy. Ry and Gendry were taken to the Harrenhal castle as captives, and Tywin the Lannister head made Arya his servant.

Episode 5: The Ghost of Harrenhal

At Harrenhal castle, one of the prisoners Arya had saved earlier pledged to kill any three Lannisters to repay her debt. Lady Brienne was accused of murder and was forced to flee. Brienne met Caitlyn, mother of Jon Snow, Arya, and Sansa, and pledged to protect her daughters. Tyrion was made to be aware of mass explosives hidden in the dungeons of the city.

Episode Six: The Old Gods and the New

Tyrion had sent Jamie’s daughter to Dorne against Cersei’s wish, while Theon eventually captured Winterfell. The Wildlings and Hodor had helped Brian and Rickon escaped when Winterfell was captured. John captured a wildling by the named-Ygritte. Joffrey had ignited a riot where he was almost lynched. Robb became aware of Theon’s treachery and had Winterfell retaken while one of Daenerys’s dragons was stolen.

Episode Seven: A Man Without Honor

John re-captured Ygritte after her initial escape but she escaped once again. Sansa discovered she had started menstruating and was old enough to bear Joffrey’s child.

Episode Eight: The Prince of Winterfell

Robb became aware of how Catelyn free Jaime Lannister and Brienne escorted him in exchange for Arya and Sansa. Rob decided to place Catelyn, his own mother under house arrested. Cersei made attempt to blackmail his brother Tyrion by kidnapping Ros, whom Tyrion believed was her former lover. Jon was captured and the Night Watchmen discovered a cache of Dragon glass.

Episode Nine: The Black Water

Sansa tried to manipulate Joffrey in some ways by trying to play a game of fight with him. Stannis had attack kings landing, but Tyrion led an assault that caused many ships belonging to Stannis to sink. Sansa was able to escape to Winterfell, and Tyrion was wounded in the battle with Stannis.

Episode Ten: Valar Margulies”

Joffrey had decided to marry Margaery Tyrell after Sansa escaped. Tyrion had feared for his life after he was named “Hand of King”. Daenerys had entered the Iron throne room and destroyed it before she reunited with Khal Drogo and their infant child(This reunion was unreal). After the brief trance, Daenarys escaped and managed to retrieve her dragons. The army of the white walkers had encounter with Sam and two other members at the Fist of the First Men.

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