8 Most Violent Native American Tribes In History That Might Shock You!

There is no fun way to indulge yourself in the history that is marked in bloodshed. The terror and the strategy the various Native Americans imposed on the people were enough to chill your body. 

No one can deny how the Indians (in past terms) fought together bravely to protect their lands from the American soldiers. However, the cruel nature of wiping them out proved that you do not want to mess with a Native American. 

Movies that include such history do not portray the authentic image of a Native American, let alone the tribe names. Most of these tribes have been lost in the pages of the history books. 

There are about a dozen and more names if you research thoroughly. Let me tell you about a few. 

8 Most Violent Native Americans Tribes 

Ready yourself to learn about the eight fearless Native Americans and how they terrorized the U.S. government.  

1. Shawnee

Do you know that popular phrase ‘up your butt’ we often use playfully? You might have to think twice before saying it next time. 

The Shawnee tribes would sharpen the saplings that are approximately 2 feet on the ground. Then they were known to make their enemies sit on them and leave to experience an agonizing death. 

With the hands tied behind their backs and screams to make it stop, the captured would perish very slowly. 

Yet, the leaders of this tribe were always respected. They had led the fiercest battles against the American armies, causing substantial numbers of casualties. 

Of course, they never left any living behind. Even the unarmed who followed the Western Expansion in the Ohio River were slaughtered mercilessly. 

If you read further on their history during the Ohio River, you will see the devastation of their enemies still bore an effect on their descendants. 

2. Aztecs

This is a tribe we have all heard of here and there. However, how much do we know about the empire? One fact is undeniable – they were dangerous! 

The tribe ruled a large portion of lands that we are familiar with now as Southern and Central Mexico.

They were one of the most dominant tribes that followed syncretistic traditions. One gory ritual consisted of cannibalism. As gruesome as it sounds, it was a vital ritual for them. 

So, they would choose a sacrificial human for their sun god. The act of slicing open the chest to take the heart out was customary at the time for them. Their temple altars would be red from the spilled blood as one consumes the heart. 

Are you wondering what happens to the rest of the body? According to historians, the victim’s body would be distributed to the noble people in the higher ranks. You can make a guess what occurs afterward. 

They believed it was a great honor to have bestowed such a gift as consuming the flesh is thought to be like communing with their gods. 

Besides, the Aztecs used the bodies of the war captives as a display. It is to show their strength and to intimidate the rivals. But first, they would capture them instead of killing them in the raging wars. 

3. Kiowa

What was the Kiowa tribe’s signature move – as the modern term suggests? Well, they were one of the boldest and fiercest tribes after Comanche and Apache. At one point, they were the ally of these two tribes. 

And you know what happens when three invincible tribes join together. All hell will break loose, but they remained superior against the white folks. 

Anyway, they were the first tribes who are believed to take the scalps off the white men. Even discussing it can give you goosebumps. The Kiowa’s considered it as taking off the pelts. 

They will always side along with Comanche whenever the tribe goes to war. As a result, it was almost impossible to beat these warriors. They are feared by pretty much everyone back in the day. 

Thanks to their ferocious act to protect their homes, not even a white gentleman could set foot in South Oklahoma and Texas. Kiowa is a proud tribe, and no one can deny it.     

4. Cheyenne

One of the toughest tribes among the rest was Cheyenne. They would rather fight to the death than surrender. Some call them the bloody warriors, while others remember them as fearsome fighters who killed General Cluster. 

The Cheyenne will fight any tribe or army if threatened. They would kill those who showed support to the white settlements. Moreover, their war parties would raid the plains that went from Texas to Montana. 

If you research about the most fearless tribes in Native America, Cheyenne will certainly take a spot. 

The tribe would capture warriors from different tribes in the plains. They would ask them to join the Cheyenne society or to die. It was as simple as that. Their straightforward killing spree had left the white folks on the verge of giving up the settlement. 

5. Sioux 

When the Cheyenne tribe fought against Sioux, Cheyenne lost. Such unconquerable was the Sioux. The Sioux was one of the tribes who have fought the longest for their independence. 

So, if they resorted to cruelty to achieve victory, I guess it was only fair in wars. However, they also believed that dismembering the bodies of the enemies will cripple them from afterlife revenge. 

Hence, the death of General Custer is well known from the battle of Little Bighorn. The Sioux were so fierce as an opponent that the Custer and his men never stood a fighting chance. 

In short, once they won the battle fought alongside Cheyenne, they worked on stripping, ripping, and scalping of the corpses. It was the punishment that meant these spirits would walk on Earth, forever doomed.    

6. Mohawk

Another terrifying tribe, Mohawk, is known for their torture tactics and slaughters. One example is the way they rip out the hearts of the enemies while it still beats. 

This gesture illustrates bravery, especially when the warrior eats the beating heart right in the battle. Butchery and killing were not rare at the time, but the Mohawk tribe was something else! 

There were many ways they would torture the people. The horrifying of all was when they would lock the people in one place and burn the whole house. This was how they would rage in war. 

You will be able to recognize them by their infamous body stripes and centurion haircuts. They will keep fighting until there is no one left. The Mohawk tribe instills fear wherever they reach. 

At one point, they even caused extinction to over ten native tribes due to the aggressive killing nature. 

7. Apache 

Even if you did not know before, know that the Apache was the last one to surrender to the U.S. army eventually. It was not an easy surrender either. The tribe took down as many white people as they could before yielding. 

As you have learned by now, giving up is not in any of the Native American tribe’s forte. The Apache is a proud tribe who attacked the settlements and travelers whenever chanced upon. 

If I met an Apache linage, I would make sure to be on my best behavior. The heritage continues to pass on to the younger generation even when past boldness to kill has subdued. 

They were not the ones to scare easily. In fact, there was never a moment when this tribe ever feared anything. The surrender was a term they never considered until 1872 during the peace treaty. 

The life of the Apache tribe was all about raiding, taking, and killing. They are fast, strong, and loved to ambush the enemy territories. They fought valiantly in order to protect their lands from the U.S. army. 

8. Comanche 

A lot of Americans are misguided by the information where Comanche played none to a little significant part. However, you will be surprised by their representation throughout history. 

Comanche is a true example of people who would do anything to save the homelands from invasion. It is precisely what they tried to do. They are, in nature, loving people who are proud and respected the Earth. 

This is a tribe that firmly believes in preservation for the future generation. So, imagine someone tries to take it all away and disrupts the peace formed over the years. 

No one should anger a Comanche, for it will be the last thing you do. Similarly, during the Western settlement expansion, their lands were used. It was unacceptable. 

Thus, they had transformed into one of the fiercest tribes who fought the white folks. Such were the testaments of their fearsome bravery that the two other ruthless tribes joined them to fight against the U.S. army. 

They robbed, plundered, and killed until their buffalos were eventually hunted and decimated. It was due to that plus the spread of diseases that they finally gave in to the U.S. government.

Final Words

It was one of the darkest histories in America, where so many lives were lost in the battles after the civil war. These battles were raged against the Native Americans as they fought persistently to never give up their lands. 

On the other hand, the U.S Army had to face tremendous loss due to the treachery and ruthless tactics these tribes had shown. Things calmed near the end of the 1800s, but no tribe has forgotten its roots.    

Deep down, even in this modern century, the blood of these tribes in the mixed community still lives with pride. 

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