30 Incredible Dana White Quotes

Dana White is one of the biggest MMA fans in the world, and his quotes are mostly made up of “facts” about the business.

He is also a well known MMA trainer. He has been known for his teaching of MMA, especially for the UFC. He has trained professional & amateur MMA fighters.

When White was in charge, the UFC grew into a global enterprise with billions of dollars in revenue.

You can find out what Dana White is like to work with, and what he is like to deal with, by reading our list of amazing quotes from the UFC President.

30 Incredible Dana White Quotes

But he said the fight was closer than the one I fought against Josh Koscheck… I think the one I fought against Koscheck was closer than the fight that’s coming up against Silva.
It’s not a fun fight to have. I don’t know if it’s going to be a fun fight. I’ve got a lot of respect for Anderson, the guy, his success, his legacy… But I think he’d pick me to win this fight, and I think I’d pick him to win this fight.

Dana White explains the vision he has for the sport of MMA and the different types of fights. This video is for UFC, UFC Japan and UFC China fans.

Dana White was asked about a potential fight between Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva. He said that he would rather have too many good guys than not enough. White then said the two fighters would determine who deserves the next title shot, not the promotion.

He’s pretty easy to be a dad to. He loves his kids. He’s a good father. I think if you ask his kids they’ll say their dad is awesome. He’s a good listener and a good communicator and he gets along with everybody.

Dana White, about the possibility of other UFC fighters and other UFC events making dream fights.

The UFC has had a ton of success in forcing fighters to fight. The UFC is a great marketing company and getting people to pay to watch a fight is key to its success. It is, in fact, very difficult to force people to fight. However, if you have a fighter who is uncooperative, it is almost impossible.

UFC President Dana White stated that he doesn’t like the team spirit that is prevalent in MMA. He claims that in MMA, it’s not an individual’s game anymore, but rather a team game.

Dana White said that he likes fighting in the UFC and is not judging people based on the color of their skin or what country they come from.

Since the UFC’s inception, White has been one of the most outspoken fighters. Often the most outspoken fighter at the time, Dana’s unique style and outspoken remarks are part of what made him so successful.

Dana White said that he does have a lot of respect for the UFC and that it is a “great sport”. He goes on to say that he does not like the fact that mixed martial arts is such a “tough sport”, and that it needs to be promoted in a way to be more appealing to the public.

11th of 30 Dana White Quotes

Dana White has been fortunate in that he has been able to remain relatively stable in his career after becoming a head figure in mixed martial arts. Even when things haven’t been going smoothly, Dana has remained positive. Although, if he had his way, things would be a little better right now. Dana White would like to see the UFC return to the World Cup stage, a stage where MMA is held every year.

You can believe whatever you want. This is America. You can be white, black, Arab, Jewish, Hispanic, Asian, you can do whatever you’d like. I guarantee you that. That’s one of the greatest things that America has ever given you.

Dana White is a loyal person, and people who are nice to him will get a response when he is asked about them.

Dana White’s advice doesn’t apply to everyone. I think what Dana White said is true for a lot of people when it comes to training. We should always be pushing ourselves, but the most important thing is to not try an experiment that you’re not prepared to handle. If you try a new routine, you should be prepared for the potential results, and be realistic when you try it out. There are a lot of things that can happen.

Dana White says that he loves to win but he loves a good battle more.

Dana White explains that he doesn’t really care about money, but more so about passion, and that’s why he’s so successful.

I’m really fortunate to have two awesome people at the helm of my career right now. That’s Dana White and my coach, Sean Shelby. I’m grateful for their help and support. It really helps to have such knowledgeable people around you. That’s the kind of help you need.

Dana White stated that he wanted to get a concept, a sport, a place and people together for UFC.

I’m a guy who did exactly what I wanted to do. When you do that, the money follows.

 Dana White said that different people do respond differently to head injuries.

21st of 30 Dana White Quotes

I think the most important thing in life is learning to accept that you can’t do everything you want to do. And that what is important is to focus on the things you can do well.

White argues that if MMA is bad and other sports are bad, then the UFC would have to close its doors.

This was one of the most powerful interviews in UFC history. The way Dana White handled his career transition from UFC President to UFC President Emeritus, the way he handled his new responsibilities as a father, and the way he handled the losses of several superstars like Rich Franklin, Ken Shamrock, and Matt Hughes.

Dana White said that the company is going to continue to enter the market they have never been in. They’re going to keep going into markets they haven’t been in. I would be surprised if they have another event in Europe, and I would be surprised if they have another event stateside that isn’t in the UFC.

White thinks that fighting should be more than merely punching. He doesn’t understand that sometimes punches are the only thing between you and your opponent’s head. When two guys are in a clinch, they have the space of a football field, and they can be separated with ease. That just isn’t the case in MMA.

As for UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who’s competing just four days after his stunning and controversial win over Michael Bisping in London, White says he’s ready to deal with the fallout.
“We don’t lose when he fights,” he said. “He goes out there and shows up when he’s supposed to be there and he wins. We win, period.

Dana wants to hear some respect from the fans, the press, and other people in the business, and he said the same thing when he was on The MMA Hour a few weeks ago. Not everybody gets to be the boss, as Dana likes to say, but he’s certainly not shy about letting you know when he’s not going to treat you like a piece of dirt.

The way you get better is by fighting and persevering. You have to be in a constant state of being better. The best fighters don’t just train hard one day. They train hard every day. The people that do the best are those that never stop trying.

Dana White said he never wants his fighters to fight as a sideshow.


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