Dana White Net Worth

Dana White net worth is at $90 million. He came up with the idea of UFC.


* Dana White has not updated his net worth since 2018. The number above is most likely just a gross estimate.

Under Dana White’s presidency the Ultimate Fighting Championship grew, which made him very successful, and he made many people very rich. In the UFC world, Dana White’s name is synonymous with success.

Early Life

Before becoming a professional fighter, Dana White was a student at Middlesex Community College in Middletown, Connecticut. Dana became one of the first fighters from Connecticut to win national titles in multiple weight classes. He has remained active in promoting MMA events and is the founder of World Extreme Cagefighting.

The family went to Boston, Las Vegas, and Maine. After graduating from high school, he went to Boston University.


The UFC was founded in 1993 by Art Davie, a former college wrestling coach. White originally bought the UFC for a few hundred thousand dollars from his friend Dan Lambert and his friends. White then took over the company and purchased the organization for about a million dollars.

When the company was sold to a group of investors, he was also their President

White started as CEO of Global Payments in 2007.

The UFC’s pay-per-view buys have surpassed the largest selling movies in history and their television ratings are consistently high. The UFC continues to be one of the most successful sports leagues in the United States.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a mixed martial art organization. The Ultimate Fighter reality show and the Ultimate Fighting Championship bought the UFC’s rights from PRIDE.

I’m going to buy a new car. I’m gonna buy a Mercedes, and I’m gonna have a limo drive me around. My goal is to be as rich as Dana White.


This is Dana White who is from the United States of America. He’s the owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and of course a lot of the time, he is a sports commentator. He was the first person to ever talk about a UFC fight which was done on television.

Favorite Quotes from Dana White

The only way you can make money at this business is by selling tickets, and what I’ve found by selling tickets in these kinds of events is it’s a lot easier to make money than people think.

Dana White said that it is better to just forget about college. In my opinion, you don’t need college to be great. You need the skills that you will get from the job you are interested in.

White confirmed to a group of investors in February 2013 that he was in talks with Lorenzo Fertitta to buy UFC. On May 9, 2013 the sale to WME-IMG was announced.

Dana White believes those who fought for the UFC have a lot more respect for the sport they are fighting for than those who fight now.

Dana White didn’t want to go to UFC 96 until he was sure that they would be ready to promote UFC 99 in the right way. Dana White didn’t want anyone outside of France to think that UFC 99 was going to be a bunch of bums. Dana White didn’t want to give UFC 99 a bad name.

Dana White talks about fighters being his “everything,” saying that this is his life. The phrase “everything” is usually taken as a reference to a complete life which includes the full range of activities from working to hobbies and all the other various elements that make up a human being’s life.

Dana White says that he would have not expected to be back at the top of the business in ten years. There is so much competition in the sport and now it’s hard to get a spot in the UFC. It was more than just being the boss, it was the opportunity to connect with the crowd and talk to the fans. White says that the sport is changing and it’s hard to make a living in the UFC.

Dana White mentioned that he thought 90% of Americans get up in the morning and drive to a job they hate and that could have happened to him in the hotel industry. Many hotel chains, for example, are facing major difficulties and are struggling to keep their doors open.

[The UFC] was looking at the talent in MMA and then the UFC looked at the talent in MMA. They saw the same thing they wanted.

After many years of struggling to sell tickets and fill seats, the UFC came along and changed the sport from one where there were very few big fights to one with a lot of really big fights. What they saw was a sport where guys were going to fight each other instead of just sitting around like it used to be.

When Dana White was a young, he used to work at a restaurant. When a customer brought in a large number of people, he would tell them to all sit together, as close to the kitchen as possible. And then he would sit right next to them and have the best view of them. He would find out who had the best table manners, who could eat the most, who was a good waiter, and who could fight the best.


White has developed a business model that makes him a billionaire and provides the UFC with a secure source of revenue.

Dana White’s net worth is over $200 million dollars due to his company, UFC. His company is a household name that has a large following of fans around the world.

Dana White’s net worth is estimated to be about $500 million dollars.

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