Michael Rapaport Net Worth

Michael Rapaport net worth is estimated at $200 million and increasing. He is one of the biggest names in the film industry and an icon. Rapaport’s name is synonymous with over-the-top Hollywood action heroes.


Michael David Rapaport loves comedy and acting. He has starred in more than 60 films since the early 1990s and also regularly performs stand-up.

He’s been nominated for an Oscar for ‘True Romance’, ‘Higher Learning’, ‘Cop Land’, and ‘The Great Outdoors’.

Michael Rapaport’s net worth is about 8 Million dollars.

He’s probably the most famous sports radio host in the country, but as of last count, his net worth is just a little more than $8 Million.

Early Life

Michael David Rapaport was born on the 20th of March, 1970, in New York. His mother, June Brody, was a radio personality in New York. His father, David Rapaport, was a radio executive and the general manager of the ‘All-Disco’ format at the radio station. He was a member of the Jewish religion.

He grew up in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. His family has roots in Russia and Poland. They are Ashkenazi Jews.


He then travelled to Los Angles and performed at comedy clubs, getting good reviews. His career as a comedian was not so successful and he did not want to become a comedian.

In 2002, he played ‘Gary’ in four episodes of the popular ‘NBC’ comedy series ‘Friends’. In 2003 he was cast as the first ‘Gary’ in the long running ‘Comedy Central’ sitcom ‘The Larry Sanders Show’, a character he would play for 4 seasons.

Rapaport lent his voice to a raccoon in the comedy ‘Dr. Dolittle2’. The next year, he played a major role in the film ‘The 6th Day’, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as ‘Adam’. In 2008, as he continued to become a major star, he played ‘Paul’ in ‘Wedding Crashers’.

The role of ‘David’ also included various other functions such as writer, director, actor and producer. The show was broadcast on the CBS network and gained popularity among the audience.

He was brilliant. He stole every scene he was in.
He left the show after he signed a new contract with Sony Music and got a record deal with Sony records.

In 2013, Michael Rapaport played ‘Jason Mullins’ in the action-comedy movie ‘The Heat.’
The only difference, of course, being one is real, the other is parody.

The first season of the series ‘Atypical’ premiered in 2017, with Michael Rapaport as the host. The series follows a teenager with Asperger Syndrome.

Michael Rapaport’s net worth is about 8 Million dollars.

He’s probably the most famous sports radio host in the country, but as of last count, his net worth is just a little more than $8 Million.


Rapaport has made a living by insulting both his critics and his audience.

Favorite Quotes from Michael Rapaport 

“In hip-hop terms, the Beatles are Tribe, the Beatles are Tribe. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five are The Beatles. Big Daddy Kane is Jimi Hendrix.”
[Summary]: The Beatles are “Tribe”.

3 Lessons from Michael Rapaport About Life 

What we can learn from Michael Rapaport is that you can achieve success in life by having an interesting opinion while being humble. And when you’re famous, you can even make a lot of money and become super famous. We can’t learn anything else from him other than that.

1. There’s a Problem in Every Relationship

I think a lot of times, people who get into a long term relationship, they try to think that if they can just explain everything, they should be fine. The problem is, is that they’ve seen so many people do that and have so many things go wrong. When they start seeing the other person’s perspective, they come up with a series of complaints where they feel they’ve been wronged. It might be because of the way that they express themselves, it might be something they said or something they did, and they feel like they’re being picked on.

2. Overthinking Kills

To make a drama film, you cannot have too many thoughts, ponder on too much and get overwhelmed by the enormity of it.

3. It Takes a Genius to Be a Fool

He who is wise takes the place of the wise.


Michael Rapaport is a very funny actor and he has very entertaining podcasts. He has directed a documentary and he has a production company.

Michael Rapaport used to be the host of his own show, “Rapaport”. Even though his show was canceled, he still has a big career in the sports world, along with being an actor.

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