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The American bantamweight Cejudo is known as an aggressive boxer with the ability to put pressure on an opponent.


Cejudo is an American mixed martial artist and former freestyle wrestler from Los Angeles. He became a three-time amateur freestyle national champion and won the 2008 Junior Olympic freestyle title. He began his professional career in May 2009 and has fought in the UFC since 2011.

Bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw is currently signed to the UFC, where he is the reigning champion of both the promotion’s 135lb and 125lb weight classes.

He has been sponsored by the United States Olympic Committee to compete in the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. He stated that he wishes to win a gold medal for Team USA, and a world gold medal for Team USA. He will also be competing in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Early Life 

Henry Cejudo was born in the year 1987 in Los Angeles.

The Mexican actor was born in Mexico City, Mexico where his parents were born. He is one of seven children and raised by a single mother.

When Cejudo was a kid, he moved nearly 50 times as a child, traveling between California, New Mexico and Arizona.


Cejudo got a fight against Scott Jorgensen. His first fight in UFC and he was a big upset loss. The fans booed the decision and thought Cejudo won the fight.

He won by unanimous decision. He has faced one of the best men in the featherweight division, Dustin Kimura (33-11-1, 1 NC) in the featherweight division.

After UFC 191 was cancelled, the bout between Cejudo and Benavidez was planned for UFC 197.[29] However, the bout was cancelled on May 5, 2016 after Benavidez was forced off the card with a knee injury.

The next day, Cejudo faced Wilson Reis again. The Brazilian was able to pick apart the former Olympian with strikes by the third round. He eventually won the fight via TKO. He won again for this performance.

Demetrious Johnson fought for his second time to unify the Flyweight title with Cejudo, and the rematch was expected to be a close one because it was the rematch of the last match. In this time, Cejudo’s wrestling was a bit weaker than before.

As of July 2022, Cejudo’s net worth is $2 Million, according to Forbes.

Henry Cejudo’s financial situation is very positive.


Cejudo has won the US Championship in two weight divisions (Lightweight in 2013 and Heavyweight in 2014). He is the former UFC Lightweight Champion and the current UFC Flyweight Champion. He is one of only six men to have held titles in three weight classes.

Favorite Quotes from Henry Cejudo 

Cejudo is one of the only fighters who has the opportunity to fight for the UFC belt four times which is a very rare thing to do. He has competed in several other MMA organizations but his career has been plagued by injury. He has fought for the UFC bantamweight title four times already and is coming off an incredible win this past summer. He also has a very good chance to win the gold again in 2018.

I want to be like Rocky Balboa. Give me a title shot right away! I will do anything! I will do the most to prove to you that I deserve to be in the UFC.

One of the greatest Americans in the history of wrestling, Henry “The Jet” Cejudo. He once said, “Give me a sport that is greater than wrestling, that’s more dominant than wrestling and with more champions in fighting than with wrestling. There isn’t. The sport that’s king is wrestling.” He is the current UFC flyweight champion, and former two-time UFC bantamweight champion. Henry “The Jet” Cejudo is a native of California, and is one of the most well-known wrestlers in American history. He wrestled for John Smith High School in Lakewood, California.

“We’ve been together for about three years now. She works at the same gym and we went to high school together. When I got back in the gym, it was all in good terms, all just catching up with old friends.” – Henry Cejudo

Professional wrestling

Personal life
Cejudo graduated from Lincoln Christian High School in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1999. He married longtime girlfriend Kimberly in 2003, at which point he began training for MMA.

3 Lessons from Henry Cejudo 

To begin with, it is important that we first understand the importance of hard work and perseverance to achieve success at any field; it will help us avoid the same mistakes we’ve seen in the past and avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

1. Life Will Hit You Hard

The best thing about the game is that the person who wins isn’t the person who is the most talented but the person who can endure the most challenges.

2. Learn From the Past 

In the time that you live, you will evolve and grow. Do not think that your youth years are over. Stay positive on who you are today and know that you are not the same person you were 3 years ago or 6 years ago.

3. Surround Yourself With Good People 

As long as you surround yourself with positive people who encourage you to be a better person and to achieve your dreams.


Cejudo was an Olympic Gold medalist for wrestling in 2000. He went on to win two wrestling gold medals for the United States in 2004 and 2008 and become the first American to win back to back wrestling championships.

As of July 2022, Cejudo’s net worth is $2 Million, according to Forbes.

Henry Cejudo’s financial situation is very positive.

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