Top 30 Best Fitness Blogs To Be Following

The Wealthy Gorilla team is excited to present you with the top blogs for 2017. These blogs are top rated, helpful, inspiring and a wealth of information.

I love fitness blogs so I follow a lot of them, one of the ones that I follow is Fizzle.

If you’re looking for the top fitness blogs, then you’re at the right place! We all know that exercise is good for us. So in this list of top fitness blogs, you’ll find people who are sharing their experiences and who’s blogs are all about fitness.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a world class athlete, you’re going to enjoy this article. You’ll learn the top 10 qualities required to be a world class athlete and some important tips on how to achieve an elite level of fitness.

– Fitness blogs are usually created by professionals to help us keep a track of training, diet and other stuff for which we couldn’t otherwise keep a track of.
– Most blogs usually have the name of the person running it, and the author.
– They also have a few other sections to show us more of their knowledge in some area, which helps us to use the knowledge they’ve got.
– Most of these blogs are mostly about helping their readers achieve their fitness goals.

Top 30 Best Fitness Blogs 2019

My goal is to mention as many of the major blogs as I can within the allotted 30, but I’m willing to leave out a few that I think are worthy of mention.

This is also a list of the most influential people in the world. I am aware of them.

1. Muscle & Brawn

Muscle & Brawn is a great resource for power-lifting and bodybuilding. They have lots of solid advice on the two areas of fitness. Steve Shaw is a well known powerlifter and bodybuilder with experience in both sports.

2. Scooby’s Workshop

Scooby has been on this site for over five years, and he has been extremely helpful in my training! He has helped me find my stride, and he’s been very patient in answering all my questions.
I enjoy following his training journal and it’s very motivating to follow him.
His blog is filled with tips and advice, and I’m always learning new tips when I log on.
Scooby’s been a great resource for me!

3. Brandon Carter

 I came across this site while searching for tips on a workout routine. When I found it, I quickly noticed the way Brandon Carter posts about nutrition. He is a fitness model who has a great body, so his advice is to be followed.

4. Nerd Fitness

An award-winning blog for over a decade, Nerd Fitness is a destination for fitness, nutrition and health. Based around Steve’s bestselling books and videos, the site has over 4,000,000 monthly readers and is read by the world’s most influential people.

5. Fit Bottomed Girls

Started by Jennifer & Erin – Fit Bottomed Girls is a fitness website that is specifically targeted towards females, and has a couple of sister websites that you can definitely check out!

6. A Shot of Adrenaline

 Todd is one of my favorite fitness writers. His work is so informative and he truly cares about making you a better athlete. His blog is filled with videos that explain exactly what you should be doing and why you should be doing it.

Gym Bunny was created by Jeff and it takes the concept of getting fit and building muscle to a whole new level. Here we give you the latest in new fitness research, as well as the most effective fitness programs available. Jeff reviews supplements and shares his own experiences as he tries to build muscle, lose fat, and get fit!

7. Simply Shredded

Founded by James Follacchio – Simply featured interviews with bodybuilders such as Lee Haney, Phil Heath, and several other great figure competitors.

8. Tony Gentilcore

 So we can’t help but think that his insights will be just as useful when you’re training for a powerlifting meets as they are for your everyday lifts.

Powerlifting is all about how you set up your training cycle and Tony’s knowledge and experience is the perfect base from which to develop an effective program.

9. Breaking Muscle

The platform was created by Mindith Rahmat – an expert in fitness and exercise, and is an incredible resource for all fitness enthusiasts. It has a lot of different articles on workout training and fitness knowledge to keep you satisfied.

10. Gym Talk

The blog is actually a training blog. If you have time, I would recommend checking out their training posts. Even if they are not your style, they will definitely give some great insight. Overall, I think that this is a great blog, especially if you are looking for some fun fitness ideas.

11. Born Fitness

Bornstein writes about diet and fitness in a way that is both highly readable and informative. I found each section of the blog extremely helpful, and it’s obvious that Bornstein has spent a great deal of time putting these posts together. I would recommend everyone give it a look.

12. Fitness on Toast

 Faya is a personal trainer who not only writes about fitness but also on nutrition, health, fashion and travel. She also runs a very successful YouTube channel. If you can relate to her passions and lifestyle then you’ll definitely want to check out her blog for inspiration and advice. She’s currently travelling in Australia.

13. Catalyst Athletics

Catalyst – Founded in 2006, Catalyst Athletics was founded by a weightlifter who had a passion for the sport and a desire to do something more. He spent countless hours developing his own training programs.

14. Chronicles of Strength

Founded by Pat Flynn – Chronicles of Strength has good workout advice and also offers fitness coaching to anyone who wants to transform their exercise program.

15. Fitness in the City

16. Science for Fitness

Science for Fitness is great for those of you who are interested in getting science behind working out and fitness! They also list many workout products that you can use and talk about them in detail.

17. Eat, Lift & Be Happy

Eat, Lift & Be Happy is a new weight loss program that offers clients a 12 week nutrition and exercise program to help them achieve their goals. It also includes a step by step guide of eating for lean muscle and lean fat, a food journal, meal plan and exercise schedule.

18. Lift Like A Girl

Nia Shanks is one of those fitness blogs that is so focused on educating women and other men of fitness, that you’ll never hear her say anything negative. Nia focuses on showing how women can still enjoy life with a healthy body and active lifestyle. She also features information on the gym, diet tips, nutrition and more. It’s one of the best fitness blogs around.

The website is very clear and concise. It has so detailed information that it’s easy to see where one can learn more from. There is an interactive forum that has a lot of information where you can get help or ask questions. The site is updated frequently.

19. Roman Fitness Systems

Found by John Romaniello, a fitness blogger, who does two things: Make people hot and make people huge.

I will not hesitate to comment on his blog, so please follow me.

20. Baristi Workout

Founded by Dennis Ratano – Baristi Workout is a great choice to start following because it offers a variety of different bar workouts and interviews with masters of the bar.

21. Purely Twins

Michelle Corso & Lori Morris started a healing blog, which is great for other females, as they speak about issues they’ve also gone through in their life and health including eczema, fertility, pregnancy, acne, body image etc.. The blog is really friendly and approachable.

22. Spot Me Bro

Spot Me Bro is an amazing site on the top 50 bodybuilding supplements. I am a fan of this blog because it has the very best advice on bodybuilding including the top supplements.

23. 12 Minute Athlete

Founded by Krista Stryker – 12 Minute Athlete. The app will track your workouts, and is a great way to do HIIT workouts without having to go the the gym. On the blog, she features a lot of different workout examples that can be used with the app. Worth taking a look.

24. Girls Gone Strong

I was inspired to start writing this blog after finishing my dietetic internship. I was studying nutrition and fitness and I had an idea for a better online fitness blog to share my passion.

25. Jessi Kneeland

Jessi writes positive and empowering fitness and nutrition articles, and she also holds workshops and offers personal training sessions. She uses a positive approach to help people who are looking for a change – a fitness change, or even a food change.

26. Yoga Dork

The Yoga Dork website is very good at helping people learn more about yoga, whether they want to learn from a beginner’s point of view or a more experienced-with-yoga perspective.

27. Bad Ass Fitness

Founded by Shannon Colavecchio – Bad Ass Fitness is a fitness company that offers a variety of different classes. In a nutshell, Bad Ass Fitness gives the best out of what you are doing.

28. Workout Nirvana

Suzanne Digre is a personal trainer based in Canada. She is another of the top fitness bloggers on the web and covers a wide range of fitness topics such as strength training, prevention of injuries and working out.

29. The Lean Green Bean

The Lean Green Bean has a lot of good recipes and nutrition advice for a healthy lifestyle. I also write a lot of workout advice, particularly Crossfit.

30. Gym Junkies

Terry Asher started Gym Junkies when he was in college, and the site still continues to grow now. It has a great mix of fitness articles and lifestyle articles.


If you want to know the best fitness blogs to follow in 2019, then this is the post for you.

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