40 Greatest John Force Quotes

The best quote I’ve ever heard was from John. He said, “Go out and do everything you can to become a better racer. I don’t think the other way around is true”.

Force began racing in 1991 when he was introduced to the sport by his father Mike Force. Initially, he decided to race in the Super Comp Division in order to help his father financially. As he progressed, he became known for his smooth driving style and was noticed to be the first non-super comp competitor to win the ‘Super Bowl’ in 1998.

After the death of his first wife, Force married Lorraine Miller in 1988 and had the first of his four daughters, Courtney. In the same year, Lorraine gave birth to his son, John. Together, the couple divorced in 1997, with Lorraine Miller suing for custody of the two boys.

This is a collection of the most interesting John Force quotes.

40 Greatest John Force Quotes

In the beginning, I remember talking to John, and he seemed really down about the team. For some reason, he started to feel like the car was starting to pull things out of him, and the team was starting to suck the life out of him. I think he was going through a mental struggle on where he was at in life, and the future of the team. Eventually, he went through the ups and downs of being a driver, and made it into a place where he could be happy, and he started to come back to life, and just work through the process. That’s what he’s been doing for the last four or five years. He’s just so happy now. He’s a competitor, and he loves being a competitor.

“There were a lot of things ripping the circus apart; but it was the Greatest Show on Earth to go see for well over 120 years. That’s why I compare it to drag racing.”.

John Force is well known for his love of the big top. He grew up in the circus and loves being around the performers and working with them. John is proud of his role as a circus manager and is committed to helping the circus evolve.

I don’t think the lesson is that circus didn’t close down. I think the lesson is that there really is no such thing as the circus. There’s the amusement park – and people like to think it’s the real thing. That’s the one that’s going to be around forever – if we stay out of trouble, and if we don’t kill each other with our toys. The real show, the real business, the real money, the real thrill, is in the dark and the cold. You don’t just put your animals in a truck and drive them around from town to town. That’s just not how things work. Not anymore.

John Force didn’t say there were too many women in the sport, he said there weren’t enough.

Force, who was a competitor in the NHRA’s National event on Saturday, talks about what his daughter and his friends are doing in school. Even though his daughter is in college, he still keeps in touch with students that he has been able to reach. With his three sons in high school, he sees them in the gym on a regular basis and he talks to them on a weekly basis. However, he does not want to push them to attend school, and instead would like them to understand that there are other interests they can pursue for school.

 When he was picked up by Peak Motor Oil, the company was ready to launch its first-ever performance engine oil. While Ford Racing and Chevrolet knew Force was a sure winner when it came to developing a new oil, it took the company 20 years to get it right.  The original idea was to create a high-quality, multi-grade oil, but it took years to develop.  Now the oil is available in a high-quality, low-cost offering.

John Force is a racing legend. He’s a legend in so many ways, but this is one of the best. As a racer, he’s a legend. He’s won six championships already. He’s a great family man. And he loves this sport. When he speaks, it’s never negative, and he’s a great advocate for the sport. He’s always on the cutting-edge of what’s going on in the sport. His thoughts are always forward. I look up to him, and so does everybody else in our sport. I hope that he can be the face of drag racing until the day that he passes. He’s one of the greatest.

10th of 40 John Force Quotes

In a recent interview with the Indy Star, John Force was asked about his future plans. He responded to the question saying “I don’t know,” and “I can’t answer that…I’m not talking to the media about my future plans.” At this time, Force’s future plans are undetermined.

What would be even better would be if these personalities find another sport to grow in.

John Force is a retired five-time Funny Car driver at the NHRA, and he has a lot of reasons to be happy with how his career has gone. A true legend in the class, Force has been the most dominate driver in the Funny Car class since he retired in the early 2000’s. He is still considered the greatest driver of all time by many.

I’ve been a drag racing fan since I was just a little kid and I was lucky enough to witness a couple of races in the 1960’s. I have always wanted to be a part of the action. Now I get to go for it!

John Force was the first to recognize the potential of drag racing in the United States and became one of drag racing’s primary drivers. He is considered by many to be the greatest of all time. Force’s career started in the late 1960s. He was instrumental in making the sport of drag racing what it is today.

____________ The negatives are turned into positives, and the positives lead him down the road.

As a child John was an avid fan of the circus and as an adult was very interested in animals. The circus did not have the financial means so John volunteered there to help fund it. He was able to save some animals but it was not enough. He helped support and bring back the circus twice more, but could not keep them running.

I agree with that, but the reason why it’s happening is because the promoters are putting way too much money into drag racing. So they’re just going to be a little more aggressive at times.

There’s something in the air that has got the fans excited about this season. There’s something more than just a TV package that makes people want to watch. There’s something in the air that’s helping the racing, but all you guys are seeing is what we’re doing for the fans.

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John Force said that when they started racing, the Connie Kalittas and the Don Garlitses, were larger than life. They made it into a personality thing, and they need that. He said that’s the difference.

John Force built his own trailer with a mural on the side. The mural had a map of the United States with the locations of races and hamburger stands.

I have a choice, but not a lot of other people do. If we don’t like the way a country does business, we should support our own country, by not buying anything from there.

John Force is the most competitive drag racer around. He says it will take a special driver to beat him. He also says the sport is very real, very tough, and very cool.

John Force was the first champion who came from the United States. He was a real good-looking champion from a small town in Alabama. He had a lot of talent, but he had a lot of problems with the sanctioning organizations, as well as the people running the events. Eventually, he moved up into the big leagues in the form of the NHRA and was known the world over. He was a very talented driver. He could throw down on a good day and on a bad day. He was a real showman.

John Force has had a good run and not seen a slump like this since the early 1990’s when the economy really started to take a hit. I’m sure it’s due to a mix of his cars just being better, people not watching as much, and the economy. I’m sure his numbers aren’t too far off after all, he just hasn’t had the numbers to show off his cars when he had them. If a sponsor comes along soon, it could go back up to being competitive again.

There were certain things you had to take into consideration when performing in a circus. Sometimes animals behaved badly. You had to make sure you were safe, or someone else would get hurt.

Force loves drag racing and is a big fan of the sport. He is also in love with racing. He does not claim that drag racing is his child. He is not a drag racing fan.

Force knows the situation in both series, but I have to believe that IndyCar is struggling more than NASCAR. One of the main things IndyCar has over NASCAR is the ability to race on ovals. IndyCar has an automatic ticket to St. Pete with the Indy 500, but that’s about it. They have no TV contract, no race at Kentucky, nothing.

30th of 40 John Force Quotes

John Force was referring to the fact that teams now need to pay much more money to get the sponsorship dollars rather than the other way around. Force said that he had to look for sponsors for his team in order to fund his operation. The big sponsors of the time were Penske, Morgan, Goodyear, Castrol, and Mobil; all of these sponsors were interested in sponsoring the Ford Thunderbirds.

John has great faith in his team. They are dedicated, hard-working, smart, and are always at the right place at the right time.

John Force and John Force Jr. started John Force Racing in the 1980s. When John Jr. was still a teenager, the two worked together on the cars. On the same day that Force Jr. passed away, the two won the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series and the U.S. Nationals.

[John] is the best on the planet, but when he’s on the road, you’ll see that his wife, Lori, is the best.

When the new season of “American Gladiators” premiered in the fall of 2015, there was a lot of talk about how the show had lost its way. It seemed that the only thing the show had in common with other games was the fact that the contestants had to use a certain piece of equipment. The show lost most its appeal when the host was replaced by John Cena.

For instance, in the past, the rules were to allow one driver to run in two events per week. After that, it became the norm that they were allowed to do so for three weeks. With a different president and the recent departure of a longtime promoter, there was some debate about the rule. I think John Force may have been the driving force to make it three weeks.

It seems that people are always moving; when you’re born your parents are poor; when you’re older you move to a better place; when you die you go to heaven.

John Force is the all-time NHRA national funny car champion. He has won more races than any driver in any class of any pro racing series in history. He has a total of 752 career wins, more than any other driver in NHRA Pro Stock history. He’s also a two-time Funny Car world champion, a two-time Pro Stock world champion, the only driver in NHRA Pro Stock history to win both the Funny Car championship and the Pro Stock championship, the only driver in NHRA history to win the first three NHRA National Championships and the first Pro Mod champion. John’s father, Bob Force, is the all-time NHRA points champion. Bob was the first driver to win 600 Pro Stock races.

There comes a time in your career when it turns into a job, but that’s it. It’s the business of racing. We’ve been lucky enough to have a few sponsors, and that’s allowed us to support ourselves, but my primary motivation is to get better and learn. You either go through it or you don’t. I’ve been through it and I’m still here. That motivates me more than anything else.

Well John, I’m sure the people who attend your races wouldn’t really agree with you on that. Not only that, but most of the people at your races are usually NASCAR fans. I’m sure they aren’t the type of people that would agree that baseball is down.

When a business doesn’t succeed, it has everything to do with the business and nothing to do with the business. When a business folds, it has everything to do with the business and nothing to do with the business.


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