Top 45 Self-improvement Blogs For Men

Our top blogs have returned for 2019.

This year, we have our new edition to our collection of the best blogs to follow for self-improvement.

So what’s next for us?

The best thing is that the best posts from 2017 will be a part of this collections for 2018.

The list isn’t something we’ve covered in previous years; however for the 55% of our audience who are males, we thought that showcasing a list of the top male-specific self-improvement blogs, would be a great idea.

You’ll learn how to improve your life in every area, including productivity, mindset, success, dating, sex, style, in 45 great blogs for men, with topics ranging from productivity to money, from dating to parenting.

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Top 45 Self-Improvement Blogs For Men

For the benefit of your busy self, below you’ll find a list of the best self-improvement blogs for men. They’re listed in no particular order, so feel free to peruse the list and click on the links to check out the best of the best.

I was very excited to work on this project.

1. Good Men Project

The Good Men Project is one of the leading self-improvement blogs specifically for people of all genders to improve their lives. There’s so much wonderful information for people to improve their life, you have to see it for yourself.

2. MenProvement

Men Provement is a community for men. We help men become better men, with articles and videos written by some of the most respected experts in the field. The website now receives over a million views per month.

3. Daily Manliness

One of the best sites for men’s content that I’ve recently come across. It features articles on everything from dating and fashion to relationships and technology. The quality of the content is excellent and they’ve got some unique and really cool quotes.

I know the founder or Daily Manliness but I’m not quite sure which one. We can look into it and see if we can add their contributions to this article.

4. Mode

Founded by Unknown,Mode is an online platform for men who are trying to improve their lives. It provides content and a community to help you to improve your life.

In fact the founder is not even in Mode’s company, but he co-founded it. Mode is run by a CTO of Mode (a French company) and an investor of Mode.

5. Return of Kings

Return of Kings is a blog run by Daryush Valizadeh, the founder of Roosh V. He teaches masculinity through his blog, and focuses largely on men who are confused about their sexual desires and the place in modern society for men who want to act like men.

6. Order of Man

Ryan Michler is an internet sensation and the author of The Order of Man, an organization of men dedicated to the principles of self-improvement, health and fulfillment. Ryan is a frequent guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and hosts his own daily podcast, The Order of Man, with some of the world’s greatest minds. He also writes for Forbes, and is a frequent guest on The Joe Rogan Experience.

7. How to Beast

Founded by David De Las Morenas – How to Beast aims to help you with your self-improvement journey with a focus on getting you jacked and confident.

8. Charisma on Command

Charisma on Command is designed to help men increase their confidence, which will improve their overall happiness. Charlie’s book was released in February 2011, and currently lives in Las Vegas.

9. Strength by Sonny

Strength by Sonny aims to help you build a confident, powerful, and fearless mindset. I found the articles on bodybuilding and self-improvement to be very helpful and have been incorporating them into my exercise routine. The dating advice was particularly relevant to me as I am trying to find the right person to be my wife.

10. FitMole

Keith Lai was one of the first fitness bloggers to truly show his audience that the fitness industry is about helping men who have average bodies get amazing bodies.

11. Art of Manliness

 Brett McKay has had a good run. He has been blogging since the early 2000s, and has built a nice community of like-minded men.  He has a good base of expertise in the business world and in helping guys become better men.  He is now transitioning into a different area of his life, and is leaving the blog.

12. Alpha Male Lifestyle

This website is full of information on improving your appearance that will help you attract a beautiful woman in no time, and improve your everyday lifestyle.

13. Attract Get Women

Attract Women is a great website for men with many topics on sex, dating, and attracting women. This is definitely one of the best blogs for men to learn and keep improving.

I do not. I am not aware if the founder knows the team.

14. Compassionate Man

The site is owned by Nick Coughlin – a single guy who founded an online magazine targeting men. The site has featured lots of articles about single guys and their lifestyle.

15. Aspiring Gentleman

A platform that serves the aspiration of every gentleman to be a gentleman. Providing services to gentlemen that includes articles, gadgets, and videos related to style, travel, and more.

16. The Quintessential Mind

When it comes to improving the lives of men you may have to read a few books to know what’s out there. Here’s a great list of the most influential books for men.

17. The Modest Man

Brock McGoff was really inspired from a book called Style to Wealth. It focuses heavily on how to look better and better in your style. He has been helping men on how to style their wardrobe, and has a few guides for men to follow.

18. Illimitable Men

19. Man Thesis

Women are not just the products of a few sexual interactions and they want to feel desirable to others. They want to feel attractive, appreciated and the most important thing to them is to feel that they are capable of making others happy. So, if they believe in your sincerity, they are going to respond.

I want to know if you know the founder of this blog? Let us know!

20. Effortless Gent

Barron Cuadro, the founder of Effortless Gent, is another one of the top self-improvement blogs for guys, which specifically focuses on improving your looks and personal style. Definitely another one to follow for style advice.

21. Good Looking Loser

Christopher Deoudes who created Good Looking Loser is a great example of everything that is so wrong with how we treat and judge people around us.

22. The Minimalists

Minimalist lifestyle involves living life to the fullest and enjoying the things that count in life.

23. Bulletproof Exec

Bulletproof Coffee is a great blog for men and women who want to improve themselves. They have great articles on topics such as weightlifting for men and women, dieting, and self-improvement.

24. GQ, which was launched in 1995, is a popular men’s magazine. Founded by Bernard Miller, a reporter with the New York Times, the website is home to a variety of articles on fitness, style, cooking, politics, and much more. The site is designed for men who are interested in what guys at the gym are talking about.

25. Day Game

Yad Bar – Day Game offers a few classes to help you get to know girls better. Yad supports his claims, and the homepage even has a few videos.

26. Mantelligence

Mantelligence is another blog 100% specifically for men, however they also offer a women’s perspective. It’s a good thing to get in on, as it’s a good way to strengthen the overall advice given. There are regular giveaways, which is always a good thing to get in on.

27. Man of Many

Frank Arthur and Scott Purcell started it all with their blog Man of Many. It soon expanded into other areas of lifestyle and interests that matter to men.

You can follow Frank on Twitter here and Scott’s here.

28. Ape to Gentleman

Ape to Gentleman is an excellent blog for grooming and fashion for men, there are a lot of different product reviews on the blog, usually within the grooming section, and sometimes within entertainment such as headphones.

29. Man Packs

Man Packs offers a wide selection of premium quality grooming products for men.
Gents’ grooming is a personal choice. We offer a wide variety of innovative and convenient gift packages for men.
Man Packs puts together different selections of grooming products for men, into various packages. Give them as gifts, buy them for yourself, Man Packs knows what’s best.

30. Nick Notas

If you feel like your relationship isn’t going anywhere, or you’re not sure what your girlfriend or wife wants or needs from you, I would highly recommend checking out “The Art of Manliness” website. The site offers great advice on every aspect of life, and in particular, relationship building. It’s a very insightful and thought-provoking blog.

31. David Wygant

A dating coach, David Wygant is well-known and respected in the relationship circles. He provides expert information on topics such as love, sex, relationships and more. He speaks about various topics related to dating, and provides excellent dating advice. He has written a couple of dating books too.

32. Samuel Thomas Davies

Sam Davies, an award winning journalist and bestselling author, created “The Experts’ Panel”, an online community of business, creativity, science and technology enthusiasts.

33. Tripp Advice

티비트 (Tibetan) for ‘Tripp’ – Tripp’s latest article is about picking up Asian women when you don’t speak the same language. Having just spent 7 months in Asia, naturally I loved the article!

34. Real Christian McQueen

A blog that offers tips for men trying to improve their lives. It seems that Christian has a lot of followers and offers what he claims are tips that can only be learned from those following his blog.

35. MSI College

I love MSI College. There is so much great content, self improvement, success and being great with women. They have a little something for everyone.

36. Love Life Solved

Love Life Solved is a blog that will show you how to solve all your relationship problems, so if you’re a woman or a couple, this is the place for you!

37. Men’s Health

In addition to regular health tips, the magazine has included features on sexual health, weight loss, sports, and fitness.

38. Doctor Nerd Love

Dr. NerdLove started writing about nerd life in 2011. The blog started to be about sex in 2015. The blog is about finding nerdy ways to have fun and finding the right people to do them with. We also talk about other things you might like like nerd news, sex news, and interesting things in general.

39. Paul McGregor

Blog by Jeff Domansky – He writes about becoming an effective and prolific writer. That includes improving your content, setting goals, and improving your writing style.

40. Real Men Real Style

Real Men Real Style is a website about becoming a stylish man. They have resources, articles, courses, and everything you need to become a stylish man.

41. Urban Beardsman

Eric Bandholz is a guy who blogs about men’s grooming products. He also has a beard blog and is interested in how men find good products to keep their beards healthy and well groomed.

42. Seduction Science

When you get married, you start thinking about your future family. I recommend that you start thinking about your future partner now, because you start planning for your future family.

43. Anabolic Men

Anabolic Men is a men’s fitness community that will improve your fitness and boost testosterone levels. You don’t even have to be a man if you’re interested in getting involved.

44. Peak Testosterone

Founded by Dr. Lee Myer, Peak Testosterone is a new health and fitness blog that is for men who want to get a better perspective on their health. This is a great blog if you want to learn more about testosterone.

45. Masculine Intent

This site is for men and for anyone who likes men. Chris Bale is a good looking bloke who writes a blog that is always entertaining and always funny.

In Conclusion

This is a list of the best blogs to improve yourself. These blogs are all written by guys who have experienced the same struggles that you’re currently dealing with. If you’re looking to be the best man you can be, then you’re going to absolutely love these blogs.

This was a collection of the best social sites for the best online social interaction.

 Thank you for visiting this page of the list of the best blogs for you and here you will learn more or less all about the best blogs to be the best influencer in your niche.

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