The Top 47 Best Travel Blogs To Follow

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We have done before lists of lists which also feature what we believe to be the best blogs, in this post we have listed all of the categories that we have previously written about, here we try to list the best blogs that have been written about that category.

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There are lots of travel blogs, but we’re going to discuss the best travel blogs of 2018, that is where the owners spend the majority of their time travelling.

When you travel you want to get the most out of your vacation, and this makes it easier for you to find out information such as prices for food and rent, as well as thetopattractions to visit!

Top 47 Best Travel Blogs to Follow

So without further ado, here’s thetop10 best travel blogs ranked by Alexa traffic. We’ve actually listed these by Alexa rank, but since it’s not really a very accurate measure, we haven’t put the actual rank number below.

All these blogs are worth following, and no matter which one you read first, you should try to follow them all.

Nomadic Matt 

– The author is a blogger, entrepreneur, and the founder of iwillmakeit happen.
– He is best known for his “Real Life, Fake Life” podcast.
– He has also written four books with a fifth forthcoming.
– In 2013, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the United Nations Foundation.
– He founded Tilt, a marketing automation platform and in 2017, sold it to AdRoll.

Over time through extensive travel and working in international development Matt has identified the four biggest factors that lead to real travel happiness and success. Travel is about experiences, not material objects. Travel makes you happier and more fulfilled if you are spending most of your time in countries with unique cultural backgrounds and distinct challenges. Travel is about friends, not about money. Travel is about community and connection, not about yourself. Travel is about memories, not about things.

Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten founded this site in 2010.

Matt has traveled to over 80 countries (and counting) and has written about his adventures on his blog. He also teaches adventure travel blogging to other travelers, and offers a free training in his self-guided travel course on how to start a travel blog.

The Planet D

is the web and social marketing company which provides a dynamic way for marketers to connect with their customers across multiple digital touch points.

We want to offer opportunities for people to develop their adventure potential – whether that be through walking or running, cycling, climbing, kayaking, sailing, surfing, scuba diving, fishing or swimming. It doesn’t matter what your age or ability; we will provide the best of everything.

Y Travel Blog

Caz and Craig started this blog in 2012 to document their life as a family of four. It is all about food, crafts, stories, and memories.

In 2010, we started out as a travel blog. We have seen people change their lives for the better and we want to share that with you. We’re passionate about travel and helping people have the best travel experience in all of their travels.

The Blonde Abroad

is a design and branding consultancy based in Austin, Texas. It focuses on a holistic look at branding and how to bring that across through design, content and research.

When I first started traveling, I followed ‘The Blonde Abroad’. Kiersten has traveled to over 50 countries and has knocked some big adventures off her bucket-list. She hopes to inspire you to live a life you love and settle for nothing less than extraordinary.

The Savvy Backpacker

Founded by James & Sue Stovall in the spring of 1980 to provide the best service possible for the people of Michigan.

James and Sue were tired of trying to understand, in part, how to travel through Europe. They felt the backpacking community was a confusing jumble of information and advice. They wanted to make it easy to understand, easy to use when planning your backpacking, and easy to budget and save money when getting around Europe.


Mark Wiens is the founder of Stitchfix.

People who travel for food learn about authentic local food from around the world; a blog that Mark started while traveling around the world and sharing what he learned.

Adventurous Kate

Founded by Kate McCulley and Mike Zagorski.

Kate has gone through some crazy adventures. She’s been shipwrecked in Indonesia, she’s been hit on Jon Stewart, she’s been on an airplane that she wasn’t even seated on and she was just sitting next to the pilot, and she’s been in a German movie that is about to come out in theaters that has really bad subtitles, and she’s gotten all these amazing emails from the people of these places that they’ve seen her photos.

Two Monkey’s Travel Group

> Kach Medina Umandap is a Computer Science student at the University of Central Florida. He uses code to develop a website named Meduza and Jonathan Howe is a Business graduate student.

Our goal is to promote sustainable travel and living in an authentic way

The group is based in London. We work at many locations around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Ghana, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and United States.

A Luxury Travel Blog

is a clinical psychologist who has studied and practiced hypnosis for over 40 years. He is the host of the popular podcast, Paul Johnson’s Psychology Podcast, and host of the popular Ask Dr. Paul series on Psychology Today.

Luxury Travel Insider’s Blog focuses on luxury travel. The blog is the home for news and information on the most luxurious hotels and resorts, the finest restaurants and news from within the luxury travel industry.

Young Adventuress

Liz started the company and she had the idea, the vision, the mission, the products, the name and the product line.

My life has changed dramatically! I moved back to the UK and decided to go travelling. I am still living with my boyfriend but since we both work we cant travel much together. I hope to make this blog a place where I can share my travels with you all.

Travel Codex

Scott was born in Scotland but moved to the United States at the age of seven. As a teen, Scott became interested in rock climbing and was soon introduced to a group of people all over the country who shared the same interest. Through hard work and practice, he made it to the United States National Championship. This was the first time this was done, it went from the local competitions to the nationals. Scott now helps coach others to the top in a multitude of disciplines.

Scott is the founder and editor of Travel Codex. He travels over 150,000 miles every year and has visited over 100 countries. He is a neuroscientist and has a Ph.D. in psychology.

Out of Town Blog

Melo Villanueva is a Filipino who has been writing since he was ten years old. He has been writing for about twenty years.

Since this is a travel blog, most of the stories and content deals with travel and travel tips. But this site has also posted stories about food, lifestyle and food from different countries.

Johnny Jet

It started as a hobby to see how to do 3D modeling from a scratch on an old computer.

If you enjoy reading about travel, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find tips, advice, and a few stories about trips past.

I Am Aileen

Aileen Adalid was a founder of the Philippine Commission on Women.

At 21, Aileen quit her corporate job in the Philippines to follow her dreams of travelling the world. Today, she is a digital nomad (entrepreneur & travel writer) living a sustainable travel lifestyle! A visit to a remote village inspired her to write her first story, “The Long Road Home”.

Nomad Revelations

In 2002, João Leitão founded the company with four employees in its first office located in a small building on Rua dos Bombeiros in downtown Campinas. The company had just three employees in 2006. Today, the company has more than 10,000 employees in Brazil and abroad.

All the information that you need to plan your trip from A to Z is updated here. There are also a lot of interesting articles which can help you to find the places to stay, make friends, eat, drink and have fun!

The Poor Traveler

A free online language learning platform, which allows people from all over the world to learn the real language of the country in which they reside.

After about two years of struggling to make ends meet, they’ve made it and have moved to a much nicer place. They’re still working at the same job as before, but their salaries are much higher. They still watch their wages vanish into thin air every payday and still share an apartment with four other friends.

Travel Dudes

Melvin Böcher founded the company in 1989 in Germany.

Travel Dudes is a community of people who believe people should be able to travel better. We are all explorers who love to share our experiences to help others have the best time when they travel.

One Step 4Ward

You can also choose your language.

The Irishman from the south of England started his own blog in 2008, made $1m+ from his laptop, was in every country in the world, and is now trying to sell his soul to the devil.

Points With A Crew

Dan was the founder of – Muck Rack and he ran it single-handedly for a number of years – he is a true legend.

A lot of travel bloggers focus on the single person traveling alone, with no kids. Some of them are for a reason, but some simply aren’t. My wife and I travel with two daughters, and our family is our main focus. I want to share the unique perspective of our family, and show that travelling with kids is fun, affordable, and rewarding, not intimidating and stressful.

Just One Way Ticket

Founded by- Sabrina Bongartz, who went to the High School of Art and Design in London.

“Traveling taught me how to see the world as a whole, instead of just the tourist attractions. It’s helped me understand other cultures and people.”

We both agree that it is not easy to travel, that it is a challenge. But we also understand that it is a very special opportunity, an opportunity to go and experience new things. It’s not always for the faint-hearted. So, if you are considering to travel the globe, keep yourself motivated and try not to let the world pass you by.

Chasing The Donkey

A place where people from all walks of life can come together and share their ideas.

‘Chasing The Donkey’ is a blog run by a guy called Tomislav Zidar who loves Croatia and Croatian food and who’s trying to do something with his life.

Where’s Sharon

Sharon started at a Fortune 100 company in the midwest and in 1994 moved to the Pacific Northwest. She now owns a business, a family and a garden in rural Washington.

This site started as a place where her friends and family could keep up with her travels, and she hasn’t been able to stop travel blogging since.

Goats on the Road

Made by and for, Nick and Dariece.

A nomad couple who met in an English class and became instant friends. They have been on the road ever since. They are passionate about living life and don’t take things for granted. Their motto in life is “Do it now or regret it later”.

Indie Traveller

Marek found out that there are some problems with the website and he will look into them.

Want to travel independently? Marek is one person who has always been passionate about travel. Whether you decide you want to travel solo or with a group, traveling independently can be a wonderful experience. From the practicalities of doing things on your own, to the excitement of finding interesting new destinations. Marek is one person who has always been passionate about travel. Whether you decide you want to travel solo or with a group, traveling independently can be a wonderful experience. From the practicalities of doing things on your own, to the excitement of finding interesting new destinations.

Alex in Wonderland

[Original]:… in 2012, and has an emphasis on providing a safe and inclusive inclusive space where people and companies can meet.

Alex is a native New Yorker who left her comfortable life behind to travel the world and soak up as much sun, culture, and adventure she can. She is a little obsessed with photography and scuba diving – but not into sharks.

Be My Travel Muse

Kristen was the head of the company and was responsible for the creation and distribution of this product.

This is a travel blog for those who love life, who want to be challenged, who like to feel challenged, who want to learn more during their travels and vacations, who want different experiences, who want to engage more, and who want to experience more.

Map Happy

is a platform that helps users connect with each other by creating an online space where they can interact with brands, businesses and other people.

Map Happy is all about practical travelling because your trip should be about experiencing the destination. Being a part of the travelling community is stressful, and it’s like anything else – there’s a good and bad way to be involved.

Ordinary Traveler

In January 2015, Christy and Scott started a podcast titled – “A Good Podcast”. With a vision to discuss everyday topics, the duo began the podcast to create a space to discuss topics ranging from the mundane to serious, but mostly – real.

Ordinary Traveler is a travel website based in the United States that features travel tips and recommendations for people who like to travel and are looking for off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Solo Traveler Blog

Founded by Janice and Tracey in a London flat, the company grew to employ over 200 people and was acquired by the world-renowned agency, R/GA, in 1999.

Solo Traveler is a blog and more – it’s a community where people who share a passion for travelling alone exchange tips, suggestions and encouragement for solo travellers and people who are interested in their stories.

Pinoy Adventurista

Founded by a man named Mervz.

The aim of Pinoy Adventurista is to chronicle an adventurer’s backpacking and adventure trips, his mountaineering and foodie encounters. A source of travel guides, climbing tips, and more!

Travel With Bender

Erin Bender helps businesses improve their web presence and grow their business using WordPress. As a part of the WordPress Evangelist Network, she will teach you how to get more out of your website and how to take your website to the next level.

In addition to travelling and blogging about her children, travels, food, living abroad and life as a working mum, Erin’s a health, wellbeing & fitness coach. She has worked in this industry for over 11 years and enjoys helping others reach their goals. She is also an avid cook, recipe creator, food photographer & mum of three.

Keep Calm & Travel

Clelia Mattana founded the company called “EcoNova Lifestyle Labs” in 2011.

This is what her blog is really about: to tell you that you have the right to live your dreams, and to make you smile over all the crazy and clumsy adventures that Clelia and her little brother, Silio, live through.

Trip Hackr

The company has been founded by Clint Johnston.

Triphackr is a popular adventure travel blog that offers guides and tips to help people travel better. Clint shares his stories through photography, videos, and in-depth guides along the way.

Never Ending Voyage

Simon Fairbairn & Erin McNeaney were the original co-founders of The Noun Project. They wanted to connect and collaborate with the creative community.

Their travels have taken them all over the world but they have found more of joy and happiness in travel than anything else. Their motto is “Life’s best adventures start one traveller at a time”.

Dangerous Business

Founded by – Amanda and her two sisters, who also founded the same company.

She is a former professional ballet dancer, former law school graduate, and has traveled with her husband and dog to nearly every continent on the planet.

Local Adventurer

Esther & Jacob founded a community in the heart of Jerusalem.

Local Adventurer is a travel lifestyle blog that always pushes us out to explore and find new things in new places. We are currently in year one of this adventure. And, we hope to be in one place long enough to see and experience new things.

Our Awesome Planet

Anton Diaz is a startup that works as a community-driven network for sharing startup resources.

Our Awesome Planet or OAP as we like to call it is a family food and travel blog, we document our family’s food and travel adventures via real-time video and written post.

Go Backpacking

Started out with a $1,000 investment from David Lee, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist.

Go Backpacking’s destination stories focus on places where you can find adventure–often off the beaten path. We offer practical and budget-oriented travel advice. We highlight beautiful photos from the areas we visit and tips on the best places to stay, eat, and drink.

Cheapest Destinations Blog

The company was founded by Tim Leffel, who is a Canadian entrepreneur.

I started the Cheapest Destinations Blog back in the early days of the internet because I figured there would be other people just like me who wanted to travel well for less.

Travels of Adam

A Canadian-based company that’s making it easier for people to travel, the company was founded in 2012 by Adam Welsch, who has been working in the travel industry for more than ten years.

Adam’s Travels is about living life to the fullest.

I am still working on a personal story about my first year in Buenos Aires and the experience I had while traveling in Argentina. I’m taking some time off before getting back to blogging. But in the mean time I leave you with a series of photos I captured in the city of Cordoba, which is a city close to Mendoza. I love what I captured in Cordoba and I hope you feel the same about it.

Travel Mamas

Colleen Lanin’s company has a website that hosts the original blog:

We cover all parts of traveling with kids: packing tips, kid-friendly restaurants, how to choose hotels and campgrounds, advice on how to deal with the most common travel problems, and tips for making the most of kid-friendly tours and attractions.

Bucket List Journey

Founded by Annette White, and built by Annette White and her team. The company is currently headquartered in San Francisco.

You know what we need? We need more people interested in doing stuff, and we need more people interested in getting paid to do stuff. Which is why we’re going to start traveling all over the world, talking about the bucket list, and then we’re going to figure out how to make money from it.

Twenty Something Travel

Stephanie Yoder started the company and became the Chief Executive Officer.

Stephanie is a full-time freelancer who wanders the world, teaching yoga, trying not to eat bad food, and writing about her adventures in books, blogs, and on her website.

Go Nomad

Max Hartshorne was the sole proprietor of a successful construction business.

Go Nomad is an online destination for discovering the best of travel writing from around the world. Go Nomad curates and highlights great travel writing from all over the web, and brings the best of that to an online community where writers meet and share their stories.

To Europe & Beyond

A fashion brand that started out in Canada and is now all around the world.

Travel is the greatest gift anyone can give. Marie truly believes in travel as an educational, cultural, and social experience, on a variety of topics: general knowledge, self-empowerment, acceptance and open-mindedness.

Will Fly For Food

Founded by the couple and their business partner, Jeremy Bloom.

JBL & Renée are not a budget traveller. They believe in middle of the road travel and value for money. They always look for the best balance between comfort and experience.

They love food and always opt for local experiences over tourist traps.

They love food & will try a local food as their first taste of travel.

Both prefer independent travel over group travel because of the flexibility.

They love trying the local food in different countries.


There are tons of travel blogs on this list of the best travel blogs to follow! If you’re a travel addict, then bookmark this article and check it every time you’re looking to stay up to date on all the latest travel news.

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If you blog is included on this list of the best travel blogs, that’s awesome! And thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into your blog.

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