Top 40 Blogs For Bloggers To Follow

It’s time for part 3 of our top blogs to follow in 2019 lists. These top blogs are listed for the month of August.

Blogging for the love of it,
The best blogs don’t rely on advertising to be monetized,
Use your own unique voice,
It’s all about the stories you want to tell,
Write about stuff that you believe in, and that people will want to read.

It is safe to say we know the niche is rather crowded and there are lots of contenders for a list of top blogs for bloggers. Which makes it all the more harder to choose.

There are lots of great tutorials on this site, and I am sure you will find one to use for your project.
Hope you enjoy our community!

The Top Blogs for Bloggers to Follow in 2019

_____ is the top list of blogs for bloggers. It’s a compilation of the best blogs for all kinds of writers. It’s been around for a long time and has always had a reputation of being one of the best.

Many of these blogs are being followed by me.

1) QuickSprout

QuickSprout is the blog that I find most useful when it comes to blogging and marketing. Neil is an A/B testing guru, which makes it very easy to learn what and what not to do when it comes to marketing your blog. Sign up for their newsletter.

2) Blogging From Paradise

 Ryan Biddulph is an Australian blogger and travel writer who takes the reader on a journey through his life and adventures. The blog itself is a blend of topics that Ryan has gone through in his life including a personal account of his life on holiday and his most recent account on traveling and living in the Maldives.

3) John Chow

John Chow is a top online writer who shows you how to make money online. John’s website is an incredible website that shows you all of his top strategies for making money online.

4) Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is a site that publishes insightful and helpful blog articles on how to succeed with social media. It is a must follow for anyone looking to grow their social media presence and increase their reach.

5) Backlinko

Backlinko covers link building for business owners and marketers. Brian Dean’s main focus is for the business sector and is very focused.

I can guess the shape of your head.

If your goal is to build a list of highly targeted traffic, then Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the social networks are the way to go for long-term organic traffic and search engine ranking. And the truth is that these are the best and the most effective methods for marketing in this industry because it is the “easiest” and “fastest” way for most people to get traffic.

6) Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer’s service is very simple as it allows you to choose from three different options to get you started: traffic, conversions or engagement.

If you’re interested in learning more about the industry then you’re in the right place. The articles and case studies will teach you some of the best ways to grow your content strategy.

7) Successful Blogging

The benefits of being a solopreneur are more than many people realize. They also have the added advantage of being able to manage your own time. This is great if you have a full-time job and are struggling to make ends meet, or have a busy family life.

8) Cognitive SEO

Founded by Razvan Gavrilas – Cognitive SEO is a web-based SEO tool used by over 100,000 business owners. They help you build a quality backlink profile and gain higher search rankings. The paid plan allows you to create custom reports, view a specific backlink profile, increase your organic traffic, and more.

9) Copy Blogger

Brian Clark is a professional marketer, blogger and has a lot of knowledge of his field. He is an entrepreneur that started Copyblogger to teach others about content marketing and other areas of marketing.

10) Matt Cutts

Matt is the Head of the Google Web Spam team, and if you’re not following his advice, then you’re not following Google’s, which means that you are asking for trouble when it comes to SEO.

11) ProBlogger

> The ProBlogger Guide To Making Money From Your Blog

> Darren Rowse teaches you how to create a profitable blog — without spending your life away from the rest of the family. This insightful guide includes everything you need to know to get started, from blogging tips to building traffic and monetizing your site. Learn from the pros, including blogging icons Neil Patel, Copyblogger, and Lifehacker’s Gina Trapani.

Darren Rowse has been blogging for over a decade and his expertise is just too good to be true.

12) Social Triggers

Derek Halpern – The first article I stumble upon on Social Triggers was Titled “Why bloggers fail”, and has kept me coming back to this blog ever since. Social Triggers is not just a blog for bloggers, it’s majority for all entrepreneurs in general.

13) Blogtrepreneur

Founded by a Canadian couple, they created a blog for blogging and their success and their passion is what you will find here. Their website is awesome, and their blog is a good collection of inspiration and wisdom from the blogging world.

I also love to be on a site called Blogtrepreneur. I’ve also been featured on a site called Blogtrepreneur recently, it’s been a great week.

14) Blog Tyrant

Blog Tyrant is another great source of blog growth and content promotion information. When you find yourself struggling to grow your blog traffic or even start, take a look at their blog for some great content and resources.

15) Fabulous Blogging

Founded in January 2010 by Julie DeNeen – Fabulous Blogging has hundreds of videos, articles and tutorials to teach you how to blog.

16) SEO Book

Aaron Wall – SEO Book talks about the new Google Mobile Optimization update where he’s highlighted that websites should get mobile friendly. He has mentioned that even though there’s been no clear-cut method to do so, it’s now becoming more clear that websites should be optimized for mobile users.

17) Smart Passive Income

This platform gives you a reason to sign up to their newsletter right away. The slogan “Let’s see what works” should be your cue to sign up to their newsletter right away.

Pat tests everything to do with online profit so learn from that and make sure your there to gain all the great knowledge you can from it.

18) Shout Me Loud

Shout Me Loud is one of the top sites with over 600,000 subscribers. It’s a great idea for anyone who wants to make money from their blog.

19) Make A Living Writing

Founded by Carol Tice, is a blog of the book review “Make A Living Writing by Carol Tice.” In this book, Carol gives you tips to make money with blogging.

20) Jeff Bullas

It’s where you go for information on social media marketing, content marketing and digital marketing. It has a lot of great information about blogging and social media marketing.

21) Moz

Moz is a large website where Rand Fishkin makes content on search engine optimization and SEO techniques.

22) Boost Blog Traffic

So you can earn a living online, make money or maybe even make an income that could pay your bills? All you need to do is start a blog and promote it via the various social media.

23) Search Engine Journal

Search engine companies like to tell their customers that they are the king of the search engine world. They’ve been there since the beginning and will still be there tomorrow.

24) Matthew Woodward

In order to build a successful blog that makes you a true revenue, you should have a strong, unique topic. The topic should be something that the majority of people will find related to your blog.
You should also take the time to do some in-depth research on the topic, as well as research on other blogs that cover the same topic.
You should also make sure that the topic is not already covered by a lot of other blogs.

25) Blogger Tips Tricks

I found this website to be a very good read for those who are new to the world of blogging and earning money. It goes into a lot of detail about some best practices which are quite useful and will help us to start off well on the road to success.

26) WP Beginner

Originally started by Syed Balkhi – WP Beginner was specifically tailored to help out new WordPress users with any queries they may have on getting their site up and running and has since become a popular website for WordPress users alike.

27) Income Diary

Income Diary is a blog that was started by a person from the United Kingdom. It’s one of the top blogs for those who are working for a living. Mainly because the person writing the blog has been working in the UK for a couple of decades as well and the blog has a lot of information in it.

28) Entrepreneurs Journey

Yaro Starak started the blog Entrepreneurs Journey in 2006 and it’s an amazing story of how he started with his company Magic The Geeks and grew it over the years. I really love his story because it gives me inspiration when I feel down.

29) Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a best selling author and online marketing guru who offers plenty of advice around creating a great website and creating great content.

30) DIY Themes

Chris Pearson is the founder of “DIY Themes”. These WordPress themes are well known for their amazing designs and user-friendly user interface.

31) Seth Godin

Seth Godin is one of the first bloggers I discovered and it wasn’t too long before I developed a strong relationship with him and his advice. I still have a few of his books and one of my all time favourite blogs is his!

32) Niche Hacks

Stuart Walker is probably the most popular blogger and entrepreneur and not only a blogger, but he is also a full-time online entrepreneur, which means that he has to manage a lot of things.

33) Firepole Marketing

Founded by Danny Iny – Firepole Marketing has a lot of very informative articles that are guaranteed to enlighten many bloggers and help them out in important areas.

34) John Paul Aguiar

A site that has become immensely popular in recent years with many of the sites earning a living through their site. However, what makes John Paul so successful is the fact he has a good grasp on the internet.

35) Search Engine Land

Founded by Danny Sullivan – when it comes to search engine news, Search Engine Land is the site to follow. We provide the latest news on Google, Bing and other closely related search engines.

36) Smart Marketerz

I am a long-time affiliate marketer who has been building and running websites for over a decade. I’ve worked my way through college doing IT tech support, working online as an affiliate marketer, and I eventually moved into building my own niche websites.

37) TINT

The idea is to help people with their social media marketing. I really like the “I’ve got a social media strategy for you” tagline on their website, and the fact that they also give you some tips to help you along the way.

38) Razor Social

Ian Cleary’s post: “11 Ways to Engage with the Social Media Community using Social Sharing” is one of the most popular posts on our website.

39) Site Point

If you’re not already looking at this company, you should be! Site Point is a design blog that has been around for a few years now with tons of great tips and resources for everyone from beginner to advanced web designers.

40) SEO Chat

The blog is written by Darrin Ward – a well known SEO specialist from Sydney, Australia. His focus is on the latest tips and tricks to improve your search ranking, in-depth and helpful articles.


The list is likely to grow as the year progresses and there might even be some surprises at the top. Happy reading for everyone out there.

I think it should be [the] top priority.

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