50 Inspiring Greg Doucette Quotes & Sayings

I didn’t get a chance to listen to his interview yet but I’ve heard a lot of his talks and I love them all!

Greg Doucette is a professional bodybuilder who is also considered among the top 10 bodybuilding personalities ever. He was also responsible for creating the famous fitness video that has more than 300,000 views.

In the summer of 2009 Doucette was named to the cover of ‘Muscle Magazine’ and was featured in the feature stories about ‘The Biggest Loser’ contestants, as well as about his workouts.

50 Inspiring Greg Doucette Quotes & Sayings

In elementary school, I started lifting with my dad and twin brothers. I continued to lift at the high school and college levels.

Greg Doucette lifts mostly raw. This means that he lifts with no weight added to the bar. He starts with a “loose shirt” for his heaviest set, then “tightens it up” for a workout or two.

When doing the actual exercise, you need to focus on three lifts.
Assistance exercises are good for warming up and doing your mobility.
Fancy programs involving chains, and what-not are good to get your coordination right.
But nothing beats doing the actual exercise.

I think the standards have not increased that much. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we have better equipment.

I’m not sure if I want to improve in legs, or thighs, or abs or arms or what, but I do feel that any part of my body can be improved with the right training and nutrition.

As an amateur competitor, Greg always went up against bigger guys. After he switched to a weight class which allowed for competitive matches with bigger guys, he competed at the level of an elite athlete.

I wish the suits never had been invented so that I could have never worn them, but since they are, I better learn to use them or else I will be at a serious disadvantage.

Greg lifts a lot of weight and uses a powerlifting approach at meets. He also uses it for his conditioning and to give him more time in the gym.

Greg works hard every day on the fitness journey in order to get a stronger body, and to achieve his goal of being the best bodybuilder he can be.

10th of 50 Greg Doucette Quotes

Greg said that once he got into powerlifting it became a point of honor and respect to train like another powerlifter. He said that he first looked up to John Fraser because he was a great bench presser and he felt strong because of his build. Later in his career, he said that he looked up to Jeff Becker because he was also in his own weight class and consistently broke records.

He first competed raw and was able to break shirted records without the shirts. When he 1st started using the shirts it was throwing off his form and he was not able to get much out of them.

I’m not going to comment on your second question regarding the size of the community, but I do want to point out that for the reasons you cite, the “power” you’re looking for tends to be fairly low.
My observation about the size of the community is based on the number of answers we have here on SO. We’re a very good example of a community of experts, and there are no other sites like it.

Greg Doucette is a bodybuilder who is sponsored by the leading company in the muscle supplement industry, PVL Nutrition. He is known for his large muscles and incredible definition, and he is a good example of a bodybuilder who puts himself through the best training and nutrition to maximize his potential.
Greg’s sponsors are not just helping him with the right supplements, but they are helping him achieve the best results that he can, and Greg thanks them for doing that.

I incorporate my own powerbody workout system. And if your interested in my workout program, I would recommend that you check it out.

There is no body that is ideal and perfection is not possible, as people differ in body types. It is better to focus on the good body traits and build them than to focus on the negative body traits.

Of course there are many competitors who suffer from body dysmorphia. It happens to many regular people who don’t compete as well.


In the below example, I’ve put a comma after the two main clauses to indicate that the second one is dependent on the first one; it’s a subordinate clause that modifies the first main clause.

In the book, Greg says he focuses on the “big three” when it comes to training, but he also says he focuses on getting himself ready for the big day, and that’s basically what he’s talking about there. So, I think the workout Greg suggested is just a training tool that helps you build up a foundation for your big show.

First of all, athletes used to be the best athletes of their times. There are more athletes training these days than ever before because of better training methodology, nutrition, and access to the sport. The best athletes will always continue to be the best athletes. Competition brings out the best in us.

Greg Doucette is a highly regarded freestyle wrestler at the Division I level at the University of Nebraska where he has spent four years. In those four years Greg Doucette has captured a conference championship, three regional titles and a top 3 national ranking as a senior in 2018.

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He has said this as well when the topic of coaching comes up with Greg. From his personal experience, he has been a leader and has never had the luxury of having a training partner. He is willing to take advice from anyone who will take the time to advise him. He is a big fan of the Coaches Training Institute and looks forward to attending their program.

Greg says there is no one reason why he is not a pro bodybuilder. Greg says it is a combination of things that have to happen for him to be recognized as a professional. Greg says the first thing is size. He has won many amateur shows and he has not won pro shows.

I was 12 in 1984, and there was a gym at my high school with an empty weight room. I asked to go to the gym from time to time. By the time I was 14 I was winning bench press contests in local meets against adults and was encouraged to keep training.

Greg is a regular at the gym and he began lifting weights when he was 10 years old. He immediately got addicted and hasn’t been able to stop since.

Greg Doucette has no weak points with powerlifting. He has a hard time to lift heavy weights but racks up high reps. Greg is a very hard worker and has a good mind for the sport. When you hear someone say that they have no weakness with heavy weight, it normally just means that they don’t push themselves until they are hurt and are out of gas. In Greg’s case, he knows how to push himself but he holds back until it hurts.

Greg has had a passion for powerlifting since he was a teenager. He also has competed in and won many powerlifting tournaments, as well as setting numerous records. Greg is a two time Canadian Powerlifting Champion, and had his first World Powerlifting Championships in 2016. We hope to see him represent Canada well in the 2019 World Championships.

To gain strength of mind and body, he focused on his bodyweight lifting. He would spend 2-3 hours training 6 days a week to be able to lift heavier and heavier weight. When his training stopped completely and he decided to focus on other things, he wasn’t able to lift the same weight that he was able to lift earlier.

Greg says to eat around 3500 to 3800 calories per day during a diet. If you are working out daily, you can eat a little more. Otherwise, he sticks to eating around 3000 to 3300 calories per day.

“I did a lot more experimenting with deadlifts in training and I saw my deadlift numbers improve. It was really a matter of getting more lifts and recovering well.” – Eric T.

I would encourage people to compete raw first to see how strong they are before throwing on the suits. But I agree with the premise that you get more value out of an equipped raw lift than an equipped bench or squat. But I don’t think that the bar should be too heavy. I think the bar should be around 120 lbs for the best raw lifts, and I think some people may need to start with a weight in the low 70s or high 60s.

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Greg’s strategy with the suits was to get other athletes to talk to him about how they were using their suits, so he could use their experiences and recommendations, as well as learn how to use his suit during training better.

It’s been a long time favorite of mine as well. There’s something really satisfying about a big bench.

Greg was very impressed with the sport of powerlifting after reading about it online and went for the record. He got his first powerlifting shirt of his life and started training, although he didn’t know how the lift was performed.

Greg is dieting to compete in bodybuilding competitions. He’s lost 20kg since last year but he seems as fit as ever – his muscles are “jacked” and he’s in good shape. I’m curious as to whether he’s eating high protein, low fat or a combination of both.

Greg is one of the stronger guys in the team. He has an intense style. His approach to training is to perform more repetitions of each exercise, and perform the exercises more than the other guys.

Work these three big lifts back to back each week. Don’t miss a rep on any of them. Squats are the foundation of strength, the bench and deadlift are the big two and the back squat is the third.

It’s always more fun to learn than to teach. When you teach, you’re trying to get the knowledge out of someone, but when you learn something you’re putting that knowledge in yourself.

In 1998, Greg would first get started with Powerlifting.

There are many reasons why this is not true. First, there are far better lifts than 90kg for your size. Second, the average lifter is not fat. The average lifter is in great shape, and if you are not, then your training is not going to produce the gains.

A weakness of his is that he prefers to train alone. Most of his training partners have been younger students who he has coached.

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Greg Doucette explains that he still enjoys breaking records when he competes but also finds enjoyment in simply competing for personal records.

When a guy is tight, I like to do deadlifts with an old pair of shorts and the top half of a pair of old jeans with the legs cut off. I’ll use a suit bottom for the other lifts. My favorite thing to deadlift in is a pair of old gym shorts and a pair of old jeans cut off the legs. Old shoes and pads for deadlifts.

I hate the thought of people being fat when they are not even trying to gain weight in real life but I will need to be fat if I want to continue to increase my total past the 900 kg mark.

Greg Doucette is a bodybuilder, a trainer, and an entrepreneur. He makes no secret out of the fact that he is lean and mean.

Greg Doucette says that he sets PRs in the gym because he wants to improve for himself. He’s not happy with himself.

Having worked with Greg for years, I can attest to this. He will always find a way to maximize his output and become stronger.

Most people have a favorite way to train that works for them. However, Greg uses a different method that works for him. He can get the same results as someone who trains in a more traditional way because his body can take more punishment. Basically, he trains every day for a certain period of time, then does no training for 4-5 days and then trains again for another period of time. (Think of it as a “rest-day”, even though he gets lots of rest).

It was difficult, because we were doing everything differently, and all the suits were different sizes. But it is something that I don’t think I’ll forget.

If you want to be good at a sport, it’s important to practice the basics. I don’t think you will ever be the best if you practice too much, and then try to excel in an unexpected situation.

Greg Doucette is a Canadian professional curler from the town of North Bay, Ontario. He was born October 28, 1992. On the weekends, Greg doubles as a firefighter and paramedic, but, most importantly, he throws a perfect game. Greg started playing curling in 1999 at the age of six. His best year on the tour was 2016 when he made the playoffs at all 12 events.

Greg Doucette said 50% of the failure in the Olympic lifts can be attributed to lack of technique, not the weight. He emphasizes not to use more weight than your body can handle, but use more weight than your technique can handle.


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