Top 40 Blogs For Entrepreneurs To Follow

I would like to thank you for joining me on this year’s list of the best blogs to follow. Every year, I review and read lots of good blogs, but I do come across great blogs as well.
I would like to express my thanks for making the process easier for me as I do the review of the best blogs. And to help me with my review, I would like to acknowledge some of the great people below who have graciously assisted me with my task.

There are two main reasons why we’ve been making this move, the first is that we’ve been receiving positive feedback from our readers and we want to make sure that this list is useful, and secondly we’re making sure that the list is updated regularly, so you can come back to it and use it as a reference.

This list includes 40 of the top blogs for entrepreneurs (you’re reading right!). For the best results, check out the other blog lists such as ‘5 Top Business Blogs’ and ‘5 Marketing Blogs’.

I’d love to be an entrepreneur, but I don’t know. I don’t blog.

Top 40 Blogs for Entrepreneurs in 2019

There are a few blogs that are well-known and ‘top dogs’ of the entrepreneur world, which I wouldn’t include in this list.

This is why I recommend all of you to be more mindful with your health and to always take care of your overall wellness.

Tuxedo, the blog written by Jon Moffitt. The author is currently no longer publishing new material, but you are free to read posts from the past.

These are still great websites to keep up to date with the latest news and developments in entrepreneurship and they’re great resources for those looking for inspiration, and to read some of the best blogs for entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking for a good starting point, and you don’t have much experience with writing blogs, then read on.

To find out about the best entrepreneurship blogs, you must look at the founders of the business blogs. Most of the founders are passionate about their craft and will be able to give you sound advice and advice on your business.

This is the list of the top 40 most read blogs for entrepreneurs in 2017.

1. Smart Passive Income

Founded by Pat Flynn, is a blog that helps people succeed in entrepreneurship. He also shares his methods and strategies to make money online. Definitely a must read for beginners.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk

Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from the experiences of Gary Vaynerchuk who has started an online wine store, a wine magazine, a wine conference, and a mobile app. He does a lot of guest posts on his personal blog as he tries to give back as much to the entrepreneur community as he wants to take from it.

3. Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is a very successful evangelist, evangelists and evangelism expert. If you haven’t heard of him before then it’s definitely worth reading more about him. Take a look at his blog for a more personal touch on evangelism.

4. Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas has interviewed a wide array of people for his podcast series Entrepreneur on Fire. I have not listened to the podcast but I have read the blog, and it is a must-read.

5. Entrepreneurs Journey

The Entrepreneurs Journey website is a great place to learn about all things website marketing. You can learn how to improve your SEO, how to start a blog, how to create content and other topics.

6. The Entrepreneurs Library

The Entrepreneurs Library is a great resource for finding the best books to read for entrepreneurs. The library also shares great business lessons and Wade hosts regular podcasts.

7. Startup Savant

This is run by my friend, Ryan James, who is also a good friend and a pretty good entrepreneur. Founded by Ryan James – Startup Savant is a site that gives out great entrepreneurial advice and tools, but Ryan also gives back by donating to charitable organizations.

8. Steve Blank

Steve Blank is a successful entrepreneur/growth consultant who helps startups and small businesses grow by helping them understand the stages of their startup and develop a clear strategy for growth. He makes startup boot-camps and online courses, as well as has a list of books and guides to help you do the same.

9. Social Triggers

Derek Halpern is the founder of Social Triggers and he shares great advice on Twitter about how to build your business, how to market your product and how to get more customers.

10. 4 Hour Work Week

If you want to become the CEO of a company that makes money and not make a living, go to Harvard Business School and then work for the world’s number one company.

11. Jared Reitzin

Jared Reitzin is a resourceful entrepreneur who knows it’s his time to take action and help others along the way.

We use this one to keep my audience engaged and informed on what we are working on.

12. Women on Business

Women on Business was founded in 2007 and in a short amount of time, became a prime resource for all entrepreneurs and a key source for female entrepreneurs of the world. With over 7,000 articles to choose from, Women on Business is the place to be to find advice and find answers for all your business inquiries.

13. Seth Godin

Seth Godin is an author and also a blogger. He is known to talk about the latest trends of the market. If you are an entrepreneur or just interested on new ideas, his blog is definitely a good one.

14. Mike Michalowicz

 Michael is on a mission to show small businesses just like you that there is an entire world of opportunity to start a business that’s not only fun, but profitable. He will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire learning process.

15. Copy Blogger

Copyblogger is the leading source for the best content marketing, social media and blogging advice. They have been publishing content for the past 5 years and are the best resources for digital marketers and content marketers. Definitely a blog to check out!

16. Think Entrepreneurship

Pete is an entrepreneur that has been blogging online for many years. His focus is his entrepreneurial journey and being able to share his experiences. He has great advice and his blog gets updated often. One of my favourite blogs.

17. Under 30 CEO

If you love to travel, make it a business. It’s a popular theme in the travel blog community, and this one takes that a step further. It covers the many ways to make money while traveling, the travel tips to consider, and the many ways to start your own travel business.

18. Suitcase Entrepreneur

Natalie Sisson who is also a travel blogger has a successful business and started blogging years ago and shares her experience with her blog. You will learn so much from the advice she shares on her blog.

19. Venture Hacks

Naval Ravikant wrote the book called “Startup Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur”. He is founder and CEO of two companies in Silicon Valley, one is and the other is Instructure, a learning management company.

20. Chris Ducker

A great blog for all those looking to grow their businesses in anyway, from start-ups to large organisations. Chris has written a few articles on growing your business for my blog. For more information, check out his personal blog.

21. Next Shark

Next Shark focuses on providing a fresh take on business by giving a platform to share knowledge and skills. It is driven by people’s curiosity about their own growth and development, and is a place to challenge and learn new ideas and skills.

22. Lifestyle Entrepreneur Blog

Jesse Krieger is an Entrepreneur Blogger that shares stories and strategies for entrepreneurial success by successful start ups in the “wild west” of technology.

23. Peter Shallard

Peter Shallard is a self proclaimed ‘shrink for entrepreneurs’. Instead of sharing techniques and methods on how to build your business, he digs deeper into the mindset of entrepreneurs. Helping you become stronger mentally in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

24. Blogtrepreneur

Started by the duo of Matthew and Adam Toren – Blogtrepreneur is a great resource for both bloggers and entrepreneurs. Combining the two fields for incredibly relevant advice towards other bloggers and entrepreneurs. Now it’s one of the top blogs for entrepreneurs.

25. Braid Creative

Tara and Kathleen have been working together and with other professionals for almost a decade now, and they really know their way around. They’re focused on helping entrepreneurs do the same, and they have a wealth of resources at their disposal. Their course ‘Brand Yourself’ is a good one to start with.

26. Frugal Entrepreneur

Founded by Adam Gottlieb – Frugal Entrepreneur offers a number of business documents for startups that are struggling to find them anywhere else, and is also hosting a blog to go right along side them with great advice.

27. Epic Launch

Ben Lang is also a successful entrepreneur himself – Check out his blog for awesome advice on online marketing and start-up businesses.

28. On Startups

Dharmesh has been an entrepreneur for 8 years now. He started a company called HubSpot which is now worth $2 billion and he is the founder of Pyramid Digital Solutions which was recently acquired by LinkedIn. Now, he is starting his own podcast called The Dharmesh Show.

29. Both Sides of the Table

The two founders are both former entrepreneurs. One is now an entrepreneur coach. One a marketing executive & entrepreneur.

30. Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends is a business blog for small business owners which is operated by Small Business Trends. The blog can be found at

31. All Business

‘All Business’ is one of the most popular and successful blogs for small business owners out there. It’s been featured in places like Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and many others. In 2015, ‘All Business’ was named as the most popular small business blog in the world, according to Technorati.

32. Marco Arment

Marco Arment makes web and app development, as well as writing and podcasting. He’s the lead developer of Tumblr, and founded many other projects before selling them on.

33. Young Upstarts

Founded by Daniel Goh, Young Upstarts is a blog that focuses on leadership, entrepreneurship and the changing world.

34. Duct Tape Marketing

As for a podcast, it is actually one of the best to follow for new marketers who are interested in marketing. John Jantsch does some fantastic interviews with marketing experts of the best caliber.

35. Read Write Start

With around twenty employees, Read Write Start has been operating since 2003. Within their categories, you will find advice on mobile technology, social, the cloud and the web.

36. Brian Solis

Brian Solis is a great person to know about innovation and marketing. His website is full of interesting tips and other cool stuff.

37. A VC

I would highly recommend starting with a book on investing, especially a book on investing in the stock market that will help you make smart investing decisions. Investing in the stock market does not happen overnight, so you need to have a good book to help walk you through the process of learning how to invest.

38. Small Business Brief

A small business is generally a company that’s been running for less than 5 years. There are so many great guides and books out there for the more experienced entrepreneur.

39. The Next Women

The Next Women is an inspiring magazine that provides women inspiration, motivation and ideas. Most of the advice can be applied to entrepreneurs in general.

40. Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a successful entrepreneur and author. He is the CEO and co-founder of Owner Marketing Group.

Wrapping Up

Enjoy this list which you can read on the list of the top 50 blogs for entrepreneurs.
Do remember that if you have any questions, request anything or if you want me to add your blog to the list of top blogs just contact me and I will be happy to do it.
Best wishes.

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