Top 10 Inspiring Travel Videos That’ll Show You The Beauty Of The World

Travelling. Fun to do and fun to not have to deal with the hassle of getting there. And it helps to get to know different parts of the world. And it helps keep your money. I just go where the wind takes me.

The experience of travelling is so incredible. I highly recommend everyone to give it a go.

For anyone looking to travel, or not sold on the idea yet, there is a large amount of videos making it look beautiful.

Top 10 Inspiring Travel Videos

After watching this travel video we have to say that this travel video is absolutely stunning and the footage is absolutely unbelievable.

So there you have it, the top 10 travel inspirations of 2016. So what about next year? Well, to find out what the top travel videos will be in 2017, please subscribe to our channel. And of course, you can keep up with us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

1. Travel Motivation – Leave It All Behind

I took an ‘academic’ sabbatical and traveled to the Middle East. Before I left, others didn’t understand why I wanted to travel, but I understood why I wanted to travel. I understood that I needed to take off to get my thoughts in order. I needed time to be alone, to let my mind wander and to think.

When you travel there is no where you need to go and nothing you need to do. You can get it all in front of you. All you need to do is see it all without getting tired.

2. The Good Life – Travel Motivation 2016

This video comes from Youtube user MrPete2, and it has a lot of great info about traveling around Germany, including what it’s like to travel by train and why you should.

This video will make you want to book a flight, and leave as soon as you can.

3. We Call This Home – 3 Years Around the World

What an incredible travel video!

He visited 60 countries in less than 3 years, and recorded the whole process with his Go Pro!

4. 3 Years of Travel in 3 Minutes

I’m always amazed at how much we spend on food and we don’t even enjoy it.
The amount of stuff we buy or need to buy to look the part, and then the fact that we end up throwing it away is a bit ridiculous.
Food is so important, we should appreciate it and enjoy it whenever we can.
Even if it was the same meal as the day before, we should still be excited to have it and enjoy it.
The way of life, is so much different than how I feel like it needs to be lived, and I wish I wasn’t so materialistic.

5. Life is Short Live it Well – Travel Inspiration

“Life is short, so live it well!. Travel to see the world, explore it, and live every moment”

I got this one from the Google Search.

6. Live Your Life Just Do Whatever You Want

A guy is fired from his job, and he decides to travel around Europe without worry, but he has to find his own accommodation and a job.

Another travel video that we do not know whether is true or not!

7. If You Can You Should

The “High On Life” crew recently arrived in Miami and recorded some footage of the area, including a short clip of Miami Beach’s world famous Art Basel Miami Beach.

8. Quit My Job to Travel the World

I’m using footage from my journey. I’m living in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, and my goal is to travel to every continent of the world.

I was really excited to meet Wankelmut in person. I had always wanted to see his work up close, so it was great to finally meet him.
He was an absolute gentleman. He was so friendly and he let us use his room with the amazing artwork covering the walls, which was great for the final shot.

I was hoping that my video would inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and experience a new country. I’m hoping that my video would inspire others to see the world and travel to different countries and just have a great time!

I’ve tried to do things my whole life and it’s just a matter of time before I have a new adventure.

If you like to travel for free, this blog will be your daily destination. As you may have read in my About page, this is my way of giving back to the community that hosted me as a speaker at the MIX11 conference.

This sounds like a good movie, but I want to see the trailer first.

9. Guy Quits Job to High Five the World

Traveling the world for 14 months, and I never thought I would be back in the States. This was when I was 26 years old. I didn’t leave because I wanted to be somewhere else, I left so I could be anywhere else!

I had a girlfriend who was an exchange student in Africa.

“I left home early in the morning of June 6, 2014 to try and summit a beautiful mountain called Everest Base Camp. My route to the summit was through Lukla, on the Nepal side of the Everest region and we passed through many villages with their unique culture, people and traditions.

10. 1 Year Travelling Around the World

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