Top Strategies For Maximizing The Value Of Your Corporate Travel Consultant

Many businesses rely on travel consultants to help them run their travel management system efficiently in the ever-changing world of corporate travel. They are experts who understand the needs of business travelers and suggest the best travel options. In 2021, business travelers worldwide spent an estimated $740 billion.

Let’s look at what a corporate travel consultant does and, most importantly, if they’re the right fit for your business.

Top Strategies To Leverage The Expertise Of Your Corporate Travel Consultant

A Corporate Travel Consultant (CTC) works with a travel management company (TMC) to prepare and manage travel plans for your business travelers. They provide guidance to business travelers when they want to travel.

Save Money

There are many benefits to getting a business travel booking done through a travel consultant. These benefits may not always be available when you make a reservation directly.

Getting a travel consultant for your business travel can be a great way to save money and get extra benefits you don’t always get when you book directly.

You can maximize the services of your travel management system to save money by allowing a travel consultant to help you find the best travel deals for your business.

Still, many service providers charge additional fees for services like custom reservations, changes, and information. However, working with a company travel consultant eliminates these costs due to their expertise and guarantees a successful trip.

Best Negotiated Travel Deals

If you hire a corporate travel consultant, you can get value deals on your business travel. These bargains can save you a lot of money and make working with value brands even more cost-effective. They do this by knowing the ins and outs of the travel industry and using their negotiation skills with supply chains.

Additionally, they have a network of service providers across the globe. That is why they can help you negotiate with suppliers to get the best corporate rates and may even help you sign an agreement with hotels and airlines. So, if you’re looking for the best arrangements and rates on your travel, enlist their help, and you’ll be in luck!

Seamless Travel Operations

A travel consultant can help you make business travel easy and ensures traveler well-being on their business trips. They take care of all business travel needs, from getting you to your destination, accommodations for stay, and food arrangements.

Around-The-Clock Duty Of Care

A travel consultant manages all the back-end travel support at your on-premises or off-premises travel help desk. Whether you run a small business or a big enterprise, hiring them ensures your travel management system runs smoothly, even in the worst times.

You can always count on them to help you if you face any problems during your business trip.

Even better, they support transportation arrangements and any delays or disturbances that might come up. The best part is they advise you if you need to take any health precautions and provide destination information and safety rules.

Supporting Travel Compliance

A travel consultant can help you create travel policies and enforce them. Your business travel needs a travel consultant to ensure everyone follows the guidelines. Most companies have a budget for flights, rental cars, and hotel fees covered by these policies.

They will educate your staff on all the acceptable options according to the corporate policy. They will enforce guidelines and save the time you would otherwise spend tracking team compliance.

Versatile Service

If your company has travel plans overseas and needs support, a travel consultant can help., Apart from making travel bookings, they can help your employees obtain visas and any other documentation as and when necessary. They can also make travel arrangements for flights, accommodation, and even airport transfers.

And if that is not enough, they will also help prepare for currency exchanges, travel insurance policies, parking, meetings, events, etc. Since a company travel consultant can provide all these services and documentation assistance, you can be stress-free while your employee is away.

Travel Itinerary Planning

Planning and executing a travel itinerary is easier when you have a corporate travel consultant to help you with every step.

Corporate travel becomes less worrying when you don’t need to agonize about handling everything yourself. Instead of going through the usual self-planning process, the travel consultant will manage everything related to your trip.

Leverage Benefits With Discounts, Amendments, and Extras

The volume of travelers your corporate travel consultant can manage is also very high. Unlike leisure bookings, corporate travel bookings take place all year round. Business travelers need flight and hotel reservations at any moment and an efficient system to manage it.

A large volume of corporate travel has several benefits, including cost savings. Your business travel consultant may be able to book your trip at a price that is much lower than what you would find on an online travel booking service. You can have peace of mind as a professional protects your business travel booking and saves your dime.

Large-volume customers get more than great deals; they get treated with special attention in case of any changes. They can also help you get complimentary services and other benefits because they know how to leverage them.

On the contrary, an airline or hotel booking system is much less likely to allow you to make amendments without charging extra, even if you are a valued customer with volume travel requirements.

Summing Up

The role of the corporate travel consultant is changing with the ever-changing travel terrain. ITILITE is one of the more advanced travel management platforms, and we can help you save money and time.

There is no more need to worry about intermediaries, and you can have complete control over your business trips. Even better, with travel and expense management software, you can access advanced trip searches and make seamless bookings with your preferred airlines or hotels.

Top companies are now using travel consultants in their travel management system to help them integrate with travel management platforms, so they can get professional help negotiating deals with their travel partners. The consultant can help you create travel policies that meet your business needs, and with the support of the travel platform, you’ll get the best choices that fit your travel policy.

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