26 Reasons To Finally Stop Eating Junk Food

I was recently watching a documentary on the Subway guy, where he went around different events across the country as the spokesperson for Subway. I forget his name, and I’m pretty sure that he’s in prison.

I found it really hard to be myself on this show, it felt like I had to act how the producers wanted me to.
I did want to have a different character, but I did not want to hide.

I don’t know why people have this belief that if they eat McDonald’s for lunch in the afternoon they will only have to eat McDonald’s for breakfast the next time. And if they eat pizza, they will only have to eat it on Sunday or for breakfast.

This patient was only mildly overweight. There’s no need to prescribe a drug unless the patient is already obese to be able to control their weight, which this patient wasn’t and they were already addicted to food.

One of the more interesting cases in this study is that of a patient who was obese and very overweight. This patient complained of having no motivation to eat healthily. I’m not sure that they really have an addiction problem.

… the point is, it took a bit for us to get our feet on the ground.

26 Reasons to Finally Stop Eating Junk Food

The point here is that people (in this case, the junk food industry) can take advantage of any situation to make money.

You can’t possibly know that by looking at a McDonald’s and thinking that’s the only chain of restaurants that you’d like to be associated with.

It creates a toxic environment in your body, causing damage to your organs and immune system. Junk food is rich in chemicals and refined sugars that can negatively affect your health in the long run. If you are not regularly eating junk food and continue to add it to your diet, you will eventually die from heart disease and diabetes.

It makes you fat.

1. Junk food is an addiction

I like to eat junk food regularly. It is an addiction. It causes a chemical reaction in your brain that can result in high levels of dopamine and other addictive chemicals. Eating this junk will cause you to feel hungry. If you stop eating a certain junk food, you will get withdrawal symptoms like feeling weak and sleepy.

You must beat the addiction of the mind, of “it”.

2. Fast food is the #1 cause of obesity

In many fast food places, the people are told to take their food quickly and without chewing, so it’s easy to shovel in a lot of food. But fast food is quite addictive, and people love it.

The other thing that they found is that the amount of sugar in the diet was increasing, which led to a higher calorie intake.

3. Poisonous ingredients are often contained within different types of fast food

In fast food, the processed food contains poisonous ingredients like MSG & Aspartame, and when combined with the food they are sprayed with, it makes the food toxic.

McDonald’s have been forced to change their food recipe after the meat was found to be contaminated with chemicals.

4. Low in quality nutrition value

While, it is important to note that while a lot of the nutritional value of organic food, is very low, the lack of pesticides and chemicals in these foods is actually healthy when taken in moderation.

5. Your health is very much at risk

Since the food industry makes junk food to cram as much fillers and additives into your system as possible, your health is in real danger if you eat this junk food.

6. We need to set an example for the future generation

Because we’re eating too much junk food, we are setting a bad example for our kids. We must make sure that the future generation doesn’t eat too much fast food.

It’s time to set the example about what we believe in.

7. The animals involved are often treated poorly and raised in disgusting conditions

You’ve seen the videos. The people involved in the fast food industry are often mistreated, and subjected to harsh conditions.

Many animals are used in modern-day industries and many of them are kept in the same conditions I described earlier which I believe all of us are familiar with. They are used to process food, clothing, etc. Now, the problem comes with what our society does not think about.

8. Artificial trans-fats are very harmful

The food industry has made use of artificial trans-fats to increase the shelf life of food, which is why it’s included in so much processed junk food. It’s also very cheap to make.

And you are a big deal.

9. The fast food industry damages the environment

Organic food can be grown and produced in eco-friendly ways where the resources are replenished as they are used.

Even though organic food doesn’t have any of these typical production processes, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any. If you are looking for organic food in your area, you should always make sure that they’re using safe production practices and taking all the necessary precautions to ensure safe and healthy food.

10. Look what happened on ‘Supersize Me’

I’ve watched ‘Supersize Me’ a few years ago. I remember that guy eating all the McDonald’s food.

After reading the ingredients of the products we tested, the FDA says that there are no real safe and health risks.

11. Too much fast food can result in you being chronically fatigued

Eating junk food can affect your energy levels. If you have problems with your energy levels, try eating less junk food.

12. Fast food is likely to increase the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood

Fast food is bad for your health because it raises your blood cholesterol. Your heart is at big risk.

13. One big mac meal contains over 1/2 of the amount of our daily recommended sodium intake

Big Macs are the most popular of the McDonalds offerings. The one pictured is the classic, but it also offers grilled chicken, a value meal, and a McChicken. If you’re worried about the high sodium content, they also offer a low-fat option that only has 710 mgs of sodium.

(A) a hamburger that can be bought for $1.98 on the menu offers over 1,000 mg of sodium.
(B) a hamburger that is priced at $0.90 on the menu contains more than 1,000 mg of sodium.

14. Even as a cheat meal, the carbs in this food will ruin all chances of weight loss

Fast food and junk food have a lot of simple carbs, which contain sugar. And we’re not even talking about complex carbs… We’re talking about simple, sugary carbs, which contribute to fat gain.

15. The grease associated with fast food can block your arteries

It is very important for people to have regular checkups. When it comes to fast food, if people do not exercise and watch over their cholesterol levels, these arteries can get blocked.

The heart works faster to pump the blood around the body when the blood flow in your blood vessels is restricted. It’s a normal reaction but it doesn’t cause heart attacks.

16. There are a lot of different hormones included which can unnaturally accelerate puberty

If you take a large amount of a testosterone booster in your form of food, then that food will accelerate your hormone production and that includes having your reproductive system as well.

 The chemical properties of meat aren’t as bad as some people make them out to be. The chemicals are contained in a very small amount.

17. All the packaging becomes a product of littering

For example, the United States has the highest rate of littering the world with the consumption of fast food causing trash to be left all over.

Well, I don’t go around looking for them, but if I see any I’ll take a photo.

18. Poor hygiene from staff members

Many fast food employees do not have the luxury of a bathroom, and are forced to use an open stall, with no ventilation in the bathroom.

The food handler is more likely to put your food in the fridge without washing his or her hands. When the food handler is clean, there is little chance he or she will contaminate your food.

19. We are only helping promote poor health and diseases

If we spend more money on fast food and less money on health, we are in trouble because we spend too much of our income on non-healthy foods.

20. There’s money being thrown into unhealthy food, but not organic, nutrient rich food

People are not being thrown into organic ingredients that are actually good for us. This is a question that is so easy to answer, but very hard to implement.

21. Fast food is making us lazier as a whole

With the rise of technology, there’s less and less need for traditional meals. With the rise of technology, we don’t have to cook anymore, so we’re just getting take-outs and fast food delivered to us.

We are becoming incredibly relaxed because of the fact that society is treating us like this, especially the younger generation.

22. Ditching junk food can protect your brain cells and improve brain function

Organic food is an interesting concept… if you don’t mind the extra time, the cost and the unknown effects on your body.

All of those elements can help to protect your brain, improve concentration, memory, focus, energy, stamina, and such. Also, I believe the body needs some fats to stay healthy.

If you want to eat healthy, then you can eliminate junk food, which is not rich in these nutrients. Instead, you can eat more nutrient-rich foods, and protect your brain health.

23. Places like McDonald’s are reeling children and parents in with the “healthy options” and toys, in the hopes of hooking them on the harder stuff later

McDonald’s have been heavily promoting their healthy snacks and alternatives for children, since the last few years, however they’ve been giving away free toys in happy meals for years.

People who go to fast food restaurants have an easier time getting into a fat habit. McDonalds makes it so easy to stuff yourself with it that people think its a healthy option.

24. The free drinks and fries with every meal are having a huge impact on our sugar intake

It’s like a free cup of coca cola and a portion of fries. That’s not a bad incentive at all.

There are a lot of reasons why you should be paying attention to the sugar in your diet. The added sugars in your food are one of the leading causes of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

25. Regular intake of fast food can lead to diabetes

Even though fast food is very delicious in taste and taste is very delicious, it is not suitable for people’s physical health. For that reason, a study revealed that after eating fast food, people developed fatty liver disease.

Diabetes is a disease that can be prevented and managed.

26. Short term happiness leads to long term sadness

Last but definitely not the least, in a relationship, if you try to make it last longer than it is meant to last, in the end, it’s only making it last longer than it should.

In other words, if you eat unhealthy foods over a period of time, you’ll have health issues that will get in the way of your happiness. It will also make you miserable.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this article and if you’ve enjoyed reading this article, please don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

The documentary ‘Supersize Me’ really opened my eyes to the amount of sugar and fat that I was consuming. Although it wasn’t that bad, I didn’t know that it was just so many calories in sugar and fat.

Some food is bad for you, your body, your mind, and your soul. When one of your choices turns out to be bad for you, you’ll probably end up hating it.

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