The 10 Craziest Ps5 Rumors All Fans Want To See

The PlayStation 5 has finally been confirmed to be released in 2020, but at this stage we don’t know what form or console it will come in, or even what the name of the console will be.

There isn’t any information on when this movie is going to come out, but Sony has been releasing teaser trailers on their official YouTube video page. The first trailer was released in July, but they have been adding in new ones on a monthly basis. Some are a few seconds long, but you can see some of the movie’s plot in the short bursts.

To keep you up to date on everything, here is a list of the 10 craziest PlayStation 5 rumors all fans want right now!

The 10 Craziest PS5 Rumors All Fans Want to See

I do enjoy these little snippets of information…
There’s the rumour that PS5 will go into production in March (this year) or in October 2020.
As it stands, it looks like the PS5 may come in March 2020, with a release date of November 2020.

The PlayStation 5 is coming in 2020 and its launch date is still a mystery. So the rumors are starting to fly. But these are the 10 craziest ones
that fans really want to see.

10. PS5 Official Website Is Live!

If you’re counting down the clock and can’t wait for the PS5 to be released, then you’ll be pleased to know that the official PS5 website is live! You can register your interest in the PS5 to be the first to get your hands on the console.

You can be among the first ones to know when the PlayStation 5 will be out. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

The PS5 might be in the offing, or at least, it might come sooner than we thought.

But, that’s not to say that we won’t find other games being made on consoles as consoles do have a place in the video game market, just as consoles have a place in the home entertainment market as well.

9. PS5 Interface: How will the PS5 Interface look?

For those who do not know, the new PS5 has been announced and is expected to release before 2019, and they are ready to upgrade from the current PS4 UI to the new one.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a single menu for games, apps, and ‘playstation features’. In terms of ‘apps’ I’m thinking they’re just referring to something that you can download.

Games will have a new-ish look and feel, and will have lots of information at a glance.

If you can’t wait a few days, maybe you can get some answers now.

If it does happen, this will be the first time that the PlayStation has officially changed the UI system ever since the PS2 in 2001.

8. PS5 Games: The titles we can expect

I will tell you what I know. The PS5 will be the first console to support PSVR, and it will be the first console that comes bundled with the new PlayStation Camera. So it will be more for the gaming side and less for the console itself.

Well, we’ve known that Rainbow Six Quarantine was coming for a while. But those were just rumours. Watch Dogs Legion and Gods & Monsters are brand new projects.

Sony announced that PS5 launch exclusives will not be available on the PS4. However, when it comes to the Xbox Series X, it’s the complete opposite.

In addition to FIFA, NBK2k and Madden, other PlayStation 5 games you can expect to see are FIFA, NBA2k, Madden, Monster Hunter and many more. This will make the PS5 more appealing to the hardcore gamer, as the PS4 does not have a large amount of games.

If you’re interested to learn more about what games have already been confirmed, then check out the 20 best PS5 games confirmed/rumored.

7. PS5 Design: What will the PS5 look like?

First impressions can be deceiving, and even though the design looks generic, I think the PS5 will be a great console and I’m really intrigued to see how the hardware will turn out.

I also found a few sites with mockups of the console.

However, it is likely that the PS5 will have good performance, as Sony will be using their own custom chip. This means that we’re unlikely to see an AMD rival anytime soon, unless they decide to create a competing console with AMD hardware. However, it is very likely that AMD will also be releasing a mid-range console before this.

The PS5 shows a sleek, and a rather comfortable looking machine with a rounded chassis, a ton of USB ports and a disc drive.

The unique shape of the Xbox One is meant to keep the unit cool, but there’s no evidence that the design will actually make a difference in temperature. On the other hand, this particular design also adds a bit of flair to the console.

 One of the features from Huawei’s new Mate 20 series is a dual lens camera module which is seen on the new Mate 30. Well, the dual lens on OnePlus’s upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro is the same thing but the design is different.

6. PS5 Pro: Will there be TWO consoles? 

But then again, Sony should have already been working on a new console to put pressure on Microsoft, and this one is even more expensive than an Xbox Series X, which costs around $1,000, to be more competitive.

What we know about PS5 is that it is more powerful than the current PS4, which is already powerful enough for the next Xbox. Its true target market is the next gen consoles like the PS4 and Xbox Series X, but it can also use a very powerful GPU as its base.

And finally, we have the leaked specs and official unveiling of the PS5.

VFX veteran claims that the PS5 Pro will be just as powerful as the Xbox Series X, at around 12 Teraflops, which makes the idea of a PRO model seam like it could happen, as Sony must be thinking about the competition, surely?!
I think it is safe to say that whatever the PRO is going to be, it won’t be a more powerful version of the X.

However, if this rumor is true, then it’s a good thing, as the PS5 would be the first true gaming console with ray tracing and DLSS.

5. Official Release Date: When will the PS5 launch?

With a whole lot of rumors and leaks about a new PS5, Sony has said that it will be released in the 2020 holiday season.

If they hold to their word, then the next generation of PlayStation consoles should arrive before the end of 2019, and it would make sense for Sony to release a new version of the PlayStation to coincide with the release of the PS5 in a few months.

If Sony sticks to their initial plan to release the next generation PS4 in November, then we’ll definitely be seeing the next generation PS5 around the latter half of this year.

This means that we can expect the console to be announced sometime around the end of 2019, with the console likely to launch at some point during the first half of 2020.

4. Backwards Compatibility: PS4, PS3, PS2 & PS1?

The upcoming PlayStation 5 will support PS4 games as well as virtual reality games using PS VR. This makes it easier for players to transfer their gameplay into VR without having to purchase completely new hardware.

This is the reason why there are no plans to release Super Smash Bros. on the PS4, PS3 and PS2.

Nintendo is planning to release Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS this year, and there is likely to be a Nintendo 64 version.

Cerny confirmed that most of the games in the PS4 library will work with the PS5, including the many launch-day titles and a lot of the ones that were first released on the PS4.

This is not only a problem, but a problem that has been made worse by the time that the EU is trying to get something set up. The game will be working for the next few months, but they are having their hands tied.

3. New DualShock Controller

It appears that Sony is working on a new DualShock controller. The new controller is likely to be similar to the DualShock 4 controller, however, we don’t know exactly what will be there.

I didn’t make a video for “the rumored upgrade”. I didn’t use it.
The “rumor” only works with the microphone. So you can’t say voice assistant.
There are not haptic feedback.

I don’t know what the microphone grill is about.

So far, Sony has revealed the PlayStation VR Worlds game itself, but the second part, a title called Jump VR, will be the game with the most content to showcase what it can do in games.

It’s also rumored that the controller will come with adaptive figures, which allow players to feel the sensation of driving and or, firing a bow and arrow.

You can read more at the Xbox Japan community site.

The controller will probably have wireless charging, so you could charge it wirelessly with the system and won’t have a power brick to carry around.
If the controller is able to monitor your heart rate and sweat, then you can play in virtual reality without moving.
I’m not sure how accurate or if that’s actually going to be a feature.

I don’t care if they are false, I’m just glad we still get to see the new Transformers movie in 2013!

2. Game Streaming

One option is to be able to stream games from the cloud and to use some machine learning to learn what you’re trying to play and adapt to that environment.
The problem with this is this will put more pressure on the machine to learn and play very quickly, which is actually why most people don’t like playing games on streaming platforms at the moment.

Sony used Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform to develop their own game-streaming service that would be accessible via PlayStation’s network.

It looks like the market for blockchain is gaining a lot of traction and the time was right to start looking into creating an app that would be well-suited to this market.

They also have the idea of being a streaming console, which is a feature of Microsoft’s Xbox One S, as there was the reveal of a gaming PC called Project Scorpio, so this game streaming feature is not surprising for us.

The service will be available for Android and Apple devices, and it will be free, which is great, as even if the service is only going to be for free, we’ll happily use it.

1. PS5 Price: What’s it going to cost? 

Sony usually gets a little bit of extra money from PS4, but not that much, especially for a $500 console. It will most certainly be much more expensive than other games consoles in the industry.

However, this number is a bit unrealistic, as it would require Sony to sell a huge amount of consoles this year, which they haven’t done in years.

Well, I have no confirmation if this is indeed the case. I just have a lot of speculation.

If the PS5 becomes reality it would surpass its rivals significantly and with its innovative features would be in the running for any number of games on the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

So you should expect to pay no less than $430, which is our prediction, but that could also be more.


This list of the 10 craziest PS5 rumors all fans want to see will keep you entertained for a while.

But if a number of rumors turn out to be true, there is a good chance the PlayStation 5 will be a serious alternative to the Xbox Series X.

A: I don’t know. They will announce when there is a chance, otherwise they will not want to do it. I think they have to announce it on time.

Here are a a few of the craziest rumors we’ve been hearing about the PS5.

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