20 Famous Pete Davidson Quotes

Pete Davidson is an American comedian, who is best known for being a featured comedian on Saturday Night Live and for his time at Yale University. He is the youngest cast member to be featured in the 40th season.

his performance in the Comedy Central Roast Justin Bieber as a member of The Cool Kids was noted for his ability to relate to the situation at hand while also having a comedic sense of humor.

Pete Davidson has become an internet icon with his blunt honesty and hilarious tweets, but unfortunately, he’s also been the target of some cruel jokes too – from his former Pete Davidson co-star, Chris Hardwick.

20 Famous Pete Davidson Quotes

Pete is right on his point. If Lil Yachty were alive today, he wouldn’t know what it’s like to be the rapper who gets his name in the title. With one rap and three mixtapes under his belt, I highly doubt Lil Yachty would be the first rapper to ever reach platinum status. We can’t deny that Lil Yachty is talented, but compared to other top tier rappers, his skills are lacking.

I really wish that I was, like, strong enough to not go on social media, because I know it can make me go insane.

When he’s making jokes on SNL he has to pay attention to the news because it’s easy to take your political comments too far in the world of comedy.

Pete said that there need to be certain rules when it comes to comedy, as the people you’re making jokes about don’t want to hear what you have to say.

I always think: “How can this guy complain about the anxiety he gets from people?” I feel like everyone has that. It’s normal. I’ve never had that. I’m never going to have that. I’m not making any kind of judgements. I just think that’s how it is.

I don’t know what this stand-up stuff means to you, but for me… I’m gonna make jokes about your girlfriend, that’s what this is.

He’s hilarious! His comedy is unique and he’s very entertaining. You can also see he takes it all pretty seriously. He’s not afraid to tell it like it is, and that’s definitely refreshing. Davidson’s comedy is a mix of absurd, dark humor and blunt honesty.

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Pete was going to write a letter to someone that hurt him, but he couldn’t find the words, so he just put it down and ended up writing a letter to a complete stranger and didn’t tell the other person he sent it.

It’s one thing to lie to people about your dad’s death and do jokes about it – it’s another to lie to your audience about your dad dying. And that’s not how you treat your fans and fellow comedians.

Pete is a natural, an expert when it comes to drawing people.

Pete is the one that says it. He was a good friend of mine and we don’t get to talk a great deal, but I spoke to him about this once. He said, “I am not the first person to say it but you really have to ask questions, you really have to look for stuff.” He said it’s his job to speak on behalf of the people who work there.

Pete has a great way with words. Even when he’s talking about all the mean things he had to put up with as a teen, he can make it seem like it wasn’t just a one-time thing.

Pete has been dealing with some really big stuff lately. After the death of his friend and fellow comedian Corey Simms, he found out that he had been seeing his own therapist, which led him to come to terms with his depression. He also has a family that he’s been trying to maintain for years, which has been a difficult task, especially since his whole life revolves around stand-up comedy at this point.

The comedian shared that he was known to be annoying. He said that the people in school didn’t like him because they were annoyed by his annoying behavior. He also said that he always found funny ways to get a laugh. He ended up saying that he thinks it is important to do something that makes other people laugh.

I find my “other half” in the world of music. I am inspired by the work and the people I meet.

 I have always wanted my stand-up to feel like you’re hanging out with someone for an hour. Even if you don’t like the person, you’re still there for an hour.

18th of Pete Davidson Quotes 

This statement comes from Pete Davidson who has tweeted about his financial struggles. Pete has been very vocal about his desire to pursue a career in comedy, and I’m sure the thought of making millions of dollars in a very short period of time has been the dream of many comedians. In the beginning of his career, Pete will make hundreds of dollars per tweet, but he will eventually lose most of it.

He started doing stand-up when he was 16 years old. He was a stand-up comic, then he started dating Ariana Grande. He then was on Saturday Night Live. Now he’s a famous rapper.

While at SNL, Pete Davidson has gotten a lot of attention, particularly for his on-stage antics. This has been credited to his chemistry with fellow cast member Lindsay Lohan, whom he met during his first year at SNL. However, Pete says that the attention has changed his career because it has allowed him to have a platform to perform in front of millions.


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