How To Beat Your Video Game Addiction

Video games can be huge addictions for people of all ages, even adults. Especially with a bunch of new smartphone games being released regularly.

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I’d love it if you made a “Pokemon GO is free to play” video, but the fact that it’s not available in the UK is just a “problem”.

I am thinking a lot about the past since my last blog post and am glad to share the tips I’ve learned. I also thought it would be useful to write this little article so I could share them with a broader audience.

Besides, many Pokemon GO players currently reading this, will probably need to use this advice at some point!
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How to Beat Your Video Game Addiction

Although I’m not as addicted to it as I was back then, it does have a lot of appeal to it. It is possible to level up, especially in RPGs. This has been the reason for me to keep playing games that allow me to do so.

My obsession hasn’t changed, but I use the tools that technology has provided to me, to help me focus on becoming a better version of myself.

It’s okay to put down your controller–but only if you’re actually doing something else.

1. Take a look at how your addiction is affecting you

Video games are a lot like anything else when it comes to addiction, the key to beating any addiction is first understanding that what you are doing is not helpful. Like anything else that you do, video games are a form of entertainment that is not productive.

Video games seem to be messing with your brain!

What is so silly about that? It is the exact opposite of what I am working on right now. It is the only reason I play games.

My video game addiction is affecting my life. But I’ve also found a solution to my game addiction.

2. Write down what you want to be achieving on a daily basis

The damage a video game addiction does to your body is based on the amount of time you spend playing, the amount of money you spend on the game, and the length of time you continue playing.

Write down a new goal every day. I know it sounds like a pain, but think about it, this helps you to set your own goals and gives you the motivation to achieve them.

In the game, you’ll have to move a lot and that would make the game slow as hell.

I can estimate the things that add up to the cost of the addiction, and it gives me an idea of how much the addiction is actually costing me.

3. Think about what others your age are doing every day

You don’t need to be an adult to be an adult. You are an adult no matter what age you are. It’s not in what age you act like an adult.
The most obvious reason you can’t afford a car is because you’re still a child.

TV really messes up our brain and makes us lazy for we forget all our important things we learned from school.

It’s a great feeling, but it’s not fair on them.

4. Set a fixed time to play video games

The good thing about the end of the day is that you can finally relax after a hard day at work. The bad thing about the end of the day is that it is the end of the day. This means that you’re going to have to get up in the morning.

You have the whole night to get all your important stuff done, and then you finally get some free time to relax and play some games in between.

When you finish a game or play for a long time, try to just let it go. Once you get tired of it, it just reminds you of all the other things you could have done.

5. Go out and try to achieve your written goals

How do you get the other people involved in your life?
How do you fix your relationships with other people?
How do you keep your friends or family members satisfied?
How do you find someone to have children with?
How do you learn to live a satisfying life?

You could probably spend years thinking in these terms, but until you do, you really aren’t going anywhere.

If you use those hours for something else, you won’t care if you do or not.

I’ve had a goal for a long time, to be able to shoot a bow and arrow. I just got into video games. I was wondering if I could make the dream of my childhood a reality.

6. Move the console/TV/computer into a less pleasant room

The likelihood of you playing a game is quite low when it is in an uncomfortable room with an uncomfortable chair to sit on. However, it is not always necessary to play games in a freezing and noisy room, if you do not like the sound then put the console in a more comfortable room.

If you don’t have your console in your room, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. If you don’t stay on your medication, you will likely end up in the hospital.

So put an end to the injustice.

7. Sell your console altogether

If you want the best for yourself and have the balls to get rid of something you love so much, yet that’s detrimental, sell your console. It’s not for everyone, I know.

A lot of money is taken from you for a few days. Get some extra money, put it towards some travelling, invest it in yourself!

8. Find out how achieving your real goals is affecting your happiness

Writing down your goals is the last step to beating a video game addiction. You should write them down and strive to achieve all your goals every day, every week and so on.

The goal that need the time you’re currently playing your video games to complete the goal.

I’m having a hard time sticking with my goal. I’m trying, but I still spend a lot of time doing things that aren’t making me progress.

I think you should work on yourself, and the things you need to do to be happier. That’s the reminder you need whenever you feel like going back to video games.

When you achieve your goal, you will be happy and never go back to achieving less.


When you feel like your video game addiction is on the rise, it’s time to start thinking about how you can prevent this from becoming a more serious problem.

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