40 Famous Austin Chumlee Quotes & Sayings

All my favorites are quotes from Austin. He is one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen. The best part is that he has been on my favorite web-series the last two years. Austin is a great comic and I’m glad I met him.

Chumlee was a main attraction of the reality television show ‘Pawn Stars’ that aired on the History Channel. In the show, Chumlee and his business partner, Corey represented the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, which they have owned and operated since 2009.

At the age of 21, he began to work at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop alongside Corey and Rick. He was featured in the episode I Lost My Head in Vegas on iCarly, where he went to the iCarly cast reunion where she and Freddie were in a fake bet for who could lose their head the first.

Here are a few of the best Austin Chumlee quotes.

40 Famous Austin Chumlee Quotes & Sayings

For each show, we work from the start of a season to the end, shooting a total of three to four months at a time.

In the words of the great philosopher: “You are what you are. The rest of the world is just going to have to accept you for who you are.”

I am so incredibly happy that this world has such wonderful people. We, who are on this planet right now have all been given the gift of life.

If people can stop hating each other, we will all be so much better off. What a world that would be!

Some people feel like they’ve been in a bad place before. That’s the only place they’ve been. Or their place is bad, for whatever reason. When they’re in a bad place, they tend to make bad decisions. They make bad choices.

Austin Chumlee said he was eating enough vegetables and staying away from meat.

Austin Chumley is likely referring to the format for the upcoming season of Major League Baseball. There will be 13 game series instead of the usual 14 game series followed by a one game Wild Card playoff to determine who is seeded second in each league. The World Series will also be a traditional best-of-seven series.

I took the Old Man on my lowrider (a 1986 Buick Regal) and hit the hydraulic brakes and they were the best I ever had.

Disco Dan’s
Disco Dan’s were a series of radio show broadcasts that took place in the early 1980s, hosted by a fictional character known only as “Disco Dan”.

Austin Chumlee is the owner of Chumlee’s Candy on The Boulevard in Austin, Texas. Austin started working for Chumlee’s in 2007 and has always had a soft spot for the candy shop. Austin Chumlee: I used to go there all the time and buy candy.

I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 54.

Austin Chumlee is just a normal everyday man. He likes to eat, sleep, and hang out with his pals.

10th of 40 Austin Chumlee Quotes

Austin Chumlee said he was happy to get back in the lineup and play the game again. He said it was weird to be in a position where he had the chance to be back and then he didn’t get the opportunity.

Austin’s brother got engaged and he was sad about it so he moved to the other side of town to live with his Uncle. She wants to be in the medical field. Her name is Olivia.

After that episode, Rick wanted to work with Dylan again. The two became good friends, and Dylan even appeared at his wedding. Rick would go on to write and film the 1996 MTV documentary, BOB: I KNOW YOUR ACTUALLY THE BOB DYLAN I’VE BEEN WAITING MY ENTIRE LIFE FOR, which explored Dylan’s early life.

It would be great if you were to stop telling people how things are being done. It works with all of us.

Austin said he likes to play basketball and when he competes, he plays alone.

 I’m not sure how many people are aware of this but when you put a Sharpie to your arm it draws a straight line. And, yes, you can actually get someone to do this. It’s done to make a tattoo.

16. Austin and his family, The Chumlees, were members of the church for over ten years and are no strangers to the church. They are very active members. They have an amazing record for fundraising. They helped raise over $250,000 in one year. Their record stood for years and it looks like it will stand again. Austin says that they are involved in a lot of different ministries. He describes their pastor as the nicest man that he has ever met.

You will learn to slow down and pay attention to small things if you want to live in a better condition.

Austin Chumlee says he’s lost nearly 200 pounds in five and a half months with Nutrisystem. He got the surgery in November and is now at 200 pounds. And he wants to get down to 140 pounds or so for his daughter.

The “From the bottom of my heart” part is because Austin is a very sweet person. There is no way Austin was being mean. He was only joking around and trying to tease people.

20th of 40 Austin Chumlee Quotes

Life has it’s ups and downs. You can’t always get what you want. You have to deal with the choices you’ve made.

Austin is a young kid trying to make a name for himself in the game. He’s been around the block a few times now. He has a big personality and is always going on about Mayweather. “Everyone knows who he is. Why not get in on it.”, he says.

The show could end or we could do some other shows down the line.

When asked to name his biggest role model he named Austin Chumley. Austin would ride his bike all around the neighborhood and Austin would try to talk to Corey even though he was afraid of him.

There were too many things going on too quickly. I’ve got to slow things down and get my feet under me.

Austin Chumlee, creator of the popular video series “Austin’s World,” has some interesting insights and ideas about the human race. He has worked as a filmmaker of over 3,000 hours and has interviewed many people from all walks of life. Some of them include: musicians, actors, politicians, athletes, comedians, and others. You can find his videos on YouTube and his personal website.

1) According to Jordan Brand, a pair of Jordan shoes costs at least $500, and some can be worth up to $1,000.
2) There are more than 500 other brands, which are all less expensive than the Jordan Brand.
3) Chumlee said he wears shoes on his feet for up to a year or more before being thrown away.

I didn’t want to give up on my relationship. I wanted to have an open line of communication. I didn’t want to have any secrets from each other and Austin told me that we needed to have open lines of communication. I’m not going to keep secrets from my wife. She deserves to know everything.

I want to have a successful career, but I don’t want to be changed by those successes, it’s just another thing that I have to deal with.

30th of 40 Austin Chumlee Quotes

When you can act out of character and be a Hollywood actor, you don’t need to be in character to be a better actor.

Austin Chumlee recently filmed and has been acting in independent horror films since 2013, but he’d like to have one feature film eventually.

Austin Chumlee is a 28-year-old from Las Vegas, Nevada. In his career, he has worked for several companies and has also started his own, Austin Chumlee Entertainment, which is a booking agency that has worked with artists such as Meek Mill, Drake, Pusha T, and others.

If you do not learn from your mistakes, you will make the same mistakes again.

I am moving on, I do not want to dwell on the past.

 I’m not ashamed to say that fame affects you. But I have to remind myself that fame is not for everyone and to be happy and be with the people around me.

Austin Chumlee stated that it was an unfortunate situation and there were some false allegations. Austin Chumlee stated that he had all the guns, but they were legal and registered.

When I was a kid, I had a toy called the “Shoe Collector.” It was a big board with big magnets that attracted little plastic shoes all over the floor. It was cool!

I know he is one smart cookie, the smoothie thing, the apple cinnamon iced tea..

If you let failures change you, you’re not being true to yourself.

[Laughs] I’m doing everything I can to live longer. I started living right several years ago.


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