Lil Tecca Net Worth

Lil Tecca has a net worth of $0.


As reported in July 2019, rapper Lil Tecca has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

He’s a rapper and a singer who’s from the United States of America.

Tecca gained recognition when he released his breakout single, “Ransom” which has amassed over 400 million plays on Spotify.

Early Life 

Tyler-Justin Anthony Sharpe grew up in the Springfield Gardens area of Queens, New York with his parents and his older brother, Trevor. His father is a firefighter and Tyler-Justin attended the local middle school. He started playing basketball as a sophomore in high school, and Tyler-Justin was a starter on his high school basketball team as well as a member of the school’s track team.

He is a Jamaican-American who is a graduate of Princeton University. At a very young age, Sharpe had a dream of one day playing in the NBA. In 2009, while still at Princeton, he announced his decision to turn professional and join the NBA.


When Lil Tecca was only 9 years old, he was interested in music and rapping with other kids and even an Xbox mic.

They would often create diss tracks with homophobic and racist lyrics, making sure to put each other down whenever possible, as they are rivals to see who can come up with the lowest-quality diss. This would often lead to each other getting physical altercations, and occasionally, one or both would even be arrested.

When he was a teenager, he stopped playing basketball and started to take music more seriously.

Tecca said in an interview that he got his stage name from a friend on Instagram named Tecca, and his friend named him Lil Tecca because her Instagram name was already Tecca.

He released his first official single, ‘tectri’, in early 2017. He started to have a huge success with his ‘tectri’ single and reached the top of both Spotify and Apple Music charts.

Since Tecca’s first major label album, he released his first three albums with Sony in which he had a total of eight Hot 100 entries and seven entries on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

On 7 April, Tecca announced his first headlining North American tour, called the 2019 We Love You Tecca Tour.

As of July 2022, the most amount of money I have earned in any one year is $3 million.


* Lil Tecca has his own signature clothing line, Lil Tecca by Lil Tecca.

Favorite Quotes From Lil Tecca

I feel like a lot of people get it completely wrong when they talk about the way I rap. It’s kind of funny to me that all of the people you know who say I’m not an MC are the same people that get it completely wrong and say that I put on my best performance if I rap in English. I never put on a performance in English.
I rap in English because I put out music that I want to put out and I don’t care about what other people think, even the most popular people. I just want to make music for myself and I rap in English because I feel freer.

3 Strong Lessons From Lil Tecca 

He used to get bullied or teased for his height, but it seems that he has grown from such experiences. He is also a humble person who does not crave for the limelight. He is grateful for all that he has accomplished and is dedicated to bringing joy to the people.

1. Invest In Yourself 

It is important to know everything and to be interested in everything, but at the same time you must remain a detached observer of the world.

2. Never Force Yourself 

If you are not a part of a social group, don’t try to fit in.

3. Life Tests Us 

The more that we lose faith in life, the more we will have to find the strength to live and keep living.


Lil Tecca was born in Florida before moving to Atlanta at the age of eight. At age nine, he started recording rap songs over his Xbox.

As a solo artist he has had more than 300 million plays on Spotify and more than 100 million views on YouTube.

Lil Tecca is one of the biggest rappers in the industry, in the past two years he has made over 2 billion dollars.

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