10 Surprising Benefits Of Playing Video Games

We haven’t said much about the benefits of gaming, because there are much more serious matters that must be focused on than the occasional fun that might come with a video game.

This is actually an article by Sushma Swaraj.

One reason that video games are becoming so popular today is because of all of the advancements that have occurred with technology.

I grew up right as the game industry was starting to grow and it really started to take off… It was really exciting and really got the attention of the whole gaming world.

A research from the University of Cambridge found that playing video games is healthy for young adults, but it’s actually bad if you’re older.

10 Benefits of Playing Video Games

Although it can be potentially very addicting; video games can also offer some significant benefits over the course of time. For children and teens growing up there can definitely be some real benefits to playing.

1. Get to learn new skills.

2. Stay sharp and fit.

3. Be a better employee.

4. Use your leisure time more productively.

5. Earn a new degree.

6. Learn something.

7. Play a new game every day.

8. Learn to master a complex game.

9. Learn to solve problems.

10. Learn to communicate.

1. They Improve Your Decision Making Skills

One study has shown that people who play video games are on average 25% faster at reacting to images.

If you have a habit of looking at your phone every two seconds while playing a game, the decision making speed of your brain improves, allowing you to make better strategic decisions in the game.

2. They Reduce Stress

You can take care of your mental health by doing exercise and playing video games. Now, some people think that video games cause more stress than they relieve.

Another study showed that gaming can lower stress levels. However, other studies showed that it has no effect on stress level.

3. They Help Produce Better Surgeons

However, another study has suggested that surgeons who played video games for more than 3 hours per week made 30% more errors in practice procedures. This was mainly the case for people specializing in large incisions.

If you are training to be a Surgeon you should consider getting a game controller.

4. They Encourage Kids to Become More Physically Active

Games that are designed not be just for entertainment, but are designed to be tools for learning.
Game genres that are designed not just to be fun, but are designed to be useful in learning.

We know that exercise increases the body’s ability to produce energy from glucose and fat.

This benefit is particularly focused on sports games on the Wii or Xbox. Games that engage people into moving around. Games that get kids outside and playing sports. That’s what the program is for.

5. They Can Improve Cognitive Function

Minecraft is a fun video game where you can actually create your own world and experience it in a similar manner to our reality. The game allows you to mine for minerals and then use those materials to create your own world.

There are no limits to your imagination,
if you are willing to make it a reality.

You can improve your cognitive function and unleash your creativity by playing this video game.

6. It’s Easy to Become More Social Through Games

It was a time before anyone even thought about virtual avatars or video games online. Just the idea of a world with no boundaries, no rules and no moderators was terrifying to many.

The headset is an essential item for the modern gamer’s life, it can be paired with your TV or mobile phone and allows you to play in multi-player.

It used to be that people would sit at home and play video games,
but we’re seeing people playing together and getting more social.

7. They Actually Help Improve Your Vision

My mom told me not to sit close to the TV when I was younger and I think I’ve been very bad.

It looks like you are getting squarish eyes!

I later went back to the original article and realized I actually meant to say that Fast paced games help to improve your observation skills and reflexes.


These are both very good examples of writing/grammar errors, but I also don’t think the question as asked was meant to be answered with “Yes”.

If you watch a movie and suddenly notice someone is paying attention to your table (when you were watching an episode of your favourite show), you would call that detective work.

Playing this game makes you a better observer. A study that was conducted showed that after 10 weeks, people were able to better distinguish different shades of grey.

8. They Might Help Advance Your Career

Games are a means of training and exercising your physical strength, agility, and reaction.

Well, since most games involve rewards, achievements, unlocks, new skills and so on; this gives players the drive to achieve them.


I think you should add in your answers the parts of the original sentence that don’t match your paraphrase. This is similar to how native speakers would.

The motivation of video games is transferred to real life. Lots of people who like video games also desire to excel in their careers

However, it is a big issue to transfer motivation from one context to another.

9. They’re Often Used to Ease Pain

Video games are very good for our mental health. Just think about it. If you are playing a video game, you’re likely to have a lot less stress in your life. It is a perfect escape from all your problems.

I am thinking about those people or myself a lot. I am not able to stop thinking about it.

I have the feeling that you will have tried to distract yourself from the pain by thinking about something else, or keeping your mind busy with other things. Video games apparently are one of the best things to help you do exactly that.

I’m fairly confident in saying that you will have tried to distract yourself from the pain by thinking about something else, or keeping your mind busy with other things. Video games apparently are one of the best things to help you do exactly that.

10. They Help Keep Cravings at Bay

If you’re craving a cigarette, put a video game controller in your hands instead of tobacco. It will occupy your mind and take your mind of the craving.

In addition to video games, other forms of entertainment, such as movies, can be useful to quit certain habits.


– Playing video games allows you to stay “in the zone” for hours at a time
– Video games improve your memory retention
– Playing video games makes you a better multitasker
– Playing video games makes it easier to maintain a positive attitude
– Playing video games helps you learn new skills
– Playing video games helps you sleep better
– Playing video games helps you lose weight
– Playing video games is even good for your heart
– Playing video games helps you make friends.

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