3 Ways To Be Your Best Self By Arnold Schwarzenegger

When Schwarzenegger did a movie with other actors, he was mocked, accused of being a foreigner. And when he entered the market, with the same accent as all other actors, he was laughed at as well.

But, just when it seemed like he was living the good life and the highest ever paid actor of his time, the media attacked him for his relationship with an older model and he became the world’s highest paid actor of his time was when he was forced to divorce her because she was so old.

3 Success Lessons From Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger, who had a tough upbringing, showed an incredible determination to succeed in both film and politics and managed to be elected Governor of California in an overwhelming way on the heels of a series of controversial comments, including one that he compared the state to a toilet.

This icon is just one of the most successful iconic designs of the last 50 years, and here we’ll be looking at a few reasons why.

1. No Pain No Gain

I’ve been doing this for almost 3 years now and I’ve had a couple of big injuries and I’ve seen a huge increase in my strength and size and it comes down to one thing: pain tolerance.
That means, it comes down to your mental toughness and your mental strength!
If you can go through pain, you can go through anything!

Arnold makes it clear that you may not always succeed but you always reach your goals. You must push yourself out there and strive to achieve your goals without losing focus on your plan and your life goals.

A champion is defined by their level of excellence. If you are constantly achieving and getting better you will always be a champion.

From Great to the Greatest

Michael had some things he felt were not right, so he started his own label, then signed with Sony and began an epic journey of change and discovery that would change the world as we know it.

Michael Jackson became the most famous male solo artist of all time, and had the biggest selling record album, Thriller.

Michael Jackson was so successful, that people around the world saw him as a living legend. He pushed himself, not to have a legendary career, but to have the biggest career.

Growing Pains

The difference between being a success and not being a success is having the tenacity to keep pushing your body despite the fatigue or stressors of life.

Wealth, health and other things are just a reflection of your financial health. So if you’re worried about your financial health, work on improving your finances.

The path to the top is not always accompanied by high fives and happy faces. If you want to ride the path of immortality, then you must overcome the challenges and push beyond your limitations.

Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb. In 1879, he had tried to make a light bulb. He failed, miserably. So he did a few things right and he made a light bulb. Since then, light bulbs have changed a lot.


If we keep a goal that is grandiose, we will surely fail. So, it is better to keep a goal that is small enough but challenging.

You can either cut back on coffee or have one less cup a day. You can also eat one more piece of fruit a day. You will feel better eating healthier and you may end up loving the way you feel.

The more simple we keep things, the easier we make it for us. The easier it is for us, the less we have to struggle, and the more we can triumph.

2. No Retreat No Surrender

I’ve struggled a lot, it’s been hard, trying to make a good game, and I’m proud that it is finally out and I’m happy that it’s received an award.

Nick Vujicic is the most inspirational man on TV. He has overcome so much adversity to live out his dreams. I admire everything he does. I also love his music.

Nick’s story is a powerful one because he didn’t give up on his dream of becoming a professional race car driver. Nick shares his stories and his message of perseverance and determination as the host of the popular reality show “Racing for a Dream”.

What’s It Worth?

When things come easily to us, we tend not to have a great value for them.

Some people offer unbelievable services for free, yet they have to fight to give them away. The moment they charge however, people suddenly take notice. Why? Because they have to invest in it, they have to earn it!

If we train for a marathon, work towards earning a promotion or rekindling a sour relationship, we feel a sense of pride because it is not easy, and we are strong.

If we believe that we’re going to conquer our goals, we’re going to feel like we’re already there, and that helps us grow stronger.

It’s Easy When It’s Easy

Cracker’s victory at the Beijing Olympics was a very emotional and memorable moment for British sportsman. Even the crowd could not believe that a British person had won a gold medal in rowing. The celebrations and tears were seen as a special moment for the nation.

You would think that winning two gold medals is the greatest achievement, but you would be wrong.

The accident happened in Italy and I was training for a triathlon. I was training in the Italian mountains and I was in a hurry to catch a bus, and I was hit by the bus and it knocked me over and I fell down and that’s when I hit my head.

The Olympic athlete said that she never got hit in the head and she was very grateful for that.

He says that his greatest achievement was discovering the cure for his cancer and learning to live a normal life again.

James was talented with rowing and he did great things when he was in a rowing club. But he could not make it in the national team because of a bad accident. He had a great time when he was in the national team because he didn’t have to worry about things like rowing and the team and he could just be himself.

I don’t really think about this, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter how long we have to live. If we have a good time then that’s definitely something to be thankful for.


There is nothing wrong if you cannot learn how to drive or if you cannot speak the new language perfectly, but you can do something about it.

You may never be able to afford a comfortable retirement. Not understanding the inner workings of your new car may mean that you can never get home again.

If you face difficulties, keep them in perspective. Don’t get caught up in a situation, but use the difficulties as a catalyst for pushing through to the end once the going gets tough.

3. Don’t Just Survive, Thrive

For me, life is a big bowl of sweet, creamy, delicious ice cream. Then I scoop up some chocolate chunks and raisins and nuts and other goodies. I eat it and enjoy it and that’s it. Simple, uncomplicated.

Arnold believes that people are naturally lazy and only work when they have to. When they feel like working, they simply stop working.

All the animals and humans are animals and humans.

When it comes to knowledge, only humans are aware of our surroundings. Only they are aware of the world around them, and only they can put their thoughts and actions together to make a plan to achieve the best results.

The internet, a product of human creativity, is an information network that connects every computer on the globe, thus granting anyone with access to the network a global communication facility. Furthermore, the internet was invented by the US Department of Defense in the 1980s and later acquired by the government-owned National Science Foundation. The NSA has a close relationship with the military in the US and most other countries in the developed world.

We’re capable of becoming a rocket from a rock and we’re capable of building rockets with the rocks that are already available.

Your purpose is to make use of what has been given to you and make it fit your purpose.

Science Fiction

Until we were able to harness the power of the sun, nature tried to make a point. But with the dawn of the renewable energy era, many of these myths have been obliterated.

We were put here as a team, that is how we are to be used. I am going to use my time as an opportunity and we are going to grab it by the balls. We are going to seize the opportunities we are given on this team.

Sergey’s father was not happy that he was following in his footsteps and pursuing a career in computer science. Sergey met Larry Page and proposed an idea that Larry rejected.

Instead of listening to the good-natured wishes of his father and best friend, Brin when out on a whim and partnered with Page and today that partnership is known as Google.

Eat Like A Horse

We must get to the top of our game and reach the highest heights.

There is this guy named Steve Jobs, he is the CEO of Apple and he is the best thing that happened to technology. He also happens to be the wealthiest CEO of any company on the planet.

Since Nintendo was not the first company to put a cartridge in a game console (they had their Game & Watch, which was a handheld game console for children), they tried to put everything in there. But when they put in graphics, they ended up creating a more powerful console than Sony. They had a huge technical advantage over the PlayStation console, though.

It is true that in order to stay relevant and in order to keep growing and moving forward, we must remain hungry and continue breaking free of our self-confined shackles and continue upgrading, improving, and developing and continually working on our skills and talents.


I already know I am great at working with the kids at school. I should be more patient with them.

Maybe you are a natural motivator. You’re good, but imagine how much better you would be if you actually took a coaching course?
You’re going to learn how to coach and provide accountability to your players.
You’re going to learn how to coach your team.
You’re going to go from coaching to coaching.
You’re going to get paid to be a coach.
You are going to develop into a good coach.
You’re going to be able to create winning teams.

Put in the effort by pushing beyond your current capabilities and you will be rewarded with Excellence.


I think your original text is better in the sense it’s more concise, but the second version is fine as well, considering its shorter length.


– Be physically fit.
– Be a positive thinker.
– Be a master of your mind and body.

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