The 10 Most Expensive Amiibo Figures Ever Sold

Want to know what the most expensive Amiibo figures are? The most expensive Amiibo figures are Mario, Link, Pikachu and Wario.

Okay. Thank you.

Fans have enjoyed playing with amiibo card inside their 3-DS, which can be scanned and turned into a digital image of the card.

The value of these assets depends on how much work they have and how old they are. At this time, only a few of the millions of pieces of equipment have been identified and cleaned by A&M.

 Because Nintendo’s Amiibo figures are some of the most popular things ever, and now they’ve been made for the PlayStation Vita, which is also really popular.

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Now that I’ve explained the Amiibos I want to mention the Pokémon Go game as well.

The 10 Most Expensive Amiibo Figures

There are 654 total Amiibo figures that you can unlock and collect (including the Pokémon, Kirby, Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Animal Crossing figures). Each Amiibo costs 5,000 Nintendo Points ($5) and requires the Amiibo reader and the Nintendo Wii U game system. The figures and their values are listed below.

Nintendo has released new updates for Amiibo on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems. They include new Amiibo figures for Mario, Pikachu, and the Nintendo 3DS.

The Legend of Zelda series has featured amiibo figures for some time now.

10. Toon Link and Zelda

Estimated Value: $125

The Legend of Zelda is one of the top selling Nintendo games of all time and therefore it’s no surprise that the game’s Amiibos are worth a pretty penny.

Nintendo decided to release a set of Amiibo featuring Link and Zelda on the 30th-anniversary series of the Wind Waker game.

Nintendo fans were furious when they learned that the only way to acquire an individual Amiibo for Zelda: Breath of the Wild was to purchase the entire Legend of Link set. There has been a lot of speculation as to why this was done, and I’ve been able to find some solid information about it.

Then if you happen to have a mate for them, be sure to go for this $50 set-up, as it’s the first one to incorporate an acrylic bezel.

9. Poochy

Estimated Value: $130

The dog Poochy was first introduced in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. It was cute and happy in the game, but its voice actor and the background music were both later cut.

He’s a really cool asset, as he can walk on lava, over rocks, and everything that you can do with Yoshi without being burned.

This particular version of the bracelet is made from real yarn and is currently priced around $130 on eBay.

The best part about this is that you’ll be able to look at him every day, and we’ll be able to make more, with this purchase supporting our site.

8. Gold Mega Man Amiibo

Estimated Value: $136

The Amiibo was quickly released on February 23, 2016 and sell out almost immediately.

The special edition Amiibo looks pretty much like the regular Amiibo figure, except that it has the Mega Man logo engraved at the back. If you have one of the Mega Man Legacy Amiibo figures, you can use it to open up the special edition Mega Man X Amiibo.

It was originally priced at $49.99, however, it is now worth almost triple that, and, it can only be found on sites like eBay and Amazon.

Even if you manage to buy one. Protect it with your life as it’s one of the rarest Amiibos.

7. Squid Sisters Callie and Marie

Estimated Value: $145

Callie and Marie, Squid Sisters from Splatoon, are sold out in North America because of the Nintendo Switch, which is why they don’t come with a pack-in.

The sisters shot to fame after winning the Calamari County’s first annual Youth Folk-Singing Contest,and are therefore regarded as one of the top Amiibos to include in your collection.

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So if you are wondering if an auction is worth it, just search in eBay for the item you are looking for and be prepared to pay more than a third of the price for the item.

6. Navirou

Estimated Value: $160

It came as a huge surprise when the Nintendo World store in San Francisco began selling the Cat amiibo for US$24.99.

 A new Navirou Amiibo from Nintendo is going for $100 on eBay, and around $150 or even more on Amazon.

This Amiibo was considered to be rare, due to the scarcity of these Amiibo in general.

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One reason why the two-dollar piece never caught on is because of the high cost of producing it.
One reason why two-dollar pieces never caught on is that it took more value to produce them than the actual dollars it was worth.

5. Mega Yarn Yoshi

Estimated Value: $225

Yoshi’s Wooly World on his own is the most expensive Amiibo, but as it’s a Yoshi character, it gets combined with the Mega Yarn Yoshi to make this one.

The most adorable Amiibo was released this year and made waves as the first Amiibo to use NFC technology.

The Yoshi Amiibos were first released in North America to commemorate the release of the Nintendo 3DS handheld video game console. The figure stands about inches tall and comes with one of three different Yoshis, each packaged with a variety of amiibo-powered items. The figure was originally released in October 2013.

The giant plush quickly became a collectible toy. Only having a limited number of giant plush dolls available to purchase helped make them an extremely valuable toy.

So, if you do manage to find one, it will almost certainly be worth your while, as it’s likely they’ll continue increasing in value.

I have used this site for years, and while there aren’t many new people around, I still come back to get an updated version of the original quote.

4. Qbby

Estimated Value: $400

Qbby is a Japanese exclusive that’s compatible with games like BoxBoy, BoxBoxBoy, and Bye-Bye BoxBoy!

In the BoxBoy series, QBby is the main character of the series.

The “Paraphrase” line in the Amiibo section allows you to click on a word in the description and have the Amiibo description change to reflect the word you clicked on.

The small square box with two eyes and two legs can currently be found at a price of $400.

The value of Bitcoin is likely to increase for a few months due to its limited status.

3. Missing Left Hand Luigi

Estimated Value: $500

The third most expensive Amiibo figure is Luigi with a missing left hand.

It’s not surprising that figures with missing parts and in good condition and factory sealed are worth a fortune.

It is a rare and valuable piece because it was sold at auction and therefore, has the value of it.

It’s been out for almost three years, and it’s still extremely difficult to get your hands on it.

Some of the cars that are listed on eBay are priced at a significant discount of up to several thousand dollars.

The only reason I know why you’d spend this kind of money on a plush is either you’re a collector or you just really like to show people that you have an extra-large collection of Amiibo plushies.

2. Samus Two Cannons

Estimated Value: $2,500

And it turns out that the game’s lead programmer Yoshio Sakamoto used to design figures for Bandai’s Tamagotchi line.

This version of Samus was slightly defective, which made it extraordinarily valuable.

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It was made with a extra cannon on its left arm by accident, and therefore discontinued from production and sold as defective.

I think that the defects of Facebooks’ API are what make it worth a small fortune.

The seller said that the rare item was so rare no one knew how much to pay for it, and they were willing to sell it for $2,500.

1. Legless Princess Peach

Estimated Value: $25,100

The factory-sealed Peach Amiibo sold for $25,100 at auction after more than 100 bids from 17 people, at the eBay auction house in New York.

It’s not exactly clear why the legless version of Princess Peach is more valuable than another Amiibo, but it’s worth it.

This is true, but it’s unclear how many Legless Princess Peach’s there are. However, there have been a few listed on eBay since their official release in 2014.

With only a handful of these defective collectibles in circulation and with a low supply to demand ratio, a low price per collectible means that these collectibles have a longer life span, and as a result, grow in worth over time.

If you do see one for sale, you could be one of the few to ever own one, making you a proud owner of the most expensive Amiibo.


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Nintendo has announced the amiibo figures we have covered.

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