Wow Classic Warlock Leveling Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Warlock is a high damage dealing spell casting player class in World of Warcraft classic that gives you a one-up against enemies when you attack them first.

Most players choose this class because it features a spell that can deal damage to enemies and boost all your party members. Engage with two or more enemies simultaneously, but keep an eye on the cooldown of your favorite spells to keep them ready for the most challenging phase of the battle. 

Don’t worry, as players with any playing style can adopt this class in a short time and do wonders with it. This Warlock leveling guide features tips for leveling and why it is essential to level up your class.

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Why is leveling important?

Warlocks are the fastest mana generating class in the WoW Classic, and leveling them will result in abilities that you can’t get with any other class.

With an entirely capped warlock, you can cast serious damage over time spells on any enemy, and they will receive constant damage over the given time. Upgrading your gear won’t be a problem for you anymore as you can win player-vs-player battles with a little bit of luck and skills. 

Tips for leveling 

Now that you have learned why you should level your warlock to the maximum, it is time for you to learn some tips that you can use to shorten your leveling journey to some extent. Effortless yet effective leveling is a dream come true for those who play smart instead of hard.

If you follow these tips, you will level up the warlock in a short time and use the remaining time to enjoy other content of the game. Below are some tips for leveling from professionals. 

  • Your first profession should be engineering if you want to engage in player-vs-player battles
  • Your first profession should be tailoring if you want to engage in player-vs-environment battles
  • The second profession doesn’t matter as long as your first profession is one of the above
  • Try to heal your character whenever you have the time to do so to keep it in battle-ready condition
  • Collect and store food in your bag for healing as you will need a lot of it, especially when you fight with high-level bosses
  • Get food and intelligence points from mage on the map by tipping them
  • Manage your mana for future battles
  • Conduct strategic attacks rather than blind attacks to save mana
  • Attack low-level enemies to defeat them in a few blows while saving your character from taking any damage
  • You will get more points for fighting high-level enemies but keep in mind that they will also attack and can kill your character
  • Get Wow classic warlock leveling service if you can’t move after all the grinding 

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