This Is How To Get Free Champions In League Of Legends

League of Legends is an online multiplayer battle arena game, available for macOS, Microsoft, and Windows.

The game is free to play, but there are in-game purchases for customized characters, unique items, and abilities. 

The game stands out for its lively colors and exciting characters. 

These characters are called champions. They have unique abilities which they use to fight and defend their territories. 

To use Champions, you will have to buy them. However, there are ways to get some of them for free.

So how do you get free Champions in League of Legends?

How You Can Get Free Champions In League Of Legends

There are several ways to get free Champions in the League of Legends.

  • The first way is to start the game. When you start the game, you will automatically get one free champion.
  • Another way is to like the League of Legends Facebook page. 

When you finish doing that, click on the, ‘Free Riot Girl Tristana.’ 

Log in through the correct server and get one free champion. 

  • To get a champion like Allister for free, subscribe to the Riot YouTube channel. 

You can play with these champions for only seven days. If you want to continue using them after then, you will need to purchase them.

Continue reading to know more about the League of Legends.

Overview Of League Of Legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer game consisting of two teams of five players each. Their goal is to defend their territory. 

Each team plays in a player vs. player match. Each player has a champion to use in combat.

Champions need to gain experience points, earn gold, and purchase items to become more powerful and defeat their opponents.

Champions can gain experience points by defeating their enemies and destroying their units and defense structures.

The more experience points champions earn, the more they can unlock new abilities, strengthen their powers, and increase their base stats.

Champions also need to gain more experience and acquire gold to buy other accessories that will enable them to defeat the enemy team.

The goal of each team is to destroy their opponent’s Nexus at their base. The first team to achieve this will win the game.

To get to your enemy’s Nexus, you need to clear out at least one Lane.

There are five Lanes in the game, and these Lanes are open to only Champions with specific traits and abilities. 

You will try to access each Lane to know the particular one that is open for you.

Three turrets and one inhibitor lie in each Lane. However, only two turrets surround the  Nexus.

Be careful as you move because there are monsters and jungle plants along the way.

Baron Nashor and the Drakes are the two main monsters you are likely to meet. Your team will receive bonuses and will become temporarily stronger when you kill these monsters.

If you have enough gold and want to buy some arsenal, you will need to get to the fountain.

You will find the fountain at the back of the Nexus. At the fountain, you can refresh yourself and buy items from the shop.

All champions have two special abilities, seven summoner spells, and seven items.

Abilities are special skills available to champions that make them fight better.

Summoner spells are special magical abilities like teleportation, smite, ignite and flash. Champions can use these magical abilities in dire times.

Items help improve a champion’s performance, either by enhancing speed or preserving their abilities.


There are over 150 champions or soldiers in League of Legends. Each soldier has unique abilities – one innate, one ultimate, and three essential skills.

Champions are characters in the game who players control. Summoners invite the champions to fight for justice, resolve disputes and prevent more wars in Valoran.

The summoners pick interest in each potential champion due to their unique abilities.

Each champion has a motive for joining the League. Some join because they want to serve their country. 

Some who are slaves participate against their will, while others want to prove themselves as worthy men.

To become a champion in the League, you need to pass the summoners test.

Each willing candidate must go to the Institute of War to undergo an assessment by the summoners. 

The summoners will test them to know if the minds of the champions align with theirs.

The summoners will examine their motives and loyalty. Any champion that passes the test will gain entrance into the League of Legends.

Rotation of Champions

Riot rotates champions in the League of Legends several times a year while revisiting old ones to improve their abilities. 

Riot also designs new champions with unique abilities from time to time, which the players must master.

Riot released forty champions when the game’s launched. A new Champion became available after every two weeks.

The game rotates ten champions each week. You can play them for free for that week.

If you have the Collector’s Edition, you will have access to twenty unlocked Champions. You can unlock another twenty Champions by buying the Champion Bundle. 

You can also unlock champions by using RP’s or Blue Essence to get them in-game at Riot Store.

Top Champions In The League Of Legends 

Perhaps you are new to the game, and you need a head start on which champions to use. Here are some Champions to look out for in League of Legends.


Annie is a fire igniter with a flair for starting great engulfing fires. She is also handy for fishing out minions.

Annie’s favorite summoner spell is Tibbers – a small controllable pet that can attack enemy champions until it is killed or timed out.

For spells, flash and ignite are best for fishing out enemy champions. Also, use teleportation. It will help save teammates and make movements smooth on the map.

When using Annie as your champion, some recommended items are Sorcerer’s Shoes, Rebadon’s Deathcap, Void Staff.


Garen is known for his passive healing powers and excellent burst capabilities. 

His passive healing powers allow him to regenerate health when out of combat and launch a surprise attack on enemy champions.

The recommended summons for Garen includes Ignite and Flash. They are good spells in executing enemy Champions.

Some recommended items are Ninja Tabi, Death’s Dance, Dead Man’s Plate.


Ashe is not very good in defense, but her auto attack range skills are suitable for beginners to slow down and defeat enemies.

Items recommended for Ashe are Infinity Edge, Guardian Angel, Mortal Reminder.

Master Yi:

For those who love destroying enemies and chasing them down, Master Yi’s swiftness will be of immense benefit.

Master Yi’s Q Alpha strike makes him an uneasy target for enemy champions, but he can easily infiltrate their midst and kill them. He is also good at destroying monsters.

The best recommended summon for Master Yi is Ghost because he needs to stay on enemy champions to deal damage.

Recommended items are Mercury’s Tread, Wit’s End, Death’s Dance. 


Amumu’s tank build and AoE damage are suitable for beginners. With his Q Bandage Toss spell, he can control a crowd, and he can quickly move closer to enemies.

Recommended summons are flash and smite. 

Recommended items are Ninja Tabi, Thornmail, Liandry’s Torment.

Problems Faced In League Of Legends

League of Legends is an exciting game. However, some errors may occur. Examples include:

  • League Black Screen.
  • Error Code 004.
  • An unknown Direct X error.
  • Sometimes, launching and loading are not smooth on Windows 10.

The reasons for these problems may vary. Faulty server, poor internet connection, wrong installation, and firewalls are some known causes.

How To Fix Problems In League Of Legends

To prevent the occurrence of some of these errors, consider the following tips.

  • Try running the game from the installation directory.

On your file explorer, go to C:/Riot Games/League of Legends.

Go to LeagueClient.exe and double-click on it. 

You can also right-click the .exe file and choose Run as Administrator.

If the game opens using this method, your former shortcut is now corrupt. Create another shortcut.

  • Disable all League of Legends running processes.

If other programs are running in the background, it may be challenging to open League of Legends. You will need to disable all running processes.

On Windows 10, Open Task Manager.

Find the Processes tab, and click on League of Legends (32bits). Then click End Task.

You can now restart League of Legends.

  • Delete LeagueClient.exe, and change the user. cfg.

If there are problems with the user configuration, League of Legends may not open or load correctly. 

Go to C:/Riot Games/League of Legends, and then go to /RADS/system.

Go to user configuration (user. cfg) and right-click on it. Open the file using Notepad.

Change “leagueClientOptIn=he, to leagueClientOptIn=no” and save the file. 

Now, reopen the game and delete the LeagueClient.exe file.

To launch League of Legends in the install directory, double-click on launcher.exe. 


League of Legends is an online multiplayer battle arena game, available for macOS, Microsoft, and Windows.

The game stands out for its lively colors and exciting characters. 

These characters are champions with unique abilities that fight to defend their territories.

Champions are not always accessible. You will have to buy them to play the game. However, there are ways to get Champions for free.

When you start the game, you automatically have one free champion.

You can also get a champion by liking the League of Legends Facebook page and subscribing to their YouTube channel.

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