7 Reasons To Stop Taking Hot Showers Every Morning

Hot showers is good for your heart.

Some people have the privilege of knowing how hot their showers can be. They enjoy the warm sensation of the water against their skin and can tolerate how hot the water gets in the shower.

We shower in hot water because it feels good, right? We shower in hot water because we live in a place where it’s easy accessible and we don’t have to pummel ourselves with freezing cold water like cave men.
So yeah, what can I say, I’m just a little bit of a caveman.

So, if getting in the shower is something you do regularly, or if you’re trying to lose weight, the next thing you need to know is what to add to your regular shower routine to improve health and lose weight.
So, is there anything that you can do to improve your shower routine? The answer might surprise you.

7 Reasons to Stop Taking Hot Showers

In cold showers, more hot water is wasted than if the shower is held at a higher temperature. In warm showers, however, the water is usually less hot, and also has a different temperature, which means that it is more comfortable.

 This article explains the reasons why you should give up on taking hot showers every day and switch to cold showers or something in-between.

1. They’ll Damage Your Skin Cells

Hot showers are known to reduce the protective quality of your epidermis. It is the outermost layer of your skin. It is called the outer layer and the cells found here get harmed by taking hot showers.

The reason for the different results from the two tests is quite obvious. The first one was done outside, while the second one was done inside. The temperature in the first test was higher, causing the sun to penetrate the skin more, and also leading to the creation of more free radicals.

2. They’ll Cause Dry Skin

In an effort to protect their skin from the damage caused by the hot water of the showers, they use moisturizing creams as a temporary solution.

To reduce the risk of water damage and to maintain a healthy skin, your skin should be maintained in a moist, rather than a dry, state. Don’t allow your skin to dry out, as water loss will slow your metabolism. Take cold showers to keep your skin moist and your body warm.

3. They’re Bad for Fertility/Testes Health

And studies have shown that men who routinely take hot showers or baths have a significantly higher chance of getting infertility. A study was done where men with fertility problems stopped bathing and they noticed a significant increase in sperm count.

Not only is taking cold showers and baths good for your sperm count, but they can also help your general health.

Sperm is the only sperm that is formed in the testes and the testis is a temperature sensitive organ. So it is very important for sperm to be under the optimum temperature.

4. They Might Damage Your Hair Cuticles

These skin cells that secrete the keratin and make up the stratum corneum are actually the same type of cell that produces oil cells.

They’re also responsible for protecting your hair so when you look in the mirror in the morning you see a beautiful reflection of you, not a reflection of your hair. There’s just a good amount of moisture in there that was left in your hair by the night.

However, it’s not too important to be concerned about because, once in a while, people really get overexposed to heat and their heat protectant won’t prevent all of the damage.

5. They Often Aggravate Acne

Because the water is drying your skin out, you might think that it does help prevent things from growing in your pores. This is why you could have found some people claiming that showers are a good thing for acne scars.

If your shower water is too hot, that’s usually a no and the opposite can be true. If your water is too warm, this can often cause acne to spread.

6. Hot Showers Are too Comfortable

The reason why you should stop taking cold showers is simply because they are so uncomfortable when you are used to the comfortable warmth of a shower.

You may feel like you’re not making any progress. Your parents will say they don’t care, friends will tell you to get over it, and you won’t be able to tell which part of your life is getting worse.

The more you learn about the world you’re in, the more you’re going to realize how important it is to know yourself, and figure out what is real and what is not.

The daily routine is just the tip of the iceberg for achieving success. You need to change the habits that are holding you back and getting in your way of progress in life.

7. You’re Productivity Might Be Suffering

Okay, so here’s what I’m thinking, we can make hot showers happen in the shower and you can have a bath tub in the bath room so that you don’t have to leave your bathroom.

And when you have a lot of people in a house, you’ll notice that more people are using the bathroom. The toilet, which is usually used only by one person, might be used by two or more people.

 I do this for all of the activities I do throughout the day. I will take a look at what I’m doing and consider the time it takes to do each one. I can probably get a full day in by just looking at my schedule and keeping track.

It is really surprising how much time of the day and night you can claw back if you take the hard way.


1. They can damage the skin and the hair.
2. The hot water may be too high on your face.
3. You can dry out and irritate your lips and skin, and cause your
pores to clog.
4. Hot showers may be too cold on your back.
5. They can be a health concern, especially if you have arthritis.
6. Washing your face with a washcloth that’s only getting hotter by soaking in
hot water will cause it to get rough and irritated.
7. It can be unhealthy.

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