37 Motivational Andy Ruiz Jr Quotes About Success

Andy Ruiz Jr is the most successful boxer of Mexican heritage. He won the heavyweight title at the 2019 World Heavyweight Championship, defeating Anthony Joshua.

He is ranked as the world’s fifth-best active heavyweight by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board and the seventh-best by The Ring magazine and Box Rec.

These are the most motivational Andy Ruiz Jr quotes.

37 Motivational Andy Ruiz Jr Quotes About Success

When you’re young, you know, you don’t have the discipline. You don’t have the money. So a lot of people just get into trouble. I’m not going to sugarcoat it or say I was perfect, because I was not. But I was smart enough to make the right choices, even if it was boxing.

Every day there are people who look for the next great opportunity.
Everyone wants to make it to the next level.
You will find in life that you can’t just sit back and wait for the next opportunity to come to you.
You have to go out and find it.

3. I respect Muhammad Ali… he was the greatest man to ever live.

2. “I’m gonna knock his ass out.” – Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Andy Ruiz Jr feels he is an untapped talent who is ready to take on the world as a professional boxer.

Andy Ruiz Jr. said that there’s no such thing as a dream being too big or too big of a dream. It all depends on how hard you work to achieve your dream.

Andy Ruiz Jr said that his dad gave him a Snickers before fights and it gave him the energy to get the win.

“The physique will show in the punches.” Andy Ruiz Jr says his opponents will lose heart. They will be weary. And he will take advantage. [The knockout came at the end of the first round. Andy Ruiz Jr] The physique will show in the punches.

Andy Ruiz Jr who prayed to the God of dreams and he became an underdog in an underdog sport. He was able to win the World Boxing Association junior lightweight title.

Andy Ruiz is a top contender on a big stage. He just happens to be Mexican, which has its advantages. Andy wants to be the best fighter in the world, who doesn’t? The skills that pay the bills, and I’d have to believe this kid has the skills to go up there on any given day, is his chin.

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Andy Ruiz Jr needs to stay humble and avoid too many distractions. His current winning percentage is 0.000% higher than zero.

There are a couple of things I want to address. I want to address the first one, “You have to be confident.” I’m not confident in everything I do. No. No. I’m not. I would be the first to admit to that.

Andy Ruiz Jr said that without his father, who died in a car crash when he was an infant, he wouldn’t be in the fight of the year and he would not be fighting for a world title.

Andy Ruiz Jr said that Floyd Mayweather is “always good”. The 27-year-old fighter believes that his opponent Mayweather will put his best foot forward in a fight that has the potential to exceed the highest purse in sports history. I think that he is referring to the fact that Floyd Mayweather comes out the victor, and he comes out looking good. He’s always good. He stays in shape, takes care of himself.

Andy Ruiz Jr, who is the WBC light heavyweight champion, wants to fight Anthony Joshua in the United States. The Mexico City boxer, who won the world title by knocking out Anthony Crolla on July 26, wants to fight in the United States, which has the best boxing fans in the world.

Andy Ruiz Jr is a big boy, but is someone who is very careful with his words, especially when he is about to step in the ring with Manny Pacquiao.

Andy Ruiz Jr is the most versatile fighter in boxing. His ability to switch up his style and adapt to any opponent could be his only advantage over Floyd Mayweather, Jr because Mayweather has been doing the same thing since they started boxing.

Andy Ruiz Jr said that he has to do what he feels he has to do and not let his hands do it. He said that he has to focus and train.

Andy Ruiz Jr said that he knew the weight of the world was on his shoulders, but it didn’t matter what people said because he could prove he was better than anyone else.

After beating Anthony Joshua, Ruiz Jr says he wants to send out a powerful message to Mexico and other Mexican athletes, that they can do whatever they set their minds to, no matter how much the world says they cannot.

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Andy Ruiz Jr. (20-0, 18 KO’s) is the current WBC Super Welterweight World Champion. Andy is a south of the border boxer who is very versatile. Ruiz Jr. is a natural born boxer who is very technical and has an innate talent for boxing.

Making history in boxing for Andy Ruiz Jr after defeating Anthony Joshua.

Andy Ruiz Jr said a significant number of people have underestimated him, he is a problem for them inside the ring.

I will win the WBA World and I will become WBO World champion in boxing on July 22, 2019.

The young Mexican boxer has been dreaming about the world title since he was born.

 Ruiz was also asked about being a legend in the sport, and he seemed to be joking at the time.  While he could be joking, he could also be serious.  A legend in boxing is one of those things that gets to a person’s head.  But if he really would like to be a legend, he’s gotta get on a plane and move to England.

Andy Ruiz Jr is a former football player who has also been a boxer. He’s coming from a very hard background to the professional sport scene. He’s been called the most dangerous puncher he’s ever faced and he’s got a great mindset when it comes to fighting.

He says that he is “blessed” he gets to fight and that being “chubby” was a natural gift; he seems to say that he is thankful for the gift, that it is given by God. He also says that he could be fast and hit hard, and the words used in the verse are about his power and speed.

I’m not sure how often Ruiz Jr. said this, but for the first time, I started to notice that he was just as arrogant as McGregor in his interviews.

In the McGregor interview, McGregor kept referring to himself as champion. I think that’s the point here.

I’m not sure why, but Ruiz Jr. is becoming more and more arrogant with each new interview.

Andy Ruiz Jr showed his resilience after being knocked down in the first round and gave a good performance against Anthony Joshua in his next fight.

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I know I’m not a big superstar but I have a little magic in me and I like to share it with people who can relate and connect with my music.

In the seventh round, Andy Ruiz Jr had the Mexican crowd chanting his name, and Andy Ruiz Jr was looking for a big knockout. He was hoping to make Algieri miss or at least get knocked out in the fifth round.

Andy Ruiz Jr has some powerful words for those who call Mexicans “lazy” because they are poor. He wants those who believe Mexicans are lazy to stop telling lies.

It is difficult to prove oneself right because people think you are wrong. In your opinion, Andy Ruiz has a high IQ to be able to perform this kind of achievement. It is very impressive that he can prove all of his critics wrong by his impressive victory record even though he has not achieved fame until recently.

The only thing that kept me from getting beat up every day was not having to see or remember what happened to me. You can’t walk around the streets knowing that something is out there waiting to do you harm.

Andy Ruiz Jr was very comfortable with himself and his life, and with who he was long before he became the champion and world champion. He didn’t have to wait long to win a world title, and it had everything to do with the way he was raised and the way he had always lived his life before that.

I’ve never seen him as a complete fighter before. He’s always been a step or two behind, but he’s not anymore. He’s a full fighter, and he really did it. I’m a happy man.

Andy Ruiz Jr told his fans that everybody is not perfect and you should never put your hard work down.


Andy Ruiz Jr is a very talented Fighter with a career Record of 20 wins by KO (5) and 7 losses.

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