13 Things To Know Before Dating An Entrepreneur

Since we have a family, both our parents were always working full time.

I saw them date each other as a way to explore themselves and learn about each other. When something happened, they would be done. That was it. No matter how cute a couple they were, it never got past that point.

And I wondered why people would care about their relationships so much when all they have to do is get what they want.

I think it is them.

13 Things to Know Before Dating An Entrepreneur

It can be intimidating to work with an entrepreneur. They’re always busy with unexpected meetings and taking unexpected phone calls. If a problem occurs, they need to fix it.

Even though you don’t know what to expect from the entrepreneur, here are some of the things to look for when dating an entrepreneur.

– Before dating an entrepreneur, you must know about the challenges of the entrepreneur lifestyle.
– Before dating an entrepreneur, you must know about the entrepreneur mind-set.

1. The last words they say before they go to bed won’t be “I love you”, they’ll be “regards”.

While entrepreneurs are hard at work to promote their business, they also try to manage their time so that they can give their best to their business and personal life.

Please don’t be angry with them for what they say. They are only sending you their greetings, good wishes, encouragements and respectfully.

If the response is ‘You are good at this’, ‘You are very strong’, etc.

2. They eat when they can.

Stopping somewhere to eat and running a business are like oil and water; they don’t mix. If you prepare a nice meal, just expect that it won’t be followed by an extra serving.

3. They analyze everything and wonder if it is worth their time.

We are not responsible for the grass that needs to be cut. Or for that hole in the wall.

It’s a numbers game and it’s all about the numbers.

4. The first time they meet your parents won’t be dinner, it will be a networking event.

If you make it to the first million, you need to make it to the second million.

In the past, you’ve done the same thing.

If you have a new business idea, and want to find out if someone is interested in that idea. You first introduce them to people who have the same idea, to get a sense of whether they are interested.

They’ll probably be a little surprised.

5. They sleep only when their body shuts down.

People may think this is stupid, and that may not be cool, but it still counts.

As a mother I always try to prepare myself in advance for my baby. If he is colicky and doesn’t like to sleep well I will be exhausted before the night starts. I will be tired the next day in the car, tired while we wait to go to the hospital, tired during labor and childbirth and even tired from breastfeeding. I know how it feels and I know it will fade away. I hope I can get some peace and quiet at least in the first hour.

A warning; this usually means you’re in deep trouble.

6. They drink enormous amounts of coffee.

When you have to pick up coffee every day, you will learn to depend on coffee to start your day as well as to end it.

That’s one of the reasons to get a lock on your garage. And, as an added bonus, you can leave your guns inside the garage and your kids won’t get into them.

Now on a positive note, we must find a way to thank this old woman who showed up to buy a ticket for our kids.

7. Unless there is an upcoming deadline, don’t’ ask what day it is.

An entrepreneur cannot tell anyone when the new day begins. He/she has to decide when a new day begins. A new day begins at a self-appointed time.

Most entrepreneurs have a habit of forgetting events that happened weeks ago. It’s not because they are lazy to remember or they forget.

The fact that the events happens weeks ago doesn’t mean that the entrepreneur has lost interest. In fact, sometimes the events are so important that the entrepreneur has to go to the events personally. For example, the entrepreneur might have a big announcement to make about the company.

This entrepreneur is constantly thinking about the events that happened weeks ago.

8. They will not be able to turn it off.

It is important to understand that the people around us in life are not looking out for our best interests. They are looking out for their own. They are thinking about the money they make, the time they spend, and the people they help.

9. They read about…business.

The room is filled with books and their library would surely make you feel at home.

Do not be surprised to find only books about business, personal development and success. Entrepreneurs like Daniel Pink, Robin Sharma, Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins and people these sorts of authors.

I was going to buy these things for you guys, but then I got confused. If I am buying things for you, then I will need something from you. A thank you, probably. You have to at least make me a drink or something.

10. Get used to hearing, “I wonder if this is tax deductible.”

In a business relationship, there’s a common understanding about income and expenses.

You might want to reconsider your statement.

I’ve never made that statement.

That’s why you’re asking for clarification.

– Question 2

– Question 3

If you could add anything to my response, please do so.

They make money by selling you their products. This philosophy will lead them to believe any product they offer is somehow the best in its class, and that they should be the only seller.

But you’re right, I’m wrong.

11. They have multiple credit cards.

Their credit cards are like a nice rainbow for you to enjoy and have fun with, but the moment you start touching them, they will bite you and drain your life out of you.

This is not the card you can get from the mall. This card has important features. We should use the card’s features.

While, talking about credit cards, you want to stay away from the phrase, “Put it on the Visa.” You will probably confuse the entrepreneur.

12. Every decision isn’t as important as you think.

Does the universe exist?
Will I live to be a hundred?
Will I ever get married!?

This question will not give you the correct answer, so don’t bother asking it.

You can use your iPhone Siri to ask questions about the history of China so you can know what the Chinese people have to say.

Some people make the best decisions when they don’t have to think too long.

13. The time with you is just as valuable as the time with the company.

There are three main ways to manage your money. The first is cash. The second is debit and credit cards. And the third is investments. Learn how to use these three tools below.

Although they may be terrible at showing you just how valuable you are, or how much they like being with you, they need to know that the reason they can be doing what they’re doing is because you have done something to make them believe that they are valuable.

And they will use your marriage to show that their marriage is valid.


You should know that there are these 13 things you should know before dating an entrepreneur.

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