How To Choose LED Parking Lot Lights?

Spacious parking lots, usually located near shopping and business centers, are usually equipped with parking lot lights. They “spill” light from a height of up to 30 meters. Luminaires in such designs come in different capacities. 

It depends on the level of their location, area of ​​the site and technical standards. As a rule, 5-6 devices with MGL or sodium lamps with power from 400 to 1000 W are used. 

The rating of LED lights for parking lots allows you to choose the most powerful and reliable lamp for your site. Before buying, you need to familiarize yourself with the best models and the main criteria.

How to choose an LED light for a parking lot?

There are several factors to consider when choosing an LED parking lot light for outdoor lighting. The parking lot lights must be bright enough, resistant to environmental influences and economical.


Its brightness directly depends on the power of the lamp. The value is selected individually, depending on where exactly the spotlight will be located, what area it will illuminate.

On average, an option with a power of about 30 watts is enough to illuminate the porch near the house. To illuminate a larger area, you can choose an outdoor LED parking lot light of 50w and above. 150w led parking lot light comes out to be your best option if you don’t want to buy separate 3 50w lights.

Protection class

An outdoor parking lot light must have good resistance to moisture and dust. It is recommended to purchase devices with a rating of at least IP64, or even more.

Advice! Even the most reliable luminaires should ideally be installed under the cover of a canopy or a canopy over the porch.

Body material

Aluminum luminaires are best suited for outdoor work. Plastic devices are worse in comparison with them and often fail quickly, although it all depends on the quality of the particular material.

An alloy of aluminum with another metal is a good option, but it should be borne in mind that corrosion may soon appear at the joints.

Additional features

Even economical parking lot lights consume a lot of electricity during continuous operation. When choosing LED parking lot lights for a summer residence, it is useful to pay attention to models with a motion sensor, in which case the lamp will light up only when really needed. Always choose a good brand like LEPRO for buying LED lights.

Principle of operation

Some parking lot lights operate only from the mains, others can be powered by a battery. If electricity is often cut off in the country, you should choose an autonomous model.


If you want to buy the best parking lot lights. This article will help you understand all the features that you need to consider before making a final decision.

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