Smart Trends in Bathroom Technology

Do you have to deal with bathroom interior planning? There’s absolutely no need to panic and go out to hire a professional interior designer. All you need is a bathroom design tool. It will provide you with a step-by-step guide and a universal bathroom planner that allows you to create a new bathroom from scratch or modify your existing one.

Using this planner and following the advice provided in the guide, you can construct a beautiful and comfortable bathroom that meets your needs. All that without leaving your desk and hiring a third party!

But, if you already have something on your mind regarding your future bathroom design, you will probably want to know about the smart devices you can incorporate into your new bathroom. 

We’re witnessing a global process of integration of technology into our homes and everyday lives. And our bathrooms are no exception. Even though motion sensor light bulbs are kind of mainstream today, there’s a whole bunch of high-tech gadgets for your bathroom that can make your life easier, healthier and more eco-friendly. 

Manually Manageable Devices

This is a group of smart devices that can’t be controlled from a smartphone but which have either a remote control, a screen, or react to gestures and voice commands. Thus, you will not be able to remotely run a bath at home while working. But, as soon as you arrive home, you can have a steaming bath using your voice only.  

1. Smart Toilets

These toilets have a wide range of functions – aside from the main and most obvious – from auto flash and night light to customizable seats to installed deodorants. Most of the models available on the market have either gesture or voice control.

The market is rather wide already and it’s really easy to get lost in all these ads. Therefore, professional reviewers have already picked out the top models of smart toilets that will satisfy anyone. Here is an article that gives you a brief description and the pros and cons of each model.

2. Smart Faucets 

Mostly these are used to reduce your water consumption which is great for the planet and your budget. Some models use motion scanners, and some have voice control. They’re rather common nowadays and can be implemented in almost any interior. Smart faucets are easily manageable and not difficult to install.

3. Smart Showers 

Such smart devices need to be installed into your home ecosystem. They reduce the amount of water used and continuously control the water temperature, ensuring a comfortable shower without any additional harm to the planet. 

There also are smart shower heads that do not require the reconstruction of the whole bathroom for installation. They can provide built-in speakers, temperature management, and pressure control.

4. Interactive Mirrors

Interactive mirrors are regular mirrors combined with high-tech additions. They can have touch screens and Internet access or automatically display weather forecasts. Such accessories can become an irreplaceable assistant for you and your good looks. 

Distantly Controlled Devices

This group of devices is compatible with smartphones and voice assistants. Vendors develop apps for different software.

1. Smart Glass

The main purpose of a regular bath glass is privacy. Smart glass, though, can not only be adjustable in its transparency but, for example, you could show a movie from your phone directly on the glass. This bathroom glass also has the undeniable advantage of being easier to clean, unlike shower curtains, which can harbour harmful bacteria.

2. Water Monitoring Assistants

These devices can control your water usage, monitor the pressure in pipes, and detect leaks. They can give you detailed reports on water consumption and offer you individual water usage advice. If something goes wrong with the water system in your house, this indispensable assistant will send you an SMS- or push notification. Therefore, you can avoid serious trouble.

3. Smart Washers and Dryers

You can control the process of your laundry without leaving your workspace and, thus, improve your laundry routine. The apps that help you control your washing or drying notify you when the laundry’s done. If you can’t immediately remove your clothes from the machine, the machine will keep them fresh for up to 24 hours. You can also get notifications when you’re running out of a fabric softener.

4. Smart Bathroom Mat

Basically, this device works like a regular scale. Except it looks like a soft rug and sends your body measurements to your smartphone. It can provide you with a detailed report on your body weight, composition, and hydration. Moreover, this rug can identify all family members by their feet. 


Based on everything above, it’s pretty obvious that the developers of modern technology are working harder and harder to provide comfort. But it’s not only your comfort that matters. These devices show you water data that you have never had access to before. And even though you can live a comfortable life without using any of the devices mentioned, having any of them makes you aware of your routine actions and their impact on the environment. 

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