Celebrities That Like Playing Casino Games

The thing about celebrities is that they’re regular people. They might be musicians, actors, stresses, socialites, and more, and to them, their life is pretty ordinary. But to us, their lives are exciting because we see them on a variety of screens every day.

They are known for their extravagant lifestyles as they have some interesting hobbies. All of them have to work out to stay in shape and do a bunch of other things. Some like playing games like platformers or other popular video games. And that’s why you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that some celebrities like playing online blackjack, poker, roulette, and a bunch of other casino games.

Casinos and the games they offer are alluring to certain celebrities. So, when you visit a local casino you might happen to see a celebrity or two enjoying some of the games. In that regard, here are some celebrities that like playing casino games:

Brad Pitt

There’s not a person alive that doesn’t know Brad Pitt. He’s one of Hollywood’s most famous actors as he’s starred in blockbuster films like Troy, Seven, Meet Joe Black, Fight Club, and more. He’s known for playing a variety of roles instead of just sticking to a single trope. He’s one of the celebrities that like playing casino games and he got into them while he was filming Ocean’s 11. He tried his hands at poker and blackjack, and he still enjoys both games today. In addition to this, he likes playing slots and he’s been known to visit a casino or two for this occasion. He’s fond of playing online slots as well, but all within a certain limit, which is a lesson every casino player needs to learn by heart.

Matt Damon

Matt is another of the big Hollywood name you’ll come across and you might have seen him playing the role of a genius in Good Will Hunting or a pretty optimistic astronaut in The Martian. If you don’t know him from those films, then you must have seen him as a dangerous agent in The Bourne Trilogy. When he’s not making the next amazing Hollywood film, Matt likes to play a hand or two at poker games. Similar to Brad Pitt his interest in poker started when he had to learn how to play the game for his role in Rounders. Fast forward to today, and he’s still playing poker and he’s also a familiar face at lots of poker tournaments.

Ben Affleck

Matt and Ben have been buddies for a long time and they have acted in certain films together. Both of them have roles in Good Will Hunting, but when it comes to Ben’s Hollywood success, he’s got a proven track record under his belt. He was lucky enough to play Batman in Zack Snyder’s take on the DC Universe and has portrayed other titular roles. He’s also a pro when it comes to poker as he’s been tutored by Amir Vahedi and Annie Duke. As Ben is an actor, his craft comes into play when it comes to keeping a poker face throughout the round. He’s also known for competing in various poker tournaments.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is a socialite that has graced our TV screens with lots of extravagance and glamour. She’s one of those celebrities that like to make unforgettable parties and is frequently seen in Vegas. What happens at Sin City, stays at Sin City, but she doesn’t shy away from playing a casino game or two when she’s visiting. When she’s looking to play online, she does so anonymously.

Jennifer Tilly

You might have seen Jennifer Tilly in a bunch of Hollywood flicks as some of the other celebrities on this list. Her father happened to be a poker player so Jen was introduced to casino games. That’s why she also likes playing the game from time to time and likes to test her skills by entering poker tournaments.

These are just some celebrities that like playing a casino game or two in their free time. Some of them like table games, others like slots, and some of them play any game they get their hands on. So, don’t be surprised if you see them at your local casino.


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