How to define the excessive craving for gambling, and to help the player?

Аddicted to Gambling? 5 Ways to Get Help

Gambling is an entertainment, where the rules require the player to risk money in order to multiply the amount of money staked. Winning or losing is determined by chance, and it often does not depend on the player himself. And even if you apply special skills and knowledge, the randomness factor can not be completely excluded. In simple terms, it all depends on luck, whether it is in favor at the moment. 

There is a weighty list of gambling entertainment: casinos, slot machines, sports betting and more. The slots at online casinos are particularly popular. For example, the famous online card game Black Jack, about which you can learn in detail by clicking on the link This entertainment is also known among players as “21”. The simple, but very interesting rules can not leave players indifferent, and they are happily immersed in a gambling pastime. So, what is the sense of the game, and what do you need to do to get the winnings? Drawing cards, each representing a particular number, you need to get more points than your opponent online croupier. But, it is important not to draw more than 21, so it is important to stop in time and take a risk very thoughtfully.   

Gambling online games attract users due to the comfortable and accessible conditions, because you just need to have access to a stable Internet and respectively a computer or gadget to play. And you can try your luck at any time of the day or night, getting a wide range of emotions and impressions. 

How to Identify Excessive Gambling Аddiction?

Some players of online gambling entertainment have an excessive addiction to gambling, which is directly harmful to their emotional health. It is important to understand that excessive cravings can later lead to a strong addiction that cannot be dealt with independently. So, how to determine if a player has unhealthy cravings for gambling? The most important symptom that occurs for a person with a gambling addiction is the inability to control the gambling process. This looks as follows:

  • the player increases his playing time by postponing important or routine tasks that were originally a priority in his schedule. In this way, he tries to achieve the intended result at all costs, losing touch with reality;
  • the opposite situation can arise, which is also related to addiction – the player can’t finish the game with a constant win. He begins to think that he will definitely win more. And even when there is a series of losses, he can no longer stop;
  • the player begins to lie to family and friends about his losses;
  • the player gives up the benefits of real life, loses interest in work, hobbies and even family.

It is important not to confuse professional and addicted players here. Professional players also spend a lot of time online, but they do it in order to earn money, which cannot be said about those who have an excessive addiction. Experienced slot users are disciplined and their risk is always justified. Addicted players, on the other hand, do not play for fun, but to satisfy an unhealthy thirst, and to forget about existing problems. 

Do not think that the game slots directly contribute to addiction. Experts prove that the genetic predisposition and the lack of norepinephrine in the organism influence the excessive addiction to gambling. Personality and psychological maturity are also the leading moments in the emergence of addiction. 

Introduction to the Online Casino

When spending time playing slots, it is important not only to keep your rational mind, but also to give preference to a proven online platform. This will give you the confidence to win, and your personal data will be in strict privacy. You should definitely try your luck by playing the world-famous and beloved by many people online entertainment blackjack real money

Before you start, we recommend you to read a useful guide, which will be helpful not only for beginners, but also for experienced players. The guide will give you a lot of useful theoretical and practical information: the rules of Blackjack, how to find a reliable resource for the game, interesting facts, and much more. The knowledge you gain can be applied on your experience and you can become on par with those who have been playing for a long time for real money and multiplying their winnings. 

If You Need Help

Having detected the symptoms of excessive addiction to gambling, it is necessary to act immediately. It is important to remember that gambling addiction does not pass on its own and, moreover, leads to a number of unpleasant and even dangerous consequences (depending on the stage). Being in the stage of addiction, a person receives more negative emotions, and therefore remains in a depressed state. The person’s general well-being worsens considerably, there is excessive anxiety and nervousness. It is difficult for a person to communicate in society, he is not interested in problems and joys, he does not make plans for the future. As a result, the player may lose the true meaning of life and go into a deep depression. 

Where to look for help if gambling addiction symptoms appeared and what to do:

  1. Change your gambling behavior. To do this, you need to set a monetary limit. For example, 3-5% of your salary. And do not go beyond these limits. It is also important to control the time spent on online gaming. It is important not to make the game the main task in your life, but rather to use it as a pleasant addition to the already existing schedule of life; 
  2. Speak to your loved ones. Tell about your problem to your loved ones, who will be able to provide you with moral support and evaluate the existing problem with cold reason, choosing ways and solutions.
  3. Find groups of people with a similar problem. And as much as it may sound, you can get help for gambling addiction on special online resources. These are sites that provide programs to reduce gambling cravings. 
  4. Read motivational literature. For example, one of the books on gambling addiction belongs to the famous author Allen Carr. You can start reading it at
  5. Visit a psychologist or a specialized clinic. At psychotherapy courses qualified help will be offered. The number of sessions depends on the degree of the disease.       

It is important to detect the problem of excessive addiction to gambling in time, and ask for help.

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