33 Motivational Pewdiepie Quotes

There are a lot of funny quotes.
I try to keep them in mind.
Especially when I make a funny video or comment,
because I try to keep these kind of quotes in mind and be creative about it.

In the beginning, he used to upload videos mostly about gaming.
Now, his channel has exploded in popularity, primarily due to his videos that are uploaded every day.

PewDiePie is the second most subscribed to YouTube channel behind Drake’s channel. He has received over 25 billion views.

PewDiePie isn’t going to quit anytime soon, as he has stated before, he is going to be a gamer for as long as he wants to.

33 Motivational PewDiePie Quotes

I have been wanting to make these videos for a while now so I am very thankful for your kind words. I want to thank you guys for being my support and cheering me on with all your encouragement. I am also thankful that you guys are helping me spread the love out into the community.

You can just be yourself
And if you want to try something new,
And if you want to try something new,
You can just be yourself.

PewDiePie couldn’t afford a proper computer when he started out, so instead used a camera phone and recorded gameplay on it.

He has gained a huge following over the years and he is the most subscribed Youtuber in the game. He is also a gamer and he plays a wide range of games including FIFA and Battlefield.

PewDiePie’s video content is more than just “hanging around and watching your pal play games.” He often collaborates with other YouTubers as a result of his many friendships, and he occasionally gets involved in live-streaming events.

You can’t force people to accept you. There are different ways of getting along in this world. You might just be better off without them and being successful on your own.

Everyone fails when they try even if they succeed.

The thing that makes YouTube so successful is that you can understand it and relate to the people you’re watching to a much higher degree than you can if you’re watching TV.

10th of 33 PewDiePie Quotes

PewDiePie does not seem to be that much of a fan of YouTube.

In this section, I’m paraphrasing the original comment, but I’m leaving out references to other channels so I don’t have to include the original comment.

I do not like the way you are speaking with me. I have a lot of dignity and I will not accept that. My life is hard. I am not some piece of ass that you can push around. I am the only one that can protect my family. Just because your ego is too big, and I am a loser, does not mean that my life is easy.

[Original]: This quote is the most popular quote by PewDiePie. It shows how playing video games throughout the whole day is not going to bring you anywhere.

Money doesn’t make you happy. It makes you rich.

The most important things in life are those that you hate. Life is too short to focus on the things you hate, instead, focus on the things you love.

In my opinion, it is not necessary to love yourself, but very necessary to respect yourself.

The video is also available in a shorter edition which can be played without the commercial breaks. PewDiePie does not like the shorter version.

PewDiePie seems to be really happy with his “lucky” position, and has no hesitation in spreading the word.

When PewDiePie found out that Youtubers were struggling to make money, he decided to help them. He also decided to help other YouTubers, to help them make more money.

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PewDiePie was paid to make videos of himself playing video games and he hated it. He even admitted that he would play games for free if the money wasn’t part of the equation. So he started his own YouTube channel with the goal of never having to make videos to make money. It was a huge success. Now PewDiePie has over 73 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. I think that’s pretty impressive.

Pewdie Pie is known for his funny videos of himself playing video games. He also makes a lot of money from selling his videos on YouTube.

PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber. He has over a 100 million subscribers on his channel, which was the most subscribed to channel at the time it was published.

Not everyone who makes a video is a YouTuber. PewDiePie has worked for Disney, and for the music video game “Minecraft,” and he’s released music and films.

He has a desire to entertain people, and he also wants to make people laugh.

I’m not really concerned with numbers, what I care more about is seeing you guys supporting me and seeing you guys enjoying what I do. That means so much more than just a random number.

A little birdie told me yesterday that PewDiePie got into a car crash after going for a drive. If you watch the video, you will never forget the sound of his car hitting something. The car went over the car that was stuck on it, and the driver of this car was pretty banged up, but he was ok.

There are many “opinions” out there, and I understand that some of them are wrong, but there will always be an opinion that you, as a human being, will disagree with.

Video games are fun. Video games are fun. Everyone plays video games. Everyone plays video games. I play video games. Video games are fun. Video games are fun. Video games are fun.

Every second you’re closer to oblivion. No quote in the world is gonna change that.

30th of 33 PewDiePie Quotes

You’re only as good as the best you can be at the time. Don’t waste your time being a “salad” being complacent. You have the chance to do something great. When you do it, you’ll be remembered forever.

People think I’m an asshole for doing the shit that I do. But eventually you can’t tell me not to do stuff because I’m just gonna do it. And so you’re gonna get in trouble.

PewDiePie is a channel with over 100m subscribers and has received a lot of attention in the last few years. He has made a lot of money and has become one of the most popular YouTubers. He is also very famous for his comments which are very entertaining and sometimes controversial.

Pewdiepie is nice to his fans, and people in general. He’s also funny and cool and kind. If you’re lucky, you might end up rich if you’re lucky.


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