Jake Lacy Net Worth

Jake Lacy’s net worth is $5,000,000 dollars. Lacy is a retired American Football player. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2013. Lacy is the son of the former NFL player. His mother was a dancer.


Jake has a net worth of $500 thousand as of July 2022.

Lacy got his start on ‘Friends’ as a musician. He appeared on the show between 1998 and 2004 and played a recurring role as a singer named Jake. Lacy won an Emmy for his performance as a voice actor on ‘The Simpsons’ in 2011.

Early Life 

Jake Lacy was born on the 14th of February, 1986, in Greenfield, Massachusetts. He was graduated from the ‘University of North Carolina School of the Arts’. Lacy also attended the ‘Northwestern University’.

During his high school years, he was part of many professional stage productions, such as ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ in which he was cast as ‘Demetrius’ (‘Hartford Stage’ creation).


 Lacy got his start in show business with an episode of the CBS soap opera Guiding Light in 2008. He was cast in the ABC show Better with You in 2011, and is currently starring in the hit CBS show Mom.

After his role in the film, he started appearing as ‘Pete Miller,’ a character, who was one of the main characters in the hit show ‘The Office.’ He had his own blog called ‘The Pete Miller Show’ and started to share his blog and his humor and his opinions on current issues.

An independent action film about a team of college intramurals where they play to win; and the film also stars Rob Schneider, Dan Fogler, Adam Carolla, Chris Diamantopoulos, Danny Trejo, and John Leguizamo.

Lacy became known after appearing in a few episodes of the series ‘The Nightly Show.’ He’s an expert on encryption and he wrote the script for a show about the dangers of internet security.

‘Diane,’ a drama based on the true story of Diane Arbus, was released in 2018 and starred Jake as ‘Brian,’ the main character. After the movie was released, Jake played ‘Brian’ in a series of short videos.

Jake Lacy is a professional football player and was born on October 19, 1990. His zodiac sign is Libra, and his birthstone is Emerald.


He was the 10th overall pick in the 2012 draft and looked like a sure thing for the Packers. He had a Pro Bowl-type season in 2012, and was even a candidate for NFL rushing title.

Favorite Quotes from Jake Lacy 

“I look like someone who is just going to go back into the accounting field.” – Jake Lacy

Brent Seabrook, tight end for the Chicago Bears, talked to reporters on July 30.

In the past, Jake Lacy has been known to have very little interest in sports. However, it seems that he’s made a change in that regard. During the Minnesota Vikings’ Super Bowl victory, Lacy spoke about the importance of the game. During his time on the field, Lacy stated that his favorite movie was Ghostbusters.

[Jake] says that there’s a certain power or self-produced status that comes from being a good guy and playing by the rules and doing the right thing that gives you the assumed moral high ground to then be kind of a prick.

3 Awesome Lessons from Jake Lacy 

Jake Lacy will never achieve his full potential. He was blessed as a child with a great coach, great talent, and an incredible athletic family. But he will never be recognized for his true greatness.

1. Tell People 

Learn to take care of yourself and be the best version of yourself. If you always expect things to be given to you and you never take care of yourself in any way then you will be hurt by the people who have been lucky enough to have things handed to them on a silver platter.

What I thought I would have in my head
I was thinking it would be about how to get people not to
talk about it.

2. We All Need Someone Who Can Be There For Us 

You need a person who is really proud of you. When I am happy for you, I don’t need to be on top for that.

When you fall down and you are down, you need someone who will hold you, comfort you and someone who will lift your spirit up. Being alone is not always an option. At the end of the day. You need someone to be there for you no matter your bank balance or status in life.

3. Greatest Enemy 

The biggest enemy of your next level, are the ones who know you.


He was born in Vermont, which is also the state of residence of his parents. As a child, he was a stage actor, taking up various roles in school plays.

Lacy, who has been with Packers for 3 years, was traded by the Packers to the Seahawks, because they were not satisfied with his performances.

The Seahawks paid Green Bay $3 Million for him.

Lacy’s net worth will increase.

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