How Much Does A Movie Ticket Cost At AMC?  The Internationally Recognized Movie Company

AMC has witnessed a massive transition in recent decades. It’s one of the largest theatre chains in the world. 

The CEO Adam Aron has seen AMC acquire some of the best two cinemas. The successful transaction of Carmike and Odeon & UCI cinemas will make it the most prominent theatre chain. 

AMC has more than 380 theatres around the world. It’s estimated that AMC receives more than 200 million guests yearly. 

AMC is loved because it has the best possible amenities. It offers Dine-in theatres, plush, and many more. 

Due to its popularity, I guess many people do want to try its services but aren’t aware of the ticket cost. The article provides a detailed answer to the most asked question.  

How Much Does A Movie Ticket Cost At AMC?

The movie theatre experience is still great. Arguably more than two-thirds of the United States population goes to the cinema at least once a year.

In comparison to the past years, it’s a drop because, right now, technology has revolutionized the entertainment industry. 

Most people can now stream in the comfort of their homes. However, if you still want to hit that movie theatre with your loving friend or family. Here is the pricing of the famous AMC movie tickets.


  • Children (2-12 years): $10.69
  • Adults (13+ years): $13.69
  • Senior Adults (60+ years): $12.69
  • Student discounts (Thursdays Only): $12.69
  • Military Discount (After 4pm): $12.69

3D Movies

  • Children (2-12 years): $14.69
  • Adults (13+ years): $17.69
  • Senior Adults (60+ years): $15.69
  • Students discount (Thursdays only): $15.69
  • Military discount (After 4pm): $15.69


  • Children (2-12 years): $16.69
  • Adults (13+ years): $19.69
  • Senior Adults (60+ years): $16.69

AMC features

The AMC theatre features are pretty unique; the features were designed to sell it as a brand. In 1981, they invented seats with cup holder armrests. The seats offered some level of convenience by reducing coffee spillages on customers. 

It then employed stadium-style seating. The seats were placed on risers, which prevented the obstruction of the screen view. 

Late in 1995, they adopted the love seats. For whatever reasons, the seats have been maintained to date. 

The armrests between two seats were removed to increase friends, lovers, or family bonding during movies. These 90’s features have become standard, almost all the modern theatres built today.

In 1994, it made a partnership with Sony; Dolby digitals were installed in auditoriums. On March 26, 2009, AMC decided to give the existing cinemas a new look using the Real D technology.  

It installed fully digital 3D screens. Later, in 2009 they replace the screens with 4K Sony projectors in all their 4500 chains. 

1. Premium format

It includes premium screens and features. Selected AMC locations offer them at a higher ticket price. 

These theatres have employed large screen formats. However, the 3D films in real 3D are typical in most theatres.


The IMAX digital projectors are the most used in many different locations. With immense technological advancements, only a few still have 70mm traditional analog projectors. In addition, the IMAX auditoriums are available in many areas. 

3. Dolby Cinema

The Dolby cinemas are pretty exquisite. The auditorium entrance tunnels are unique and special. The tunnel walls are fitted with screens that show video content related to the film screened. 

Dolby Cinema has premium large formats such as dual 4K laser projects. 

The projectors use the Dolby Vision HDR. The seats have mounted subwoofers.

4. Big D

The Big D copied the large-screen format from the Carmike cinemas. The theatre uses the seating stadium-style and 70- foot screen. 


AMC has several vouchers that may be used online or at the AMC theatres. 

1. Snack Vouchers

The show snacks coupons offered by AMC can be traded for small popcorn. Alternatively, you can get a small fountain drink. The vouchers can be sent through SMS or accessed from the mobile phone app.

2. Gift cards

You can get the AMC gift cards from the retailers or AMC theatres. The given cards can perform several functions, from buying services (food and tickets) or goods.

3. Yellow and black tickets

Before the AMC, tickets were green, red, silver, and gold. Today, they are yellow and black. The tickets can be purchased in bulk by notable retailers like Sam’s club.

The good thing is that the keys are redeemable for any movie. However, specific states like New York, New Jersey, and California do not redeem the yellow tickets. 

4. Bar and lounge

The bar and lounge are an added luxury. They are available in several AMC locations under the McGuffins brand.

The bar and lounge offer full-service restaurants, which anyone can access without necessarily paying for a ticket.

How To Get AMC Movie Tickets Online?

The tickets can be purchased online. Visit the various websites for retailers like movie times, movie trailers, or AMC. 

You then select your most preferred theatre, movie, ShowTime, and the number of tickets you need. After confirming your purchase, a confirmation number will be mailed or texted. 

The confirmation number is taken to the automated kiosk or box office for printing. Sometimes a barcode is mailed, or the link to the code is texted. 

Take the barcode to the greeter, and you will be allowed into the movies without any papers.

Note that some theatres will ask you to select a seat. In such an instance, the front seat is at the top of your screen. 

Alternatively, you can pick the tickets using the card you used to pay, like credit or gift cards. Tell the cashier or the teller at the kiosk that you are picking up online tickets.  

How To Save Money Buying Movie Tickets?

You can’t get that movie experience from home. No matter how hard you try to make the popcorns as great as the theatres. 

I know everyone wishes for the theatre experience, not just once a year. Like monthly or even weekly, but the ticket prices are not as welcoming. So here is a guide on how you can save some coins when getting yourself that ticket. 

Use military or student ID

When it comes to services, the military and students’ IDs do help in saving some dollars. The entertainment industry is no exception. 

When purchasing movie tickets, always present your military or student ID. They will help you win discounts. For AMC, you will have to visit their theatre locator. 

Here you’ll enter your zip code, and all the theatre in the place will be highlighted. Choose your most preferred theatre and select your most preferred movie. The discounts will be brought.

Avoid buying tickets online

Buying movie tickets online is quite convenient, but that convenience shall cost you in some way. 

Many online booking sites have set some additional fees on the tickets. The best thing to do is go to the actual box office a little early and get the tickets. 

When ordering AMC tickets online, you’ll be charged a convenience fee of $1.42 per ticket. You can check the fee details from the order summary. The summary is located on the right side of the screen when checking your shopping cart.

In addition, AMC does not offer a refund on the convenience fees. However, with the AMC stubs membership number, the cost will be waived during the checkout process.

Take advantage of the reward programs

Reward membership will give you access to a ton of benefits. If you are thinking of going to a theatre or a frequent goer, then a reward is best for you. The theatres offer different types of bonuses in terms of prices and benefits. 

Membership costs $12 a year and has several benefits. With AMC stubs, you are given $5 for just joining or renewing membership. 

The benefits are no online ticket fees, a bonus of $10 for every $100 spend, an upgrade on drinks and soda size.

The great thing about AMC is that you can still earn the rewards without basically going to the movies. You can give your membership reward number to your family or friends and watch the rewards climb.

Take advantage of the discounts

The early-bird discounts are the best. Always hit the theatre before noon to have a chance of winning some great bargains. 

In some theatres, you can get a ticket at half price for the evening shows. You might also get a better sitting. The afternoon shows just before 5:00 pm is also discounted.

In general, the first early shows are always discounted. At the same time, some theatres offer discounts on specific weekdays. Check with the local theatres to learn more about the great deals. 

Check out

Fandango is an online movie ticket seller. At times they offer great movie prices and deals. Some of the deals may be two for one ticket offer. However, the deals are constantly changing, and they offer discounts on gift cards. 


Today AMC is one of the best in the entertainment industry. They offer excellent service, which brings a different kind of feel to its customers. 

Their movie prices are great, and the tickets can be accessed both online and physically. 

The prices do vary depending on the quality of services and location of the theatre. However, several factors can help you save some dollars.

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