Does Walmart Sell Hunting Licenses? All You Need To Know

Hunting is an outdoor activity that requires regulation. License is the best way through which the action can be regulated.  To legally hunt in the United States, one needs to have a hunting license. 

You’ll have to fulfill the various requirements set by the fish and game department in your state. The requirements do vary according to the different States of America. 

Check on your States requirements before making any purchases. The hunting licenses can be purchased from any retailer that deals in fishing and hunting equipment.

This includes sporting goods stores and many others. Most people are looking for convenience stores to buy the hunting life. 

Wal-Mart is one of the major retailers in the United States and offers utmost convenience in almost everything.  The article will answer the question.

Does Walmart Sell Hunting Licenses?

Yes, Wal-Mart does sell hunting licenses. You can purchase the license at Wal-Mart stores located across the United States. 

However, not all Wal-Mart stores do sell hunting licenses. To be sure, you’ll have to check the wildlife department website of your specific state. 

Cost Of The License

The price you pay for the license will vary depending on various factors.  Firstly, the length period affects the pricing. 

A license to be used for 24 hours is cheaper compared to one to be used for a year. The price also varies according to the states you’re in and whether you’re a permanent resident of the particular state.

It’s always quite expensive to non-residents compared to residents. The prices of the tickets at Wal-Mart should not be priced higher than other retailers or offices. 

The state determines the license fee. The retailers can charge extra fees like 50 cents for processing.  

How To Purchase A Hunting License

To buy a hunting license, you’ll have to visit any Wal-Mart store near you physically. Currently, the service is not issued online. 

This is so because each state has a different rule on the licenses. At Wal-Mart, visit the sports and outdoor department. You’ll get the needed help or what you are required to do. 

However, remember to carry your identification card. It’s the minimum and must requirement. Both the residents and non-residents are required to avail their ID.

It’s proof of citizenship. States residents will have to give evidence of residency. That’s if residency is not captured in your identification card. 

Benefits Of Having A Hunting License

The hunting license gives you lots of freedom and benefits. Some assume its usefulness, but it’s pretty necessary. 

Make sure you obtain one before the hunting season. Here are some of the reasons why a hunting license is essential. 

With the license, you’ll be able to make purchases of all the needed hunting tools. The license is proof that you are a qualified and skilled hunter. 

You are required to avail your hunting license before making any purchases from any retailer. When you purchase the license, you are serving humanity. 

The money paid for the license is used for various purposes. It funds the education of rookie hunters. You have contributed to the good facilities that are used for hunting. 

It ensures the production of better hunters who understand the universe. Another part of the money is used in carrying out research on stocking of the animals. The state uses it to ensure the safety of the animals. 

Lastly, the license is proof that you are well trained. Therefore you won’t put your life and other people’s lives in danger through recklessness. 

A well-trained hunter knows how animals’ habitats function and won’t destroy them in any way. 

Who Can Buy A Hunting License?

Anyone above sixteen years can purchase a hunting license. The age limit goes all the way up to 65 years. Those above 65 years don’t need to buy a hunting license. 

However, they are required to avail proof of age to the game warden or rangers at the park. The kids accompanying those with licenses are also not required to have a permit.

During purchase, Wal-Mart will ask for proof of your identification. This is quite the norm everywhere. The offices and other retailers will also ask for it. 

So it’s advisable to carry your identification when going for it regardless of the retailer. The information given should be factual. It should inform that you are allowed to hunt and never violated hunting rules in the past.

What Is The Best Time To Make The Purchase?

There’s no ideal time that one is required to make a purchase. Just as the states have different rules, the Wal-Mart stores have different operating hours. 

You’ll have to check with your local store to find out if they can issue the license at a particular time. We, humans, are busy beings. 

The hunting licenses are only issued by trained personnel.  The bad thing is that the staff do not have many trained personnel. 

Therefore visiting Wal-Mart stores during night hours can be disadvantageous to you. It may be a challenge to find a qualified person at night. 

You might find fewer people in the department and take long hours before you are fully served. 

How Much Does Hunting License Cost At Wal-Mart

Many people worry about the cost of hunting licenses at Wal-Mart. It’s not that costly and in the range set by your state. In addition, Wal-Mart sells authentic hunting licenses. 

The estimated price of the hunting license from various Wal-Mart stores is $11.75, inclusive of taxes. Here are some of the stores with their different prices. 

1. Florida Wal-Mart

Florida Wal-Mart has the best pricing offers.  The annual hunting ticket at Florida Wal-Mart costs $17, which is quite fair. 

Those who wish to hunt for longer have been given a great offer of up to $79 for five years. It’ll save you from having to visit the Wal-Mart store each hunting season. 

The great thing is Florida Wal-Mart has a variety of hunting licenses. These include a combination of hunting and freshwater fishing at $32.50. 

They have a hunting license inclusive of both fresh and salty water fishing at $48. This is a little higher but worth it since it comes with several benefits.

2. Texas Wal-Mart

The hunting licenses in Texas are much higher compared to Florida. The regular hunting tickets sell at $25. 

The combo of fishing plus hunting goes for $68. The elderly are the most fortunate in Texas. The elderly are only needed to pay $7.  

As usual, the non-residents get to pay much more. In Texas, the hunting license for non-resident is between $126 and $315. The youth are also lucky as they have $7 while those having licenses can accompany the younger ones.

3. Mississippi Wal-Mart

The license at Mississippi costs $47.50, inclusive of turkey hunting. Turkey hunting involves the use of archery, crossbow, and other exciting tools. 

However, a turkey hunting ticket will only cost you $10. There is another exciting combo of hunting and trap. The license for this costs $27. 

The elderly population, as usual, gets a massive price cut. Their tickets are priced at $5.  The cost of a non-resident hunting ticket starts at $7.50 to $305. This is for deer hunting and all game hunting for a limited amount of time. 

4. Kansas Wal-Mart

The Kansas hunting licenses are incredibly priced. The permits for senior residents cost $15. It also offers support for both fishing and hunting at $25. Those who wish to acquire lifetime licenses will have to only part away with $42.50. 

This is very fair pricing. The non-residents are required to pay a whopping $97.50 to be cleared. Residents under 16 years are to pay $42.50. In addition to the regular fishing license, they can access the combo at $137.50

The Validity Of Hunting Licenses

Many people do ask if the hunting license can be used in a different state. They are primarily valid in the State government of purchase but may be used in some neighboring states. 

However, please do not assume that it can be used in another state government. You might be putting yourself in trouble with the authorities of the other state. 

The best way to find out is by asking the relevant authorities. The license might have been legally acquired but might still violate other states’ policies. 


Wal-Mart stores do sell hunting licenses. Check or contact your local Wal-Mart store to find out if they sell hunting licenses. Not all do sell it. You must have proof of identification, and it should be legitimate and factual. 

The non-residents will pay much compared to residents. Remember to carry money with you, and the ticket price is constant. 

This is because the state government sets it. However, you might be required to pay some additional amount for processing and tests. 

Wal-Mart is the best store to make the purchase. It offers convenience because it’s located all over the country and has good working hours. 

Wal-Mart also has exceptional customer care services. So you’ll be guided well through the entire process.

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