Does Amazon Pay Weekly Or Biweekly? Here Is What You Need To Know

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. It started humbly as a book-selling website but has since expanded. 

Today, Amazon sells various consumer goods. The company has its own electronic devices like Kindle fire tablet, kindle eBook reader, and many more. 

Jeff Bezos incorporated it in 1994 as Cadabra. The name was changed to Amazon during the website’s launch in 1995. 

Jeff chose the “Amazon” name because of its exoticness. He had a vision of making the company large like Amazon, one of the world’s largest rivers. 

The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Amazon has around 1,298,000 employees. 

However, many are concerned about the payment amount and period. In the article, we will highlight all the information about Amazon employees. It also answers one of the commonly asked questions. 

Does Amazon Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Amazon pays weekly. The hit of the pandemic forced Amazon to change its payment policy. Amazon changed some of their employee’s payroll to weekly. 

Those who got paid monthly and biweekly were changed to weekly. Before the pandemic, the weekly pay was mainly for seasonal or part-time employees. 

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However, before, the type of payment varied across the regions, states, and departments. Those working in California and Los Angeles Amazon got paid biweekly. 

While those in Washington and Seattle were paid monthly. The workers in specific departments like amazon logistics are paid weekly on Fridays. 

Amazon Employee Benefits

The Amazon Company has pushed for the best for its employees. In the past, there have been many stories about the mistreatment of workers. 

This included things like the poor working environment and overworking of employees. All companies have their own stories. Their successes are dependent on how best they handle the issues. 

Amazon offers its employees a wide range of benefits. The benefits not only cover the employees but extend to family members such as partners and children. All Amazon employees start receiving these benefits from day one. 

The benefits include parental leave, health care, ways to save for the future, and other valuable resources. Here are some of the best benefits for Amazon employees. 

1. Parental Leave

Amazon is known to offer support to their employees throughout all life stages. It does support the growth of its employees’ families by offering several benefits.

The birth mothers enjoy up to twenty weeks while parents who have adopted are given six weeks. The great thing is they are paid leaves. 

Amazon has a program called “Ramp Back.” The birth parents are given up to eight weeks to readjust. 

Within the eight weeks, they are offered partial working hours as they readjust to the working environment. 

The first weeks of parenting are always so tiresome. Amazon understands this and has ensured its employees are treated right in regards to it. 

2. Health

Health benefit is a priority in many companies. Healthy workers tend to be more efficient and effective. 

The Amazon health benefit has very great features. It offers coverage to various things like dental, vision, prescription drugs, medical, etc. 

The cover is eligible for all the regular full-time employees. 

Washington State has Amazon care. It offers counseling services and medical advice to its employees. 

The service is done professionally and is accessible 24/7. The great thing is everything is kept entirely confidential.  

Amazon care allows nurses to visit their employees plus families at home. When an employee decides to take health leave, they are afforded paid holidays and ample paid time. 

3. Financial Success

Amazon strives to ensure all its employees build successful futures for themselves and their families. Firstly amazon’s wages are pretty competitive.

The starting hourly wage of all employees is $15. This applies to contractors, seasonal, part-time, and full-time employees. 

Amazon can also invest in amazon shares. This is an excellent way of investing finances, plus it makes them feel like part of the company. 

The company leadership is so innovative, ensuring the steady growth of the company. The employees can also enroll in various insurance policies, like accident and paid life insurance. 

Amazon has professionals who offer estate planning and financial counseling services. This saves you several bucks, and you won’t have to spend much on private consultants.  

4. Caring For Families

Amazon recognizes the great works of its employees through valuable benefits and compensations for their families.

It has various options, and the employees can choose gifts that are valuable to them. The benefits include things like elder and child care. 

The Amazon employees have access to more than two million caregivers. 

These include special needs caretakers, babysitters, and nannies. Employees also receive discounts at specific daycare centers. 

Amazon also helps its employees during the adoption process by paying certain expenses such as court costs and attorney fees. 

Is Amazon A Great Place To Work?

Today Amazon has more than one million employees worldwide. This includes both part-time and full-time employees. 

The company continues to enjoy immense growth. It’s reported to have increased its sales by 26%.  

Amazon’s beginnings are pretty humbly as a book and music selling platform. Today, almost everything and has is considered a monopoly in the United States. It’s the most valuable company/brand in the world. 

Working in the most valuable company in the world looks prestigious. However, the company faces constant criticisms regarding hyper-competitive work culture. 

Amazon is vast and has several departments. Highlighted are the most famous departments that ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.

Amazon Warehouse

This is the part of Amazon that has received lots of media attention. The warehouse is commonly known as the company’s fulfillment center. 

The company has about seventy-five massive warehouses across the United States. The warehouse has more than 125,000 workers. 

The building types for the warehouse utilize a variety of designs. The largest ones are about 800,000 square feet in size. 

One warehouse requires the services of about 1500 full-time workers. In some warehouses, the workers work alongside robots which help to pick, sort, and transport products. 

The company hourly pay and benefits are so great. It’s among the best-paying companies in the United States. 

Despite the greatness of their deals, the warehouses have been on the news front for the wrong reasons. 

Workers are expected to work at abnormal speeds to fulfill orders and stuff. This has led to increased injury rates in the warehouse. 

Reports claim that the New York warehouse prioritizes speed over safety, making the working environment so harmful.

Hard Work And High Expectations

In the warehouse, the employees are expected to pick and pack. Generally, pickers take items from the shelves and put them on conveyor belts. 

The packers are involved with packaging and label and placing the packages on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belts take the packages to delivery drivers. 

Reports say that pickers cover up to fifteen miles in the warehouse. That’s during sorting and retrieving packages. 

The funny thing is their movements within the warehouse are tracked. To know the speed at which the pickers use to complete their assigned tasks. This puts a lot of physical and mental pressure on the workers. 

However, Amazon claims that the report findings are pretty inaccurate. That amazon strives to offer the best working environment for its workers. 

Warehouse workers are encouraged to take breaks, and the company provides support to workers. More so those who fail to meet performance goals. 

Delivery Drivers

Without efficient and effective logistics, amazon is doomed. It’s estimated that amazon delivers around 2.5 million packages yearly. 

The deliveries are as much as those done by FedEx and USPS. Amazon has partnered with more than eight hundred shipping companies.

Averagely the shipping companies manage nearly 75,000 drivers who are expected to deliver all these packages. 

The full-time Amazon drivers make between $15 and $17 hourly. Unlike the contracted ones, they are offered company vehicles. It’s believed that the full-time drivers make up to one hundred deliveries daily. 

This means they work for almost ten hours a day, during the business seasons such as amazon prime day or holidays. 

The drivers are expected to work overtime. While working as a full-time Amazon driver, you’ll undoubtedly have access to various benefits. 

According to some full-time drivers, the large volumes of packages force them to drive at dangerous speeds. This is so to ensure timely deliveries within the set schedules. 


Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world. In terms of employment, the company is loved for its great pay and benefits.

The lowest earner at Amazon gets $15 per hour. It’s the largest and most valuable company in the world.  This has made Amazon the target for criticism. 

Mostly it’s about the working conditions and demanding workplace culture. Regardless of criticism, the company has more than one million employees worldwide. 

All the employees are significantly paid on time plus benefits. The working experiences in amazon warehouses are dependent on several factors. 

The company has defended itself several times, claiming it does offer the best possible environment for its workers.

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