Can You Use Walmart Gift Card On Amazon? All You Need To Know

Almost all stores in the United States offer gift cards. The gift cards can be used as a way to shop or giving money to friends. 

Gift cards come in two different types, which are physical and digital. Both come with different but unique features and benefits. 

A gift card offers convenience and is the best substitute for money when making purchases or gifting your friends. 

A physical gift card is used to make purchases at stores or online. At the same time, the digital gift card is designed for use online or on the mobile phone. 

Wal-Mart and Amazon are the largest retailers and competitors in the United States. Although the two companies target the same market, they do not share any affiliations.

From the latest tech Amazon is filled with potential presents. It also accepts several gift cards as payment options. This might leave you wondering.

Can You Use Walmart Gift Card on Amazon

No. Wal-Mart gift cards are not usable at the Wal-Mart stores and online at 

The Sam’s Club in Puerto Rico and the United States or also accepts Amazon gift cards. The last place which accepts the Wal-Mart gift cards is the Murphy United States fuel stations. 

Wal-Mart and Amazon are direct competitors in the United States. Each strives to offer the best services and quality products to remain competitive. 

Each company aims at promoting its products. Amazon has its products and gift cards. The Amazon Company focuses on promoting the use of its gift cards to purchase Amazon products. 

Gift Cards That Can Be Used On Amazon

Amazon accepts various payment options such as visas and MasterCard. In addition, one can use gift cards issued by credit card companies and Amazon gift cards to make purchases. 

The Amazon Gift Card

The Amazon gift card is the property of the Amazon Company. This is the most valuable company in the world. 

The gift card is preloaded with a certain amount of money and sent to the customer through post or email. 

The owner of the card can redeem it for any product at Amazon. You can purchase a gift card of up to $10,000 in a day. 

Types Of Amazon Gift Cards

The Amazon gift cards come in several forms. The client has the freedom of choosing the type that fits their needs. Here are the different types of Amazon green cards. 

1. Amazon E-Gift Card

The E-Gift card is sent through email. Selecting the amount you need on the card is relatively straightforward.

You can select the preset amount or enter the amount you can afford at the time. You can make a quick request for the E-Gift card or set a future delivery date. 

The E-Gift Card is easier and quicker to purchase in bulk. You can order for your team or corporation through the Amazon incentive program.

The E-Gift cards are sent within five minutes of purchase. For faster delivery, use a credit card with no issues. It should be up to date with the right amount. 

2. Print Amazon Gift Card

This type of gift card is sent as a PDF. All you need to do is enter the amount and quantity of the cards. 

After actualizing payment, the card will be ready for download after five minutes. You can now print the card or do some customizations on it first. The gift card PDF is available for download from your order section. 

3. Gift Cards by Mail

This type of gift card is directly mailed to the given mail address by Wal-Mart. They are available in various designs and packages. You can make further customizations on the card. 

After selecting your preferred package and design, make the payment. Amazon will immediately disburse the card. Shipping is free, but it does take one working day. So you’ll have to be a little patient.

4. Anytime Gift Cards

The anytime gift cards are sent with the anytime greeting cards. However, the greeting cards have no monetary value. 

To access the set of cards, you must log in to your Amazon account. You then enter the serial number and load any amounts of funds. 

The card only becomes active after payment has been processed. It’s now good to be availed as a gift. 

You can load up to $2000. The gift card is delivered after two days of purchase. The great thing is that it can be customized to fit specific events such as birthdays, weddings, or father’s day. 

How To Redeem Amazon Gift Card

Using the amazon gift card and website is easy. To redeem your Amazon gift card, visit your account. 

Open the gift card and top up the page with a click. You’ll see the “redeem a gift card” button. Click on the button and enter the gift card code. The requested amount will be instantly sent into your amazon account. 

The amount can be used to make any purchases on Amazon. Gifting the gift card to some else is relatively straightforward. 

All you need to do is sent the gift card code to the person. They will be able to redeem the gift cards from their accounts. 

Can You Use Amazon Gift Card Anywhere?

No. the Amazon gift card can only be used on the Amazon website. It does have value on the website and can be used to make purchases within the website. 

You can convert the gift card to money, but Amazon won’t help in any way in case something terrible happens. 

You can do this by directly selling the card to another person. But with the amazon gift card, you can access a lot of benefits and services. 

You can sign up for any services offered by Amazon. You can also use the card to renew various subscriptions without basically needing credit cards. 

The BenefitsOf Using Gift Cards

The gift cards do come in various forms. Today, they are still among the most popular holiday gifts. The gift cards come with several significant benefits. Here are some of the benefits tied to the gift card.

1. Easy To Send

The gifts cards are easy to send because of their different forms. This makes it easier for you to send it to your friends and family. 

You can send it through an email address or ship it less expensively. The great thing is the shipping fees are covered mainly by the gift card company.

2. Customization 

The gift cards can be customized to your liking. You can select the design and model that fits the occasion at hand. 

The cards can be customized for the birthday, wedding, or father’s day occasion. This makes it more beautiful and relatable. 

Most Popular Gift Cards

Many go for gift cards during ceremonies and special occasions. However, most feel like a gift card is an easy way out when it comes to gifting.

It truly is, but the efforts put into the customization of some should be put into consideration. Here are some of the best and most popular gift cards. 

1. Amazon Gift Card

The Amazon gift card has been mentioned in the article severally. It has become so popular because of its link with a trendy brand and has excellent features. You can purchase the card online from the Amazon website or the stores. 

2. Wal-Mart Gift Card

The Wal-Mart gift cards come in several designs. Just like Amazon’s, the gift card is customizable to any perfect style. 

That fits the occasion at hand, like a birthday or wedding. You can shop for gift cards from the official Wal-Mart website.  It’s available in various options as E-Gift cards or corporate and bulk gift cards.

3. Target Gift Card

Like Amazon and Wal-Mart, most people appreciate target gift cards. The Target gift cards are for use in the target stores or can be used online at 

After purchase, the gift card is sent to your email. They come in different types and are customizable. You can send the gift card to your friends and family through email, mail, or text.

4. iTunes Gift Card

The iTunes gift card is also known as the apple gift card. One can use it to make various purchases. 

You can pay for TV shows, iCloud, games, music, products, and accessories. The iTunes gift card is redeemable any time you want. 


Amazon and Wal-Mart are the largest retailers in the United States. The two companies are fighting for dominance in the American market. 

This has made the two not promote the products of either company. Both push their products and gift cards and do not accept the use of another’s gift card. 

The gift card is a gem and can be used for various purposes. It can be gifted to families or friends.

The owner can also use it to make various purchases from the cards company website.  The Amazon and Wal-Mart gift cards are among the most used and reliable gift cards in the market today.

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