The Benefits of Workers’ Compensation, and Why Should You Hire an Attorney?

If you work in Elmhurst, Illinois, you have a high chance of injury from construction work, lacerations, or slip and fall. The Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes them as Elmhurst’s most common workplace injuries.

After an injury, the victims can claim compensation at the workplace through workers’ compensation, a form of insurance that provides financial benefits to employees injured on the job. However, the recompense process is confusing, and sometimes, the employer’s insurer might deny the victims’ claims. 

That is why it’s crucial to hire a workers compensation attorney elmhurst. who will guide the sufferers through the entire process, help them file the claim, gather documentation, and represent them legally if required. But what are some more things one should know about recompense? Find out in this article.

Is workers’ compensation mandatory?

Every state has requirements, so it’s essential to understand your state’s requirements before filing a claim. For example, Illinois workers’ compensation law requires employers with more than five employees to carry compensation insurance. So if a sufferer is a worker in Elmhurst, they have the right to receive recompense for their workplace injuries. 

What are the various types of benefits?

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits are generally provided to employees who have sustained work-related injuries or illnesses. The employer pays them for medical treatment-related expenses.

Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefits

Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits are paid when you cannot work because of your injury. The amount of TTD benefits you receive depends on how much you earn, how long you have worked for your employer, and how long it takes you to recover. The law of Illinois states that you can receive TTD and weekly disability payments in Elmhurst until you show maximum medical improvement (MMI). 

Benefits of Permanent Total Disability (PTD)

PTD benefits are paid to workers whose injuries are so severe that they cannot return to work. These benefits are only available when the victim suffers from a specific set of disabilities, including:

  • Loss of use of an arm or leg, which includes paralysis
  • Loss of sight in both eyes
  • Complete loss of hearing in both ears

To qualify for PTD in Elmhurst, Illinois, victims should prove their incapability to find another job. Some documents they require to prove total disability are their medical records, doctor’s testimony, and difficulty applying for other jobs. 

What are the reasons for hiring an attorney?

Hiring an attorney is advantageous for many reasons. First, if you have never dealt with workers’ compensation, it cannot be obvious to understand the process and steps to take. Second, if your employer or insurance company refuses to pay your medical bills or lost wages, you may need an attorney to file a claim. 

Thirdly, if there is something wrong with the way that the insurance company or their doctor is handling your claim, an attorney may be able to help fix these problems for you so that they do what they are supposed to do for you to get the benefits from them. 

Finally, if an employer retaliates against a worker who files claims under workers’ compensation law (such as firing them), this can sometimes lead up to court, where once again, the victim will need the services of an experienced attorney.

Moreover, there is a time limit in Elmhurst, Illinois, for filing a claim, which is three years from the date of the accident, and two years after the last medical bill payment.  

Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Elmhurst will benefit one immensely since the entire process is highly complex, and the details differ in every state. From negotiating with the insurance company to filling up the forms, one will require their assistance at every step. 

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