50 Positive & Powerful Mac Miller Quotes

I think I like his words most because sometimes he’s really funny. And he’s really funny when he’s really angry. I think he’s funny when he’s really funny because he’s very emotional when he’s expressing himself.

And I know what happens when a white guy makes an album that doesn’t just sound good.

Mac Miller is a great artist because he expresses himself through his music, and he’s a really inspiring guy. His songs are about enjoying life and finding happiness.

Mac Miller is the greatest rapper, all times.

50 Inspirational Mac Miller Quotes

Let me tell you something about working in the creative industry, or any industry for that matter. People think that all that is in their path is just given to them. That I’m there to do whatever they want for them and give them whatever they may want. I’ve had to work just as hard as the next person just to get where I am.

If life goes on, days get brighter.

Life is full of obstacles and trials. You will have your ups and downs. Always have a smile on your face.

I don’t know why other people should be the sole ones to define how others should feel and how their lives should be. Others can be happy, they can be sad, they can go through hard times and still feel strong, they can go through happy times and feel ecstatic.

There are some people who should just do what they need to do without thinking about it, or doing.

If you really think about it, life is hard. It’s really hard to make the right choice… but if you follow your heart, you’ll succeed no matter what.

We would be here without people who stood by you. We stand by you.

8th of 50 Mac Miller Quotes

It’s about how you have to be wrong sometimes to become the very best.

If you live your life to the fullest you live the fullest life. Speak your truth and live the strongest possible version of your truth.

10. We thank God every day for giving us the gift of life and for the blessing of the life we have. We are thankful that we have the opportunity to live.

I could write a paper on this very moment. It’s one of the greatest metaphors for what the song is going for.

I try to avoid becoming too attached to the past. I think about what I need to do to be able to move on and what I can do to leave my mark on the world.

I feel like the biggest barrier to reaching your goals is not so much a physical one, but mental. When you get complacent with your progress–with the amount you’ve already accomplished and the things you’ve already done–that’s when the real struggle sets in. We’re so focused on the next rung that we miss the view from the top.

People always laughed at Miller’s words. He would be in restaurants or clubs and people would make fun of what sounded like gibberish or something they didn’t understand. There was always a stigma around his name.

15th of 50 Mac Miller Quotes

I’m gonna just tell you this right now: make sure you listen to this album in it’s entirety. It’s the best thing I’ve ever made. Mac was a master at crafting beautiful, meaningful songs and on this record he shows that he can be just as poignant with his words as he is with his songwriting.

When Mac Miller was writing songs, most of the time he felt like a complete failure. He felt like his words were meaningless, like he was just rambling on.
But, at the end of the day, Mac Miller’s songs are amazing because they allow him to release all that frustration.

Mac Miller had to have a lot of fans to get the attention of labels when he was trying to get signed. He also wanted to saturate his fans with the music, just in case they were not happy when a new song came out. It seems as if he was right about being over saturated, because it seems like his music was never as popular as he thinks he is. I can’t say I agree with the over saturation though.

Mac had a rough time back in the day. If you haven’t heard, he passed away. But he still makes the songs that we can still listen to.

Be true to yourself, build a strong team around you, and make sure that you can count on them.

I’ve always had this fear for this fear that I’m going to get hurt by the person that I want the most. I feel like I’m being a sucker to go through with it just because I love him and I think I will never find someone else that I really love.

21st of 50 Mac Miller Quotes

I have the same fear, I want attention, I crave affection, and I want to be perfect.

There are few things more difficult for an artist to do than to find himself in the midst of a culture that has almost nothing that he can relate to. Yet this is what Mac Miller has done, and so well. His approach to the culture around him is a refreshing one, to say the least. When you start to notice the music he’s making and the lyrical content, then the sheer joy of his music becomes apparent. It’s like the sun is shining – and the air is fresh.

Don’t be afraid to tell someone you’ve been thinking something. This is when you’re being vulnerable, but it’s not about you. Make it about them.

Fear of death is a real thing. But I can’t stand the thought of dying.

Time was passing “without” you, but you weren’t around to notice. But I hope you see. I’ve been thinking about you.

It will be a very important day in the history of hip-hop.

This isn’t just a motto, but a way of living. Even if you’re broke you always have a dream – something that could change your life for the better.

If life is just a recital, then better remember all that you practice.

“[Nas] was right.
It’s real life or death.
I feel like my body is a temple, but when I smoke dope, this ghost comes in.
And when I can’t breathe I look at heaven and say “I’m high as hell”.”
Like he said, we’ve reached the point where we can’t even go outside anymore.

30th of 50 Mac Miller Quotes

I will live my life as if it was my last day. I will try my hardest to make you proud of me. I will try my hardest to be my best self everyday.

A lot of different people said that Mac Miller is the most gifted rapper of our generation.

In the beginning it was hard for people to accept Mac being a rapper. But they got used to it. People are starting to love him more now, and I think he has come out stronger.

He also mentioned the people who sing live shows. Many of the people who listen to or watch artists who perform live shows are there for the energy and the passion. The crowd needs to be into it, they need to be in it, they need to have some energy and passion too. If you get that feel with the crowd, it’s gonna help you.

I feel like he used the word “distant” in the same way that a lot of rappers might use it. He’s not saying this to be negative. He’s being honest. He’s saying he keeps himself removed from people. He always puts work and his music first. He’s always working. He’s always putting himself out there. He’s not saying that to be negative. He was just honest.

 In a recent interview, Mack Miller discussed his love for music and his desire to be great at everything. He wants to be the best at everything he does. It all comes down to music and the creative outlet.
[Original] And he wants everyone to understand why he’s so great. The man has no ego, but he wants people to understand that he’s talented and he’s going places. He always wanted to be great, but he also wants to help others get off track and become great.

I used the first two examples from this page to start with, and to develop the general idea that you can take any text that you write and paraphrase it.

I’ve always wanted to meet Mac Miller, and not to be able to do that now is pretty depressing. I wish I had more time to talk to him, and it sucks that he’s gone too, though I can still make memories I can look back at to remember him by.

40th of 50 Mac Miller Quotes

Miller admits it. He’s the biggest party animal in the game. He enjoys an ice cold cocktail, but Miller says if he had to pick, he’s a “wine and a good cigar” guy.

If I stay in one mindset or place for too long I get crazy.

Miller had to adapt to fame, but it didn’t take long for him to make it a positive. Instead of being scared of people knowing who he is, now he makes the best of his opportunity.

45th of 50 Mac Miller Quotes

The United States is facing a shortage of doctors and nurses, and is struggling to find qualified personnel to address the coronavirus epidemic.

I’ve found the best way to live is to laugh at everything and sigh at nothing. I have a lot of pain over my past and I have a lot of fear about the future. But I’m living in the moment, and for me the best things in life are the people in my life. Friends and family, I’m blessed to have both of them. We’re all in this thing together, no matter how difficult or painful it is. And I choose to be happy.

I’ve been contemplating if I even still believe in the truth.

The artist’s ideas have a certain feeling. They are a lot of fun, and you can definitely get hooked.


Mac Miller has a lot to say, and on a multitude of topics. But he’s never afraid to speak his mind. So go ahead and add some of his quotes to your favorites bookmarks if you agree with what he had to say.

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