Von Miller Net Worth

Miller’s net worth is estimated at about $95 million.


Miller’s first contract extension was worth $43.5 million for 7 years.

Miller was once selected to the All-time All-American team but as of now he is still not making the All-time All-American team.

When you have a $40 Million net worth, you can afford a better car and a new home.

Early Life 

Miller Jr. is a graduate of North Carolina Central University and has worked as an assistant coach at the University of the District of Columbia.

Athletics and football are two major parts of the culture of the United States.
As a matter of fact, John Wayne, who was an American movie star, played football in the 1920s.


The Denver Broncos have announced the signing of former Virginia Tech linebacker Brandon Miller to a rookie contract. Miller was a second round draft pick in the 2011 NFL draft, and will make $1.2 million this season.
The Broncos also announced that rookie linebacker Danny Trevathan was placed on the non-football illness list today, the team announced. Trevathan was one of the team’s first draft picks and was considered a lock to make the team.

The Lions have not had a player with 10.0 sacks since 1957. They also haven’t had a player with 12.5 sacks since the 1972-73. And if the statistics prove true, this will be the first time a Detroit Lions player has had at least 10 sacks in four consecutive years.

Miller made a big leap during the 2014 season and became a dominant player on the defensive line in 2014. From being ranked number nine on the ‘NFL Top 100 Players of 2013’ list, Miller made a move up to rank eight on the ‘NFL Top 100 Players of 2016’ list. He improved his grades to 4.76 and 4.67 in his final seasons at Texas A&M. He played in the College Football Playoff Game. In 2015, he was ranked number 12 overall in his class and was rated as the highest rated defensive lineman (outside of the first round) by NFLDraftScout.com.

Denver and Von Miller became fast friends, who both went through tough times in their life. Von Miller and Von were great friends and they ended up having a strong friendship after they moved their way to Colorado in 2012.

Since the Super Bowl loss, Miller’s net worth has increased by $12 Million.


The Broncos drafted Von Miller, who is a player that is in the conversation for the best defensive player in NFL history.

Favorite Quotes from Von Miller 

Miller is referencing a hypothetical scenario where the crew of a spaceship travels at near the speed of light around the solar system for a year, returning at a significantly younger age than when they set out. Von Miller was drafted in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos. Miller is a 4-time Pro Bowler.

Miller said that Lil Wayne was the artist who influenced him most. Apparently, Lil Wayne is in the same lane as Miller when it comes to fashion. They both go to the club dressed exactly how they want and usually have a wife-beater on beneath a wife-beater shirt.

3 Life Lessons Von Miller 

Don’t do drugs.
Make good decisions and live a clean life.
Make good friends and surround yourself with good people.
Start a business you love.
Be a good person.

1. Do It 

People make important decisions and go after what they feel are the right things all the time, even when the odds of success are against them.

2. Goals 

And there are lots of really good moments in life that you can remember and feel good about.

3. Open Doors 

If you put your mind to something and you do the best job you can, you may be surprised, but no one can tell you that you didn’t work hard, and no one can tell you that you didn’t do your very best.


Miller is American and plays as an outside linebacker for the ‘Denver Broncos’. He was the second-ranked player on the ‘NFL Top 100 Players of 2017’ list, which made him the highest-ranked defensive player.

In the next three example sentences, the “X” indicates the part of speech.

As of 2023, Von Miller’s net worth is roughly $70 Million.
As of 2024, Von Miller’s net worth is roughly $80 Million.

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