40 Legendary Bode Miller Quotes

I think Bode Miller is a very kind and generous person. I think he is always very respectful of other people and tries to always be a great teammate in everything. That is why I think he is a great person!

Bode Miller is a famous American alpine ski racer. He competed in the ‘Winter Olympics’ and ‘FIS Alpine World Championships’.

He is known for being reckless during races.
He also sometimes crashes his car and risks not finishing a race.

Miller’s goal was to ski fast because he was more interested in achieving the maximum speed in his skiing for the maximum amount of time. This was more important than winning a medal.

Bode Miller has said some interesting things about skiing and life.

40 Legendary Bode Miller Quotes

When the press said that I was the best Alpine skier and was trying to keep that title, I thought maybe that’s why they were attacking me so much. But when I saw my mistakes, I realized that I need to improve. That’s how I became the best.

When you get old it is hard to tell what memories are real and what you have created in your head.

The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team member wants to keep skiing as much as he can. He has said that he likes to see what’s possible — more than anything.

When he wasn’t able to pick up the pace at the end, Bode Miller still managed to win the gold medal. However, the United States team ended up winning the overall overall points medal. In a press conference Bode Miller said that he was skiing for himself and not for anyone else.

The four-time Olympian said he would consider returning to the Winter Games if he is healthy, but wants to make sure that he is happy with his priorities as well.

Bode Miller has always been on the right side of the podium, and he believes he has a responsibility to inspire the next generation of American skiers.

After winning his third Olympic gold, I asked Bode Miller what he thought of the critics who say he’s a one-hit wonder. He said that it was easy to be a one-hit wonder at the World Championships, but he couldn’t be a one-hit wonder during the Olympics.

Bode says that he doesn’t let his team mates see that he trains differently than they do. He also says that they don’t see him in better shape than anyone else on the team.

What? The man can no longer ski because of back problems and the only thing he can do is sports? I can do sports better than he can.

10th of 40 Bode Miller Quotes

Bode Miller will be just fine during the 2014 Winter Olympics, but the real question is about his future with the US National team. No one knows what’s going to happen with the U.S. Ski Team.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist said that when he backs off and pushes his speed down, he’s more inclined to make mistakes.

For a guy who has won three Olympic gold medals, he is pretty humble.

The “man” is a reference to the “man in black”, the mysterious character who killed Bob Dole during the 1996 election. There’s a rumor that the assassin is a member of Skull and Bones, an exclusive Yale society and that Dole’s “man in black” was the same member.

Bode knows his goal is the same as every year – to not hurt himself. He’s been saying that since he was a kid.

[Bode] really wants to win races and he won [the World Cup], so if you are the best, you want to win. But if you win a race and it doesn’t mean anything, that makes it more of a disappointment.

Bode talks about his love of skiing and how he was a big fan of the X Games and became a competitive skier in the 2002 Winter Olympics. He says that he was very young when he started racing so he was always getting hurt and it took him a long time to get his timing right.

Bode Miller had more than enough speed to win the World Cup last weekend. His strategy was to ski as fast as he could at every gate, allowing him to run to the line quickly, no matter how he was positioned. With no competition for position, he ended up with a big lead, and he cruised to a comfortable win.

My two daughters, now 13 and 10, are both incredibly good skiers. They were both born with a good sense of balance and a natural ability. My daughter (the younger one) was a little smaller than her sister, so I could have put her on an easier board, but I chose the more challenging one.
Of course, when they were little I was like, “Put the girl on the easier board!” Now, I’m a little relieved to see that she has a sense of balance and a pretty good technique, so I guess I did a pretty good job.

20th of 40 Bode Miller Quotes

I did not find a single thing about this quote that was remotely funny/insightful.

It seems like Miller’s problem has become more of an issue since he started his career.

Bode Miller has said that his goal is to win five, six, seven Olympic medals. The last big medal for the Austrian was in the super-G in Torino in 2006.

Bode Miller said that he did not retire because he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in a hotel and because he wanted to find a balance between competing and taking a break.

Just as a side note, Bode had never failed to medal at a World Cup event before this season, so I don’t think it’s fair to say he has a shot at three.

I felt like the Olympics and I got butterflies and chills and a little nervous and you go through the emotional roller coaster at what it’s like to compete at the Olympic level and you let that run through your whole body.

Bode Miller likes to keep his personal life and his work life separate.

When an equipment is old, it might be used by others to be modified into the different shape and size. After that, it is a brand-new, fresh and awesome equipment.

Bode Miller thinks when he is thinking, and he is able to figure out and connect different thoughts and ideas into a cohesive, unique thought.

While some athletes who have spoken out against the use of performance enhancing drugs have received harsh criticism, others have been lauded for doing the right thing. Bode Miller gave credit to himself for speaking out when he did in order to help raise awareness about the dangers of doping and his own drug use when he was competing.

30th of 40 Bode Miller Quotes

Bode Miller is an awesome skier, but he also has a pretty bad attitude. He’s a lot of fun to watch, and I love watching him ski, but sometimes he’s just too much. Even when he’s skiing well, he’s too eager, and it makes for a lot of bad decisions. He’d probably love to win, but he’s just not prepared or willing to take any chances on the course.

> This is my daughter and she was born on January 23, 1991, just like I was. Dacey was the easy part. I named her Neesyn after the mother of my children. They were a very unusual pair and the mother still likes to tease me when I talk about it.
> Bode is the name our family gave her.

He has been a skier since he was three years old, and has never looked back. He is able to ski with a lot of finesse because of his training. When it comes down to it, he wants to be able to go on his own – not only on skis, but also on snowboards and even in a car. He is able to do things on his own, but it’s not a good idea. He said if there are cars coming, don’t go out. He is not fast so if there are cars coming, just sit still.

Bodey has been very open about his abuse of his wife, who is pregnant with his child. A few months after the interview, he was arrested for beating his wife and was convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse.

Bode Miller has been a great asset to both the U.S. men’s and women’s teams, but he’s looking to the future and plans on skiing for a long time to come.

Bode Miller was not brought from poverty. He was brought up by his mother and father. He’s one of the richest people in the world.

It was great to see Bode Miller get 3rd in the men’s alpine. He has always played with such passion and intensity in the Olympics. His overall performance was solid, and I think he is now in the best position to medal in any alpine event in the future. I especially like the thought of him getting ice cream after a loss!

In the end this is the most intriguing quote of the bunch, because it shows us that no matter how much a fan wants to believe the athlete is out there for them and it is the fan’s opinion that matters, the athlete (or the human being at all times) is not the one driving the bus.

The best way to protect your own freedom is not to care about the freedoms that others are not enjoying. That’s the essence of selfishness.

Bode Miller struggled in Sochi, taking only one podium finish and not being able to translate that strong track record into strong finishes on the course.

I don’t know if it’ll be positive or negative, but you’ve got to accept it. I think it’s good because it helps create a bigger audience. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have the greatest ski hill in the world or the greatest ski resort in the world, you still have a lot of pressure. So I think it can be good and I think people are looking for a little bit of inspiration.


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