24 Greatest Sam Worthington Quotes

Sam Worthington is an Australian actor. He is best known for his roles in the film Avatar as Jake Sully and the Terminator franchise as Marcus Wright.

He is an Australian actor who has been working in the film industry since his childhood. He plays the role of a CIA agent in ‘V for Vendetta’. He won the ‘Australian Film Institute’ for the Best Actor Award for the movie ‘Somersault’ in 2004.

Sam Worthington is one of the greatest actors alive.

24 Greatest Sam Worthington Quotes

Worthington says that sometimes he thinks about quitting acting. He doesn’t like it because it’s hard work. However, he still finds it inspiring to work in the movie industry.
Worthington says that he thinks acting is similar to a school.
He says that his goals in life are to make a living and to continue acting.

John Schwarz is John Schwarz and Mike’s younger brother. So the three of them have been friends since they were young. John Schwarz doesn’t usually spend much time at home, the two brothers do.

Worthington says that actors should have a clear vision about a script before filming begins.

Worthington said that the government needs to help small businesses and not just the big ones. He explained that small businesses can help to rebuild the country after the effects of the earthquake.

The movie is about a small group of people working at a construction site who are being watched by a giant eye in the sky. The giant eye is also watching all of us, and we are all in the dream of a world we don’t understand.

Worthington said that he is attracted to action films because the audience is able to relate to the characters in the movie. He also stated that he likes to think of action films as a “cathartic” experience that is satisfying for the audience, no matter what cost.

Sam Worthington thinks comic-book movies are being watered down and he doesn’t think that’s good for the industry. He also didn’t think that Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was good enough to win him over since he was already a fan of Batman and Superman.

Sam Worthington believes that you make a film and critics will either love it, hate it, or be indifferent to it. It’s their opinion and not yours. Sam believes you just make a film and hope it resonates with your audience.

Sam Worthington says that they have to be smart enough to have some of their own in because they don’t want to be a monopoly or a place where they have to bring in the talent from other places (see: the Marvel Comics Universe).

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The challenge of each project is to find your best performance so your journey is unique. I was lucky enough to have an amazing journey on the upcoming sci-fi thriller “Alien: Covenant” so I’m excited to share my journey with you.

I disagree, because an actor talking themselves up means an actor can be more persuasive, especially when an actor has a certain image. I think to be credible, any actor who talks in beatings-up is a good actor.

The actor lost his wife, and he said that for a long time he felt miserable and couldn’t comprehend why it happened.

As someone from the UK, I am slightly jealous. They do not have the same sort of spirit that America has (although they do have a strong culture of creating things for a living, which we don’t – it’s what makes us who we are). But in general, Sam was right – anything is possible here, so it’s not a bad place to be and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

When a movie is as fun as Interstellar, you’re really only limited by your own imagination and the amount of time you have to make it, especially after completing the first two installments. The good thing about that is that Worthington is able to draw on the experience from those films and expand on them, bringing in the larger universe that we will see in the movie.

The producers of Terminator 2 had a meeting about whether they should hire an actor who had been nominated for a Saturn Award for his performance in Assault on Precinct 13 or an actor who had just been nominated for an Oscar for Titanic. They were afraid that the film would be a flop if they hired the former, so they hired the latter.

Worthington is one of the good guys, and he really does love to shoot landscapes and travel. The other thing about him, though, is that he’s pretty good at remembering the dialogue, so he’s very aware of the little nuances and subtleties that the crew and director are working with in a scene.

The grace of God descends upon the lowly and the humble, but he also sends rain upon the barren mountains. So don’t be discouraged because it’s pouring down hard with all the rain that has been in the forecast. God will provide.

When working with friends, unless the material is right, everything is possible.

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Sam Worthington was making a funny joke about him and his old mate, and the audience cheered, which was annoying.

Walking around as a young person, I came across [Sam] Worthington a lot because I was a fan of Avatar. So from there I was a huge fan of his. I was about to go out with him at the time, and he was someone that I was very excited about having in the film. We ended up going for that part.

He plays a lot of heroes and villains, but the ones who are the heroes are the ones that are fun to play and the ones that are the villains. When you can give people a villain they can hate and be passionate about the villain, the villain wins.

In some interview Sam Worthington was asked about what would he sacrifice if he had to sacrifice one place in the world and make it six. He answered that he wouldn’t.

I’ll admit that I love Sam Worthington. He’s a great actor, so I’ll take a few quotes from him and just add some of my own commentary. This is kind of an amazing quote because Sam Worthington can’t act. He really isn’t very good at acting at all (except maybe in the movies where he does his best). But he does have a great story to tell and a great sense of humor!


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